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reviewed Atlantis.
Atlantis is the story of Jason (yes, I'm pretty sure he's meant to be the Jason of Argonaut fame), a modern day man who, while exploring underwater, finds himself transported back to the …
reviewed How I Met Your Mother Series Finale.
posted in Pass The Remote!
How I Met Your Mother Series Finale
Caution: There are spoilers in this review.    Well, we know two things were promised in the finale of How I Met Your Mother: A mother would be met, and it would be legendary.    W …
Healing Piano of Sedona by Louis Landon
Healing Piano of Sedona   Louis Landon   2014 / Landon Creative, Inc.   59’37”      "Healing Piano of Sedona" is pianist/composer …
reviewed Facebook.
posted in Social_Media
Facebook Platform
Social Networking has, for the most part, become a part of our everyday lives.  It's still in its infancy, though.  For most of us sites like Friendster and Myspace got us started in Social …
The Lost Symbol
It's best to turn your brain off before diving into The Lost Symbol.  Dan Brown's latest novel drops the "hero" Robert Langdon into Washington DC to embark on yet another journey of hidden …
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reviewed Emergence by Lawrence Blatt.
posted in Music Matters
Emergence by Lawrence Blatt
Emergence   Lawrence Blatt   2014 / LMB Music   44 minutes    "Emergence" is guitarist Lawrence Blatt’s fourth album of original music. Produced …
reviewed Wrecked.
The series that began with the award winning, The Territory, and continued in Scratchgravel Road, continues in the recently released Wrecked. While this novel could be read as a standalone, because of …
Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Book-- Taking Your Favorite Foods And Stuffing Them To Make New, Different And Delicious Meals
Have you ever thought about combining two different foods into one super food? Like putting a cheeseburger inside a ravioli? “Cheeseburger Ravioli Burger” looks really good and the recipe …
Overcoming Obstacles In Cooking by Matthew W. Miller
I have cerebral palsy like the author in this book.  I have problems with fine motor skills like cutting and peeling.  I would have a hard time cooking anything that involves heat too. With …
Auditory Viewpoint
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the publishing agent but reflects my own opinion.      Gloria Rank is a radio talk show host. On the day she has an information …
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created a list. 一月 22
posted in Movie Hype
I recently learned that in today’s film classes, the 1990′s are regarded as a golden age of movies. Well, damn! This is proof that we are …
Goodfellas Saving Private Ryan Pulp Fiction The Shawshank Redemption (movie) L.A. Confidential (movie)
created a list. 二月 03
posted in Movie Hype
2014 is upon us, and again this year is looking be be a great year for movies (well superhero movies at least). So check out my list, and if you are up …
The Lego movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier The Amazing Spiderman 2 300 Rise of an Empire X-men Days of Futures Past
created a list. 九月 19, 2013
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Listening to any architecture expert yakking incessantly about the marvels of architecture in the city of Buffalo, New York, one can almost hear the …
Main Place Mall Main Place Tower Buffalo Convention Center Buffalo City Court Building One HSBC Center
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Quick Tips
posted a Quick Tip about River of Darkness. 四月 10
posted in Movie Hype
River of Darkness
This is the type of movie that Mystery Science Theater 3000 would have a field day with. If ever the show comes then this needs to be on there. I would have loved to have a commentary track for this from …
posted a Quick Tip about WCW War Games: WCW's Most Notorious M.... 四月 10
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
This was a great set that brought back all kinds of memories. I miss WCW so much and I never realize how much until I bust out these sets or old tapes. I do recommend this set to any wrestling fan out …
posted a Quick Tip about HOT TOPICS: Captain America 2: The Wi.... 四月 08
HOT TOPICS: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier
The previews to this film look great! This is the one film I am looking forward to see this Spring! I also heard that there is a plug in the film for a possible Doctor Strange film.
posted a Quick Tip about UFC 160. 三月 04
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
UFC 160
This was a really good event that had some great fights on it. The Hunt fight broke my heart but it was a great fight so it takes nothing away from him. Also it was great seeing KJ back in there and his …
posted a Quick Tip about UFC 144. 三月 04
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
UFC 144
This was a great event full of some great fights and it was cool to see the UFC back in Japan. With this DVD you get behind the scenes, weigh-ins and of course the Countdown show. This is an excellent …
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Hello, Lunchers! We've got a very exciting announcement... Say hello to Lunch's newest moderators -- Woo and Sean! Also known as @woopak_the_thrill and @Sean_Rhodes around here. If those names sound familiar, it's likely because you've seen their reviews, or have even interacted with them on the site. They are two of most OG members of Lunch and we're so glad to have them on board as moderators!

To give you a little background on both, Woo is a movie aficionado who runs the Movie Hype community. He's Lunch's resident go-to guy for movies as you'd be hard pressed to find a movie that he hasn't watched or at least heard of before. Besides movies, he also has a thing for food and comic books. When it comes to Sean, he also loves movies, but his passion lies in video games, so he runs The Gaming Hub community. Besides video games and movies, Sean also has a strong interest in books, politics, and social issues.

Please feel free to drop by their pages and give them a welcome. They are your go-to guys if you have any questions and issues, so don't be shy to reach out to them. They're swell fellas!

As always, follow us on Twitter @Lunch_com for news and updates. You can also "Like" Lunch on Facebook (right at the top of this page!) and visit our Facebook page and Digg page. For more about what we're up to, check out About Lunch.
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Emergence   Lawrence Blatt   2014 / LMB Music   44 minutes    "Emergence" is guitarist Lawrence Bl
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