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posted "Smart Talk On Skin: Sex As A Means of Apology" about Female Teacher: Dirty Afternoon.   June 27, 2014
Smart Talk On Skin: Sex As A Means of Ap
Sex and sexual awakening (of a sort) have always been near the heart of what I think most filmmakers tried to explore by way of Japanese pink films. 
posted "Seven Warriors: It Takes A Village" about Seven Warriors (1989).   June 03, 2014
Seven Warriors: It Takes A Village
Great stories exploring the class of cultures generally mean the same thing to people of different nations, creeds, and faiths.  There’s so
commented on review of Saving General Yang (2013 Chinese film), "Seven Sons will Leave, Six will Return".   April 21, 2014
posted "Excellent Period Piece Delivers Big Visuals With Little Investment In Character" about Saving General Yang (2013 Chinese film).   April 21, 2014
Excellent Period Piece Delivers Big Visu
Sometimes I need to pause to reflect on one honest fact for those who stumble across my reviews: I’ve seen scads and scads of foreign releases,
posted "CONFESSION OF MURDER Becomes "Confusion Over Directorial Choices"" about Confession of Murder.   April 08, 2014
I’ve been enjoying films out of South Korean for going on two decades now.  That isn’t to say that I’ve enjoyed everything that
posted "Vietnamese Fantasy Explores Faith, Commitment, and Understanding Through Epic Showdowns" about Sword of the Assassin.   February 25, 2014
Vietnamese Fantasy Explores Faith, Commi
There is a veritable treasure trove of Eastern (i.e. Asian, Japanese, Chinese, and other national or cultural influences) that deserve to find wider r
commented on review of Man of Tai Chi (2013 film), "Keanu Reeves' First Directorial Outing is a Chinese-Produced Martial Arts Film".   November 08, 2013
posted "Johnnie To's DRUG WAR Is A Masterpiece" about Drug War.   November 01, 2013
Johnnie To's DRUG WAR Is A Masterpiece
In one way or another, crime touches all of us.  Especially the cops.  Officers of the law are surrounded by it each and every day of their
posted "GLOVE Catches The Healing Power of Sports" about Glove.   July 30, 2013
GLOVE Catches The Healing Power of Sport
   When they’re done right, sports movies are entirely infectious.  What’s not to love?  Audiences get to vicariously
posted "THE GUILLOTINES Cuts Its Own Head Off Right Out Of The Gate" about The Guillotines (2012 Chinese film).   July 29, 2013
THE GUILLOTINES Cuts Its Own Head Off Ri
   Period actioners can be a very tough vehicle to sell, especially when they’re loaded with characters.  Typically, the bigger t
posted "Operation NEW WORLD, That Is" about New World (Korean film).   July 18, 2013
Operation NEW WORLD, That Is
   I have a long love affair with gangster pictures that stretches back a few decades.  American cinema enthusiasts may think different
posted "Smart Talk on Skin: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" about Horny Working Girl: From 5 to 9.   July 12, 2013
Smart Talk on Skin: Girls Just Wanna Hav
Girls!  Girls!  Girls!  Where, indeed, would the world of the adult film be without the lovely girls!  Well, one might even push t
posted "A WICKED Little Sex Farce Whose Laughs Are About Thirty Years Too Old To Be Funny Today" about Nurse Diary: Wicked Finger.   July 12, 2013
A WICKED Little Sex Farce Whose Laughs A
Think what you might, but there’s something entirely fascinating about skin films.  For better or worse, they tend to tap into the culture
posted "Smart Talk On Skin: Not Too Many SECRETS Revealed Herein" about Secrets of A Desperate Housewife.   July 08, 2013
Smart Talk On Skin: Not Too Many SECRETS
    I’ll dabble with the occasional Pink/Pinku film here and there, and this one – SECRETS OF A DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE –
posted "THE TOWER Is A Disaster Of Epic Proportions!" about The Tower (Korean film).   July 08, 2013
THE TOWER Is A Disaster Of Epic Proporti
   In some corners, I can’t offer enough praise for the films coming out of South Korea.  It used to be – back when I just
posted "HERO Is As Hero Does!" about Tai Chi Hero.   July 01, 2013
HERO Is As Hero Does!
   Unlike many other critics I know and correspond with, I tend to struggle with traditional martial arts movies.  It isn’t that
commented on review of Love Exposure, "Sion Sono's Four-Hour Epic on The Bizarre, The Twisted and The Morbidly Funny".   June 18, 2013
posted "Another View Into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless" about The Taste of Money.   June 13, 2013
Another View Into the Lifestyles of the
    I always find it more than a bit ironic when rich, artsy types feel the need to expose just how far money corrupts.  On occasi
posted "With MASQUERADE, I Guarantee You'll Never See The King And His "Throne" The Same Way Ever Again" about Masquerade (Korean film).   June 12, 2013
With MASQUERADE, I Guarantee You'll Neve
   The rags-to-royalty story has been done to death.  Still, every now and then, an aspiring actor or actress comes along with the righ
posted "The Ring's SADAKO 3D Is ... Is ... Well ... (Pun Intended)" about Sadako 3D.   May 31, 2013
The Ring's SADAKO 3D Is ... Is ... Well
    I’ve always said that horror films tend to be easiest to make because – on the face of it – they require the smal
commented on review of Back to 1942 (Chinese film), "Too Careful for an Epic to Build Interest and Emotional Power".   May 30, 2013
posted "NIGHTFALL Keeps It ‘All In the Family'" about Nightfall.   May 07, 2013
NIGHTFALL Keeps It ‘All In the Family'
    Everyone appreciates a good cop story, and the Chinese are no different.  Those dedicated investigators who stick it out throu
posted "BUNOHAN: An Exercise In Just 'What' Exactly?" about Bunohan: Return To Murder.   May 02, 2013
BUNOHAN: An Exercise In Just 'What' Exac
   Here’s the thing about having ghosts and/or spirits serve as characters: unless the story goes to great lengths to humanize whateve
posted "Smart Talk on Skin: SHE CAT Doubles-Down on Story To Reach A Wider Audience" about She Cat.   April 30, 2013
Smart Talk on Skin: SHE CAT Doubles-Down
   The Pinky/Pinku films kinda/sorta underwent a bit of re-invention in the early-to-mid 1980’s due to the emergence of adult home vid
posted "Smart Talk on Skin: The Gloriously Depraved But Decidedly Unconventional FEMALE TEACHER HUNTING" about Female Teacher Hunting.   April 29, 2013
Smart Talk on Skin: The Gloriously Depra
    There’s much more afoot here than what get more commonly delivered in the average Pinky/Pinku film (which this is and is not)
posted "Fantasy Version of ‘Romeo & Juliet' Proves There's Nothing So Depressing As True Love" about The Assassin's Blade.   April 25, 2013
Fantasy Version of ‘Romeo & Juliet' Prov
    Love, love, love.  What life is worth living if you don’t have love?  All you need is love, for love is a many sple
posted "Three Women, Three Lives, One Connection: Intimacy" about Tokyo Noir.   April 12, 2013
Three Women, Three Lives, One Connection
   Compilations can be a rigorously mixed bag.  What happens more often than not, there’s usually a single strong piece in the bu
posted "DEAD BALL: Not Quite Splatter, Not Quite Comedy, Not Quite DEAD" about Dead Ball.   April 09, 2013
DEAD BALL: Not Quite Splatter, Not Quite
   Comedy is the most difficult film to cross international waters.  This isn’t because different folks require different laughs;
commented on review of Gunslinger Girl (Season 1), "They're Just Like Regular Children.".   April 08, 2013
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