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Marine Boy

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A Korean action-thriller film.
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Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama!

  • Jan 12, 2010

“MARINE BOY” is an action-thriller directed by newcomer Yoon Jong-Seok; this film is not to be confused as a biopic on Korean Olympic swimmer Park Tae-Hwan who also goes by the media-dubbed name “Marine Boy”. Yoon’s film is rather formulaic but thankfully it manages to instill feelings of excitement, thrills and perplexity. It also has something for the ladies in the lead with chiseled Korean actor Kim Kang-Woo and something for the male testosterone with super sexy Korean actress Park Si-Yeon. For me, Park Si-Yeon is worth the price of the movie itself.

Cheon-soo (Kim Kang-Woo) is a very skilled swimmer and he also works as a swimming instructor in a local club in the port of Busan. However, Cheon-soo is also a gambler and he gets himself sunk into a sea of troubles when he loses a large sum of money that he doesn’t have in a high stakes poker game. Of course, the loan sharks would come to collect and to inflict major pain on the swimmer until he is saved by another gang led by a drug trafficker named Kang (Jae Hyeon Jo). The condition, his debt would be repaid if Cheon-soo serves as a ‘marine boy’ who serves as a drug carrier who has to swim across the ocean from Japan to Korea. Reluctantly, Cheon-soo agrees to the task, as he also becomes seduced by Kang’s associate, Yuri Choi (Park Si-Yeon). However, Yuri has her own agenda as she intends to use Cheon-soo against Kang. As if things weren’t difficult enough, matters becomes more complicated as a rogue cop called “Snout” (Lee Won-Jong) also wants to use Cheon-soo to take down Kang. Life sure is hard on Cheon-soo…where can he turn?

        Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama!

“Marine Boy” starts off strongly despite its somewhat stereotypical groundwork. We’ve seen all the devices many times before; but what makes the movie work is its energetic direction, the fast-paced thriller elements that focuses on a cat and mouse game full of manipulations, deceit, fraud and seduction as the film takes the viewer in a position to enjoy the drama from four faces of danger. Director Yoon does develop the story quite well, although a little convoluted. Some scenes feel a little outrageous and overly dramatic but for some reason, it becomes part of its charm. The viewer is taken to an experience where all the major characters are trying to stay one step ahead of each other, and this is where the film‘s main draw does completely immerse the viewer as I never felt like I was getting bored and I became completely enthralled with the film‘s screenplay.
Sure, some of the movie’s performances prove a little campy as the script throws in some bits of black humor. Lee Won-Jong’s characters may be the campiest of the four (with a name like Snout, what can you expect?) but somehow, the script makes it work. The film also has some bizarre scenes such as being bludgeoned by a frozen kelbasa sausage, a leaking anus, puking bags of drugs and dialogue such as “..see a proctologist”. There were several scenes that just made me laugh out loud as the script is drowned in dark comedy. Despite some clichéd characterization, the storyline keeps the movie from becoming mediocre with the good direction and timing in key scenes. The film also has some good cinematography as the night scenes are exquisitely shot albeit this movie could've used more underwater scenes. The style isn't flashy but it is a remarkably restrained style. 

           Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama!

             Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama!

I've mentioned that part of the reason to buy this film would be the very alluring sexy persona of Park Si-Yeon. Her character follows all the qualities of a femme fatale, and the actress gets it right as the male viewer would no doubt be taken by her raw innocent sex appeal, as she struts around the camera in panties and changes her outfit so often to display some skin for the imagination. Yes, guys, there is mild nudity and one good sex scene. The sex scene looked as if it was more emotional than erotic as Kim and Park bonded in bed. Park plays her role with mysterious charisma that I just couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. For the ladies, there is chiseled South Korean actor Kim Kang-Wo and I wouldn’t know what ladies would see in him. However, the film’s best performance would have to be by Jae Hyeon Jo. Kang is the most interesting character of the film, h has layers upon layers of character that the viewer would wonder just what his real motivations are all about.

"Marine Boy” is a flawed motion picture but it sure manages to salvage its lackluster script from mediocrity. The film manages to pull off some surprises as it is rather unpredictable with the development of its premise. The film manages to cover up its faults with some odd craziness, excitement, tension and even makes its some of the overacting performances easy to ignore. Park Si-Yeon even gets to sing “No More Lonely Nights” that may prove a little silly to some, yet the scene becomes rather a key point in the film. (well, Si-Yeon is very hot!) She also manages to connect with Kim Kang-Woo with some ‘strawberry tart‘. I may be a little dumb to like “Marine Boy“ but this crime caper just left a smile on my face. So…how many times did I say Park Si-Yeon is one of the hottest of the hot?
Recommended! [3 ½ Stars]


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Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama! Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama! Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama! Exciting, Tense, Funny and SEXY South Korean Action-Crime Drama!

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January 13, 2010
SEXY, eh? :D Swimming across from Korea to Japan? Really? I didn't think that's possible! Did the movie indicate from which shore to which across? Hehe... Oh well, you know what, William, I think the best part about reading your reviews on movies is not prior to watching the movie but after it, your reviews somewhat complete the process for me. I watched a great deal of movies, but I don't sit down to analyse them, to me, that means work. But you do it real well, so I like leaving that part of the process to you, lol...
January 13, 2010
Not to worry, he doesn't swim all the way...that is the movie's main premise. I guess I'll have to stop reviewing so you can go to the movies LOL! Yeh, I do talk a lot..he-heh.
January 13, 2010
I can imagine! I wish Lunch has those emoticons, esp. the one which you can roll your eyes, lol...
January 13, 2010
January 12, 2010
This movie seems pretty hot Woo-Woo. It's been a while since I hit the Asian flicks probably this will be a good way to start back, Great review!
January 13, 2010
what are you waiting for, Jen?! Get to it LOL!
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