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reviewed Loverboys.
Confession time: one of the experiences I’ve found frustrating about being an online critic (of sorts) is the fact that – sometimes when we’re told by organizations, institutions, and …
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
There has been a ton of hype about the recently released (and very successful) "Guardians of the Galaxy" film. Needless to say, the film did manage to live up to the hype and showed that Marvel could …
reviewed Guardians of the Galaxy.
posted in Movie Hype
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy is fun.  That's all you really need to know about it.  As far as summer blockbusters go (especially in August) it's just a ton of fun to behold, even if it's …
The New Answers Book 1 (Answers Book Series)
Answers in Genesis is an organization dedicated to support and search for scientific evidence in support of the Biblical Genesis account of   creation in a literal six days A "young …
reviewed Baby Jogger CIty Versa.
Baby Jogger CIty Versa
And now we present to you...drum roll...the US debut of the BABY JOGGER CITY VERSA! So simple to use, even a child can do it! And so to illustrate that point, my DD demonstrates some of it's …
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reviewed One plus one.
One plus one
I thank my wonderful wife for recommending this entertaining book.      It tells the story of Jess Thomas, a gutsy woman with a never say die attitude about life.      …
Blue Labrynth a book
I can always count on Messrs Preston and Child to deliver a tale to keep me rapt for a while. I never tire of Agent Pendergast tales. In this one his life is threatened and it is up to the supporting …
reviewed Proof Postive.
Proof Postive
Ben Kendall was known to be a hoarder. The piles of debris outside his home tended to indicate that. Anyone who looked inside would know it as well, but he allowed very few access. Once he finally made …
reviewed Mega & Star Wand Big Bubble Maker.
Mega & Star Wand Big Bubble Maker
 This toy is so cool that it will excite every child that has the opportunity to play with it. It is a device that folds up into a tight wand for placement into the bubble solution placed in the …
reviewed A Touch of Nerves.
A Touch of Nerves
Army Captain Ben Hawkins is ordered to follow up on a report of possible missing material from the Tupelo Chemical Research Facility. He thinks it's going to be a simple matter but he's wrong. …
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created a list. January 22
posted in Movie Hype
I recently learned that in today’s film classes, the 1990′s are regarded as a golden age of movies. Well, damn! This is proof that we are …
Goodfellas Saving Private Ryan Pulp Fiction The Shawshank Redemption (movie) L.A. Confidential (movie)
created a list. February 03
posted in Movie Hype
2014 is upon us, and again this year is looking be be a great year for movies (well superhero movies at least). So check out my list, and if you are up …
The Lego movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Amazing Spiderman 2 300 Rise of an Empire X-men Days of Futures Past
created a list. September 19, 2013
Listening to any architecture expert yakking incessantly about the marvels of architecture in the city of Buffalo, New York, one can almost hear the …
Main Place Mall Main Place Tower Buffalo Convention Center Buffalo City Court Building One HSBC Center
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about Museum of Russian Icons. Monday
Museum of Russian Icons
Have visited this museum now on four seperate occasions. This place is at once peaceful and awe inspiring. A great take for history buffs and people of faith. I would highly recommend it.
posted a Quick Tip about Johnny Rivers. December 06
Johnny Rivers
An very underrated singer/songwriter and record producer who has thus far been overlooked by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I believe the man deserves serious consideration!
posted a Quick Tip about Bad Judge. November 18
posted in Pass The Remote!
Bad Judge
This is the worst show I've seen in some time. It may actually be worse than Whitney, a show which came out a few years ago. It seems like they were trying to take the idea of Bad Teacher and apply it …
posted a Quick Tip about A to Z. November 15
posted in Pass The Remote!
A to Z
Cute enough, but I wonder where they're going to go with it. I also wonder why the narrator keeps changing the time the two main characters, Andrew and Zelda, were in this relationship at the beginning …
posted a Quick Tip about Eva Green. November 11
Eva Green
shes a gorgeous and a great actress, what else is needed?
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Message to the Community
Hello, Lunchers! We've got a very exciting announcement... Say hello to Lunch's newest moderators -- Woo and Sean! Also known as @woopak_the_thrill and @Sean_Rhodes around here. If those names sound familiar, it's likely because you've seen their reviews, or have even interacted with them on the site. They are two of most OG members of Lunch and we're so glad to have them on board as moderators!

To give you a little background on both, Woo is a movie aficionado who runs the Movie Hype community. He's Lunch's resident go-to guy for movies as you'd be hard pressed to find a movie that he hasn't watched or at least heard of before. Besides movies, he also has a thing for food and comic books. When it comes to Sean, he also loves movies, but his passion lies in video games, so he runs The Gaming Hub community. Besides video games and movies, Sean also has a strong interest in books, politics, and social issues.

Please feel free to drop by their pages and give them a welcome. They are your go-to guys if you have any questions and issues, so don't be shy to reach out to them. They're swell fellas!

As always, follow us on Twitter @Lunch_com for news and updates. You can also "Like" Lunch on Facebook (right at the top of this page!) and visit our Facebook page and Digg page. For more about what we're up to, check out About Lunch.
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posted "One plus one passes my test with flying colors" about One plus one.   24 hours ago
One plus one passes my test with flying colors One plus one passes my test with flying
I thank my wonderful wife for recommending this entertaining book.      It tells the story of Jess Thomas, a gutsy woman with a ne
updated and rated One plus one a 4.0.   24 hours ago
commented on review of Guardians of the Galaxy, "It's a Lot of Great Fun".   Yesterday
review of Guardians of the Galaxy, "It's a Lot of Great Fun" was complimented.   Yesterday
posted "The Race to Save Pendergast" about Blue Labrynth a book.   Yesterday
The Race to Save Pendergast
I can always count on Messrs Preston and Child to deliver a tale to keep me rapt for a while. I never tire of Agent Pendergast tales. In this one his
updated and rated the wiki Blue Labrynth a book a 5.0.   Yesterday
updated "Deutschland!" about Germany   Yesterday
updated Runar Halonen & Tron Syversen - Voices From Heaven CD.   Yesterday
updated We Are The Destroyers by DK Lindler.   Monday
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