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Jonathan J.D. Lane (A1CJonathanLane)
posted "Nostalgia only gets you so far" about Godzilla 2000 (2000).   July 19, 2013
Nostalgia only gets you so far
When I was a kid I was a huge fan of Godzilla movies. I have very fond memories of making my parents take me to Blockbuster and picking out one of his
commented on review of Haibane Renmei, "Almost a post-2000 anime masterpiece. 80%".   June 04, 2013
started a discussion "How do you write a review?" in ASIANatomy   April 30, 2013
posted "Subpar Sequal." about Banner of the Stars.   April 18, 2013
Subpar Sequal.
Banner of the Stars, the sequel to Crest of the Stars, is a mixed bag to say the least. On the one hand it’s slow, tiresome, badly paced, and bo
posted "Sometimes its the simplest films that leave the most impact." about The Secret World of Arrietty.   April 18, 2013
Sometimes its the simplest films that le
My love for Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli know no bounds. With each film they manage to capture the magic, the art, and the heart that make films great.
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posted "I Shouldn't Like this Movie" about The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.   April 14, 2013
I Shouldn't Like this Movie
Every bone in my body is telling me “Jonathan, this is a romance, it’s a time traveling romance filled with plot holes, love triangles, an
posted a comment on list, "Some of my favorite anime series".   April 10, 2013
posted "Flawed fun." about Blue Submarine 6.   April 10, 2013
Flawed fun.
Something about this OVA caught my attention a long time ago, and ever since I’ve wanted to see it but just never got around to it. There was al
took a poll "Popular Anime Series"   April 09, 2013
posted "They're Just Like Regular Children." about Gunslinger Girl (Season 1).   April 01, 2013
They're Just Like Regular Children.
(Quotes are paraphrasing, not exact wording).    Welcome to the Social Welfare Agency, a top secret part of the Italian government whic
commented on review of Tales From Earthsea, "Miyazaki Jr. Attempts To Tell A Tale".   April 01, 2013
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posted "Beautiful Ending Saves Otherwise Dull Show" about Crest of the Stars.   March 31, 2013
Beautiful Ending Saves Otherwise Dull Sh
Crest of the Stars starts out very promising, with a mysteries empire known as the United Mankind Empire Abh launching a surprise invasion of our main
commented on review of Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime Film), "Enchanting Mix of Japanese Lore and Ancient Greek Myth".   March 31, 2013
commented on review of Children Who Chase Lost Voices (Anime Film), "Enchanting Mix of Japanese Lore and Ancient Greek Myth".   March 31, 2013
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posted "The importance of anime, and why non fans should give it a shot." about Anime.   March 14, 2013
The importance of anime, and why non fan
Anime is a genre that gets a lot of flak from mainstream audiences, most of who've have either never seen an anime all the way through or have been ex
commented on review of Grave of the Fireflies, "Unless you just hate Japan or animation, see this film".   May 28, 2011
answered the question 'What is your favorite anime movie?'   May 27, 2011
posted "Ehh, its okay." about Halo Legends.   February 23, 2010
Ehh, its okay. Ehh, its okay.
I was never a huge fan of the video games. Not because I didn’t like them or because I don’ t just love the stories (I do) but mainly beca
posted "Just another tween romance" about Whisper of the Heart.   February 20, 2010
Just another tween romance Just another tween romance
I hate to give anything by Ghibli a negative review, trust me it has NEVER happened before, but Whisper of the Heart is hardly as good as any of Ghibl
posted "Beautiful, Poetic, and Moving visuals, but Bad Pacing Keeps this from Being Great." about The Place Promised In Our Early Days.   February 20, 2010
Beautiful, Poetic, and Moving visuals, but Bad Pacing Keeps this from Being Great. Beautiful, Poetic, and Moving visuals, b
The Place Promised in Our Early Days plays a lot like what Voices of a Distant Star could have been had it been a full length film as opposed to a 23
commented on review of Siakano, "Is this supposed to be sad?".   February 20, 2010
posted "A shame to waste such a good idea" about Venus Wars.   February 05, 2010
A shame to waste such a good idea
And to think at one time I enjoyed this movie. It’s rare for me to go back and see an anime film I only slightly enjoyed, but I found some time
posted "Is this supposed to be sad?" about Siakano.   February 05, 2010
Is this supposed to be sad?
I'm dumbstruck by all the raving reviews for this anime; I mean really people, did we all see the same show? I am so utterly confused as to why people
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