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Burn Your Spirits to the Max!! Close Battle, Violent Battle, Super Bloody Battle

  • Feb 7, 2005
Pros: (concerning the title) or something similar to thatÂ…

Cons: Vegeta! Nani?

The Bottom Line: So many Super Saiya-jins, so little time.

Plot Details: This opinion reveals minor details about the movie''s plot.

Dragon Ball Z. A long running series with a total of 13 movies to speak of. This is movie #8. Don’t know what DBZ is? Well, it’s a really long story, and if you want to know more, I suggest scrolling down and starting at the beginning – the first part of the series to be exact (or save yourself the trouble and check out bigd99999’s review because he gives you the whole story sort of in a nutshell).

First off, I want you all to know what great lengths I went through to make sure that was actually the right translation for the original Japanese movie title. Did I find out? No! But I’m still pretty sure it’s right. Anyway, let’s move on because I’m sure you don’t really care. ^_~

The biggest problem I’ve found everywhere is just how to spell the newest bad guy’s name. Broli, Brolli, Brolly, Broly, and the most accurate spelling based upon the Japanese spelling on the original movie poster: Burorii (for those of you that don’t know, yes, I can read it – taking Japanese in college does that for you). I guess in English there technically isn’t any real right way to spell it, so I’ll just use what they have on the cover up there.

All right, enough chitchat. Let’s get on with the show.

It’s just an ordinary day (isn’t it always?) for our Z warriors. Picnicking at the park, which includes things like Master Roshi getting drunk and Krillin singing – horribly. So horribly, as a matter of fact, that Trunks is going into shock and Vegeta is about ready to kill him. Hehe – I love Vegeta. However, during the middle of Krillin’s performance a spaceship lands and a man named Paragas emerges. To everyone’s astonishment he is a Saiya-jin, bowing to Vegeta and claiming that he’s taken another planet to become the new planet Vegeta and wants Vegeta to rule it. He also adds that the Legendary Super Saiya-jin has surfaced and he needs Vegeta’s help to destroy him. With Vegeta’s never ending pride, he agrees after only a few moments of thought. Naturally, everyone ends up going with.

Meanwhile, poor Goku is stuck with Chichi as they try and get Gohan into a good school. Which doesn’t work out too well because King Kai gives Goku a call (telepathically) and Goku starts to look as though he is talking to himself. It isn’t long before he disappears to join King Kai and leaves Chichi to explain his bizarre disappearance.

Everyone arrives on new Vegeta (this includes Oolong and Master Roshi – who is still drunk) and meet Paragas’s son, Broly. Not long after that Goku pops up and joins them. However, it’s only a matter of time before they realize something is wrong. The planet doesn’t seem fit to support a grand kingdom and Saiya-jin race the way Paragas is talking, and there is definitely something wrong with Broly, though no one can figure out just what it is.

When Broly suddenly loses control and starts attacking Goku, that’s when it sinks in that there is most definitely something else going on besides what Paragas says. Broly is indeed the Legendary Super Saiya-jin (after all, the cover gives it away) – but what is his motivation behind wanting to kill Goku? And why did Paragas bring Vegeta all the way out to this new planet? And even if they find all this out, how are they going to kill such a powerful Saiya-jin?

This movie is all kinds of fun. Though it does take some time to get rolling, seeing Master Roshi drunk is pretty amusing. Goku is a goof ball until he needs to get serious and fight, and we even get a surprise visit from someone we all know and love! ^_~ Once the fight starts, it pretty much takes over the film without any dull moments to speak of. You can’t go wrong when there are 4 Super Saiya-jins duking it out with yet another ultra powerful Saiya-jin. My only problem with this movie was Vegeta’s attitude once he found out the truth about Broly. Seeing him in that state just drove me nuts. In a way it was pretty random considering his actions towards fighting the Legendary Super Saiya-jin before when no one knew about Broly. But hey, he made up for it in the end, and that’s what I love about the guy. And he seemed especially hot in this movie as well (what can I say? I’m a sucker for a bad boy turned good – even if he is a cartoon). Even the way they defeated Broly in the end was pretty good and if it weren’t for Vegeta…well, you can see for yourself.

Sub vs. dub? Meh. If you’ve been raised on the dub like I have, you can handle it without much of a problem. You’re able to easily adapt to any voices they throw at you. But I’m a fan of the subtitles. After all, it’s not an American cartoon, so the least I can do anyway is watch it in all its original glory. And it is pretty glorious.


On an final note, after the Bojack movie (#9), there aren’t anymore DBZ movies released in the US. However, hopefully this will change soon, because if you think this is where it ends, you are greatly mistaken…

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This DRAGON BALL Z feature film focuses on the appearance of Broly, a powerful Super Saiyan warrior bent on destroying the galaxy. Goku and Vegeta clash over who will be the one to do battle with the new menace, and the result is an action-packed series of fight sequences between the Z team and the most evil forces in the universe.
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