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Dragon Ball Z: The Movie - Bio-Broly

A movie directed by Daisuke Nishio

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Crushing Super Warrior!! I Am the Winner

  • Apr 5, 2006
Pros: Yay Krillin!

Cons: Haha, the plot, c'mon.

The Bottom Line: Meh, it's something to watch if you're feelin' like a lil DBZ without Goku, Vegeta and the boys...

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie's plot.

Hmm, after this I’ll just have movie #4 to review. *clenches fist* Then my plans to cover all of the world of DBZ will be complete! Er, ahem.

Note to those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about already. DBZ is a huge series, the full title is Dragon Ball Z. It’s spanned over 200 episodes, generated 13 movies, and tossed out a couple of specials here and there. All we’re waiting for these days is the final movie. Then I think America can officially move on and wrap up its DBZ phase for random youngsters to find in the future. Akira Toriyama, everyone loves you, you know that, haha.

Righto then, I should be in bed but I say “Screw sleep” more often than not, so here it is, your 2am Movie #11 review. Sha-zam.

*bubble bubble* Is that…a Saiyajin tail?!

Man the opening cracks me up when Gohan is bouncing around as the Great Saiyaman…

Android #18 is angry. She wants her money that Mr. Satan (Hercule in English – yeah, whatever) promised her from when she let him win against her in the World Tournament. Goten, Trunks, Krillin and his daughter Marron are waiting outside for her. While they wait some men show up to offer a challenge to Mr. Satan. Apparently Mr. Satan’s old rival in martial arts school, Jaguar, wants to take him on – through his bio-fighters. Mr. Satan accepts…and Android #18 comes along to make sure he doesn’t weasel out of giving her the money he owes.

Of course, it isn’t a big surprise that Trunks and Goten hitch a ride in their search for adventure and fun. Crazy half-Saiyajin kids. Naturally it’s also no big surprise that Trunks, Goten, and Android #18 end up fighting the bio-fighters as well. But Jaguar has a trump card up his sleeve, and it's someone we all know (and don’t really love) well.

Just like Movie #10, this one is a little unnecessary. Haha, I almost like to think that they were bored. Sitting around with idle pencils before looking at one another and going, “…You wanna draw up a DBZ movie?” Hey, if it alleviates boredom… Anyway, it gets a little out of hand, what with all the weird goo that bursts out from all the crazy biotechnology stuff going on in the ridiculously huge lab everyone finds themselves in, and suddenly Bio-Broly isn’t just a clone, he’s more like, Boly as Radioactive Swamp Thing. Yeah, it’s a bit odd.

At least I give them props for having a decent explanation as to how he came back into being. Personally I think he would have been vaporized, but you never know. And of course, it does have the same DBZ animation style (as in it looks like the series and all that jazz), it’s got the expected humor (Trunks does another mooning job, haha), and the voices are all the same as before, Japanese and English. Yeah, still not the biggest fan of Trunks’s Japanese voice, but Goten makes up for it because he’s cute. It was also fun to see Android #18 in action aside from the series and you gotta love the arrival of a certain someone else. Awww, he always was my second favorite character. ^_~

The plot isn’t all that magical, but you really do have to take into account that this is, after all, DBZ, so it’s not like you should expect uber-high quality goods. Even though they’re in other movies, this is sort of like Trunks and Goten’s time to shine without any help from their fathers, or in Goten’s case, brother, and you really could see their fathers in them. Trunks getting ticked at Goten, and Goten doing things to help other people and getting Trunks into bad situations. Props for the fight scene and the fact that it wasn’t always one on one like in the series. However, the end really doesn’t help because it should have ended 10 minutes ago... (come on, what goo is going to do that? Evil silly putty?)

I think 3 stars is good enough, mostly because of the lame plot and the fact that you knew they were bored when they did this…haha.


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The DRAGON BALL Z full-length anime film BIO-BROLY presents the third appearance of the powerful Super Saiyan warrior bent on destroying the galaxy. Having been killed in the previous installment, Broly is resurrected and given all new powers by an evil sorcerer working for a wealthy patron with nefarious plans for world domination. With Broly back and stronger than ever--and thirsting for revenge--the Z team are once again forced to face off against their archenemy in an action-packed series of thrilling fight sequences.
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Director: Daisuke Nishio
Release Date: 2005
MPAA Rating: Unrated
DVD Release Date: Navarre Corporation (September 13, 2005)
Runtime: 50min
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