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Aug 30, 2014
posted "Government has happened since" about Anti Aging Formula.   20 minutes ago
Government has happened since
Government has happened since nineteen sec okay whatever parts in my mind that hews working on just made me a little nauseous this just really smell t
posted "Doctor's Recommendation Serum For Younger Look !" about Doctor's Recommendation Serum For Younger Look !.   30 minutes ago
Doctor's Recommendation Serum For Younge
Who found you some started training about four months sofa and I'll were working online and getting the weight because I want to compete in the  w
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Vignettes and Improvisations by Mark Catoe.   5 hours ago
From MainlyPiano.com
Vignettes and Improvisations   Mark Catoe   2014 / Mark Catoe   45 minutes      "Vignettes and
Aug 29, 2014
updated "A Spectacular Thrill Ride In Space" about Gravity (2013 film)   12 hours ago
posted "Coming of Age" about Barracuda.   Yesterday
Coming of Age Coming of Age
This is a coming of age novel about Danny Kelly. We are introduced to Danny as a young adolescent with a remarkable swimming ability. He dreams of bec
Aug 28, 2014
posted "Medical and Recreational Marijuana Legalization Issues" about Potzilla's Millions- The Reality v. The Hype by Dr Joseph S Maresca.   Thursday
Medical and Recreational Marijuana Legalization Issues Medical and Recreational Marijuana Legal
Potzilla's Millions discusses the implications for legalizing   medicinal and recreational marijuana. The book names places  
posted "A very interesting and engrossing classic" about the legacy of cain.   Thursday
A very interesting and engrossing classi
  The Legacy of Cain  By Wilkie Collins   Amazon Digital Services, 257 pages  Cost: Free    Wil
Aug 27, 2014
posted "Life in Botswana" about In the Company of Cheerful Ladies (No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Book 6).   Wednesday
Life in Botswana Life in Botswana
  "In the Company of Cheerful Ladies" is a story of a short time in Ma Ramotswe's life.      Ma Ramotswe i
Aug 26, 2014
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Soiree by Susan Merdinger.   Tuesday
From MainlyPiano.com
Soiree   Susan Merdinger   2014 / Sheridan Music Studio   66 minutes      "Soiree" is the
posted "This is a superb explanation of an interesting biblical book" about I Kings.   Tuesday
This is a superb explanation of an inter
I Kings  Torn in Two  By Alex Israel  Maggid Books, 2014, 350 pages  ISBN 978-1-611329-004-0  Cost:
posted "This is an engrossing and suspenseful drama by a very good an up-and-coming writer" about Thump.   Tuesday
This is an engrossing and suspenseful dr
Thump  By Avraham Azrieli    It takes some time for most good novelists to be recognized by the public. Avraham Azrieli,
Aug 25, 2014
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Moksha by The Ray Spiegel Ensemble.   Monday
From MainlyPiano.com
Moksha   Ray Spiegel Ensemble   2014 / Simla House, Inc.   53 minutes      "Moksha" is a f
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about KYLGS by Karen L. Gerig-Scott.   Monday
From MainlyPiano.com
KYLGS   Karen L. Gerig-Scott   2014 / Delved in Dreams Music   2 tracks available separately      Ka
posted "The book that spawned the '80s action film Gymkata!" about The Terrible Game.   Monday
The book that spawned the '80s action fi
The Terrible Game tells the story of a young man asked by his country to travel to a secluded medieval country and participate in a brutal life-or-dea
posted "Zombie Abortions and Voodoo Curses" about Arsenic Lullaby: "...The Devil Your Neighbor...And Other Stories".   Monday
Zombie Abortions and Voodoo Curses
This trade paperback contains the first six issues of the 18 issue Harvey Award nominated comic book series Arsenic Lullaby. Douglas Paszkiewicz's hum
posted "Not a Promising Start to a Series" about The Mountain Place of Knowledge.   Monday
Not a Promising Start to a Series
In Belize a Mayan woman locates a hidden entryway into a mountain. The entryway has a panel with four colored buttons. Hit the right button and the po
Aug 24, 2014
posted "A slimy sliver of an overlooked counter-culture." about Apocalypse Culture.   Sunday
A slimy sliver of an overlooked counter-
Apocalypse Culture is a gritty look back at a time before the Internet and the explosion of the Information age when publishing houses like Feral Hous
posted "Don't rock the boat" about The boys in the boat.   Sunday
Don't rock the boat Don't rock the boat
"The Boys in the Boat" tells the true story of nine men who were members of the University of Washington crew team. The story shows of their
Aug 23, 2014
posted "Outstanding" about Milk (2008 movie).   Last Saturday
Outstanding Outstanding
We just returned from San Francisco and visited the Castro section of the city which is known for being the center of the San Francisco gay rights are
Aug 22, 2014
posted "That lucky old son." about The Son: A Novel.   August 22
That lucky old son. That lucky old son.
I listened to this book as an audiobook narrated by Gildart Jackson.  His narration was liesurly to contrast with the action of the story which a
posted ""Clowns don't rob banks. Is this a perfect crime or what?"" about Quick Change.   August 22
"Clowns don't rob banks. Is this a perfe
Quick Change follows the misadventures of career criminal Grimm, his bombshell girlfriend Phyllis, and loose cannon cohort Lackey, as their getaway to
Aug 21, 2014
posted "The sort of history that will not be taught in school" about A Shoeleather History of the Wobblies.   August 21
The sort of history that will not be tau
In the early 20th century, the Industrial Workers of the World, or "Wobblies," attempted to organize a working-class movement that crossed r
posted "The French Sure Have A Way With Films About Sexual Awakening" about Young & Beautiful (2013).   August 21
The French Sure Have A Way With Films Ab
I’ve written about my fascination with French films before.  It isn’t as if I believe they have any particular ‘hold’ on
posted "Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Those Who Can Get Past The Obvious Blemishes" about Blood Glacier (2013).   August 21
Brilliant B-Movie Monster Mash-Up For Th
Of all the various sub-genres within the pantheon of horror films, my personal favorite has been and will probably always be the classic monster movie
posted "A PROMISE Kept" about A Promise.   August 21
Love is an emotion that defies all explanation or understanding.  While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, love remains something that can be
posted "Lightweight, Comfortable, and Convenient For This Stretching Enthusiast" about Best Bikram Yoga Towel.   August 21
Lightweight, Comfortable, and Convenient
Now, purists and/or web-based haters are gonna say I’m not the best person to provide a review of the Bikram Yoga Towel.  Why?  Well,
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Collage by Danny Wright.   August 21
From MainlyPiano.com
Collage: A Timeless Collection of Medleys   Danny Wright   2014 / WH Sounds Studio   Disc 1: 59 minutes  Disc 2: 54
Aug 20, 2014
posted "Incoming Storm" about Storm Front (Derrick Storm).   August 20
Incoming Storm
You better pay attention, because this might get confusing: You may or may not already know that the comic drama murder/mystery TV series Castle on AB
Aug 19, 2014
posted ""Will You Row As Free Man With Amra?"" about King Conan - The Conqueror (Part 2 of 6).   August 19
"Will You Row As Free Man With Amra?"
What can be said about a second issue in a multi-chapter miniseries?  Well, unlike the first installment (which basically serves to ‘set th
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