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Epic Stories Part 2

  • May 26, 2011
  • by
A long time ago, I wrote a list of some of my favorite epic stoies of all time. Since then I've been absent from this websight, as well as most sights I used to visit on a regular basis, but that does not mean my love for epic stories ceased. on the conterary, during the last year I've seen a great deal of large, wonderful stories that didn't make my last list, and I feel deserve their place. Also I've revisited some stories I've read/watched/played before and decided to include them on this new list. I hope you enjoy. I know this list is littered with TV shows more than any other medium, and that's simply because I've been watching more TV lately than anything else.
Babylon 5
Two TV shows and a series of movies. After watching the amazing show Battlestar Galactica, I was pointed in the direction of B5 by some very trusted people. At first I hated the show. Crappy CGI, one dimensional characters, silly costumes, all the makings of a cheesy B sci fi flick. But, after a while, I decided to give it another shot and I wasn't disappointed. B5 now rests right behind BSG as my favorite sci fi TV series of all time. The first season is, as stated, pretty lame, but it picks up rather quick after that,
Mass Effect
When I wrote my last list, the only video game I'd played up to that time that warranted inclusion to my epic stories list was Halo. Since then I've dived deep into the world of gaming (at least Xbox gaming) and found to my delight a gem of a game called Mass Effect. This game belongs with the best of the best in the sci fi genre. Up there with Battlestar, Babylon 5, Star Wars/Trek, Firefly, you get the picture. Mass Effect is, simply put, the best game I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The story is simply incredible, as it plays more like an interactive movie then a true video game. If you own an Xbox, I highly recommend it.
One TV series and a graphic novel. The best short lived TV show you've never heard of. Set in a world 15 years after a virus called 'The Big Death' kills everyone over the age of 14, this is an utterly fascinating story of America's orphaned children as they struggle to put to rest the demons of the old world and create something new out of its ashes. Unfortunately for these lonely survivors, the old world hasn't completely died off, and what little managed to survive has its own plans for the future. Please people, if you want a show to hold you over for a while, put this on your Netflix queue. You won't regret it.
I Am Legend
A novella, several movies, and a graphic novel. Why I left this off my last list I cannot justify, so let me right that wrong today. I Am Legend is a classic in the horror/vampire genre. Throw away your Twilight books and your bad Nightmare on Elm Street remakes, if you want some real horror look no farther than this. Sure, some of the movies based on the original short story are kind of a letdown (okay, all of them) but there's more depth in the 120 pages or so of this book as there is in most full length books.
See the full review, "So much more then a vampire book".
Fallout 3 Box Art
Five video games. I'm putting all the Fallout games into this list, including the newest New Vegas, as opposed to just Fallout 3. I was incredibly surprised to find just how large this story is. The history of the Fallout universe goes back to WWII, where our world's timeline and the timeline of Fallout begin to separate. In 2077 a nuclear war between the USA and China leave the world completely decimated. Several factions, such as The Enclave, The Brotherhood of Steel, The New California Republic, and Ceasers Legion, do battle over what little remains of the world some 200 or so years later. Even if you're not a gamer, if you're a fan of the end of the world, you'll love this story.
One season TV show. Yes, it was short lived, and very few people actually got to enjoy this gem of a show, but I stand behind this fantastic TV show. It's a modern day alternate universe re telling of the Biblical David story, complete with King Saul, Joshua, Goliath (a tank, actually), etc. Odd, I know, but trust me this show is one of the greatest examples of modern television despite its short life. Do yourself a favor and see it.
2-disc DTS edition
Several films and TV series. Another great epic I left off my first list, Ghost in the Shell preceded The Matrix and served as the main inspiration for that film trilogy. Running on the same kind of questions as movies like Blade Runner, this is really one of the ultimate must sees for any anime fan worth their salt.
TV series. Disclaimer, at the writing of this list I've yet to finish season 4 and it's been years since I've seen season 1, however from what I've seen and remember Hero's deserves very much to be on this list. Its plot and mythology is very deep and complex, adding to the intrigue with every new episode. There are so many characters and sub plots it's hard to keep track sometimes, but rarely does the show not make sense or commit any blatant contradictions. It's a shame this show was canceled, I would have loved to see more.
Trade Paperback Edition
Graphic novel and movie. Is V one of the greatest freedom fighters the world has ever known, or simply a glorified terrorists with dreams of anarchy who hides behind his ideals as a cover to seek revenge on those who've harmed him? I guess we'll never know for sure. Either way V for Vendetta is a dire warning to all who'll listen of the threat religious extremes or all powerful governments pose to individual liberty.
Firefly Complete Series
One TV show, some graphic novels, and a movie. Fans of sci fi TV know this one. Given a few more seasons Firefly could have very well become the greatest sci fi show of all time; better than Star Trek, better than Babylon Five, and yes even better than Battlestar Galactica. Alas that was never to be as the powers that be decided to cancel this incredible show after just one short season. The true 'epicenes' of this show was always hiding just beneath the surface. Unfortunately it was never expanded upon, even in its tie in movie Serenity. A shame indeed.
How Few Remain
Three book series and a standalone novel. I left this off my last list not because I didn't think it was a great epic, but because I didn't feel right about putting two Turtledove series in one list since, let's face it fans, his best days are FAR behind him. Set in a world where the south won the Civil War, Turtledoves series takes us on a roller coaster through history telling the story of three more wars between the states culminating in the rise of an American Hitler and the his vendetta to wipe out the 'negro threat' in the south.
TV show and an upcoming book. What would happen if nuclear mushroom clouds suddenly appeared over America's largest cities? How would we react? Jericho tells the story of a small town in Kansas as just such an event occurs, leaving them without power, communication, or any contact with the outside world. The show doesn't really pick up until its second (and final) season where the Second American Civil War begins, and that's really the part that lands the show on this list. Give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.
Showdown (book)
In my last list I included a series of books at the end, Ted Dekkers Circle Trilogy, stating that it truly is one of the finest examples of fantasy combined with a great mix of science fiction of our time. The Operation Showdown books don't quite live up to that, but this series ties in so perfectly with the Circle, that I thought it deserved inclusion.
See the full review, "Absolutly Brilliant".

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May 27, 2011
Very creative list, man....the only thing I am not familiar with in this list is your # 13 and 11. I think I need to read more.... :)
May 28, 2011
I'm actully pretty surprised to hear that. Before not too long ago I didn't even know about Jerimiah, now its one of my favorite shows of all time. I just randomly picked it off the shelf at my library. Its a pretty obscure show.
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