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Apr 19, 2014
posted "From MainlyPiano.com" about Emergence by Lawrence Blatt.   30 minutes ago
From MainlyPiano.com
Emergence   Lawrence Blatt   2014 / LMB Music   44 minutes    "Emergence" is guitarist Lawrence Bl
posted "The series continues in "Wrecked" by Tricia Fields" about Wrecked.   12 hours ago
The series continues in The series continues in "Wrecked" by Tri
The series that began with the award winning, The Territory, and continued in Scratchgravel Road, continues in the recently released Wrecked. While t
posted "Get Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Book" by Dan Whalen" about Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Book-- Taking Your Favorite Foods And Stuffing Them To Make New, Different And Delicious Meals.   12 hours ago
Get Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food Book Get Stuffed: The Ultimate Comfort Food B
Have you ever thought about combining two different foods into one super food? Like putting a cheeseburger inside a ravioli? “Cheeseburger Ravi
Apr 18, 2014
posted "This book motivates to try to cook." about Overcoming Obstacles In Cooking by Matthew W. Miller.   Yesterday
This book motivates to try to cook.
I have cerebral palsy like the author in this book.  I have problem with fine motor skills like cutting and peeling.  I would have a hard t
Apr 17, 2014
updated "Hardy opens the door to his future fame" about A Pair of Blue Eyes   Thursday
posted "Good Theme of How We Depend On Our Sight So Much But The Writing Style Makes It Miss The Mark!" about Auditory Viewpoint.   Thursday
Good Theme of How We Depend On Our Sight
This review is based on a reviewer copy received from the publishing agent but reflects my own opinion.      Gloria Rank is a rad
posted "Craftsman by Bob Ardern (From MainlyPiano.com)" about Craftsman by Bob Ardern.   Thursday
Craftsman by Bob Ardern (From MainlyPian
Craftsman   Bob Ardern   2014 / Bob Ardern   61 minutes      "Craftsman" is the fourth rel
Apr 16, 2014
posted "Hardy opens the door to his future fame" about A Pair of Blue Eyes.   Wednesday
Hardy opens the door to his future fame
The third book published in his slowly accelerating career brings Hardy to. the style and moral principles that will finally bring him fame and acclai
Apr 15, 2014
posted "It's Good, It's Bad, It's Worth Watching!" about Atlantis.   Tuesday
It's Good, It's Bad, It's Worth Watching
Atlantis is the story of Jason (yes, I'm pretty sure he's meant to be the Jason of Argonaut fame), a modern day man who, while exploring
Apr 14, 2014
posted "A Lot of Detailed Action and Descriptions of Surgery But You Need to Keep Your Beliefs in Check!" about The Farm.   Monday
A Lot of Detailed Action and Description
This book is based on a reviewer copy received directly from the author but reflects my own views. This book came in a package with the author's
Apr 13, 2014
posted "Infinite Beauty by Donovan Johnson (From MainlyPiano.com)" about Infinite Beauty by Donovan Johnson.   Sunday
Infinite Beauty by Donovan Johnson (From
Infinite Beauty   Donovan Johnson   2014 / The Boxhouse Music Company   58 minutes      "Infini
posted "Going thriller style in "The Contractors" by Harry Hunsicker" about The Contractors.   Sunday
Going thriller style in "The Contractors
Anyone who has read the Lee Henry Oswald series by Harry Hunsicker knows that the author does not write the Dallas Chamber of Commerce ad copy type of
posted "Pacquiao Gets Comfortable Win Over Bradley" about Manny Pacquiao wins the WBO Welterweight Title Over Bradley.   Sunday
Pacquiao Gets Comfortable Win Over Bradl
Tonight (4-12-14), the WBO Welterweight Title was on the line between   Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. Few pundits thought  
Apr 10, 2014
posted "A huge eye-opener, and really funny" about How to Fight Presidents.   April 10
A huge eye-opener, and really funny
Did you know that a number of former American Presidents would fit in quite well in a Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger action film? Imagine that
posted "Review: "A Reader's Book Of Days" by Tom Nissley" about A Reader's Book Of Days.   April 10
Review: "A Reader's Book Of Days" by Tom
“November in the anti-April: gray and dreary, the beginning of the end of things rather than rebirth. It’s the month you hunker down- tha
posted "KURT ANGLE & GLACIER VS KEVIN NASH & PSYCHO SID = SO BAD IT IS GOOD, KINDA" about River of Darkness.   April 10
RIVER OF DARKNESS      The last time writer/director Bruce Koehler and Kurt Angle did a film together previous to this one it was
posted "BRINGS ME BACK" about WCW War Games: WCW's Most Notorious Matches.   April 10
WCW   WAR GAMES      Man I miss WCW and I never realize it until I start watching these things. This set chronicles the
posted "I will try to overcome the obstacles in my life by using the advice in this book." about The Obstacle Is The Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Adversity Into Advantage by Ryan Holiday.   April 10
I will try to overcome the obstacles in
This book will help me approach the obstacles and present situation with more clarity and confidence. I recently applied for a job that I did not get
Apr 9, 2014
posted "A Comedy That'll Likely Offend Far More Than It'll Ever Endear ..." about Wrong Cops.   April 09
A Comedy That'll Likely Offend Far More
I think each of us has an age wherein we delight in the fundamentally absurd.  I’d imagine that, for most of us, it’s in our early te
posted "Slow Start ... But Buckle Up For A Grueling Second Half!" about Daddy's Little Girl.   April 09
Slow Start ... But Buckle Up For A Gruel
DADDY’S LITTLE GIRL is one of those films that’s hard to talk about without spoiling certain significant elements of it.  Suffice it
posted "Second in the series: "Lion Plays Rough"" about Lion Plays Rough: A Leo Maxwell Mystery.   April 09
Second in the series: Second in the series: "Lion Plays Rough"
Teddy Maxwell had been the best criminal defense lawyer in town though he certainly wasn’t the most ethical. A gunshot to the head took him down
posted "Free Download Tonight on Amazon/Kindle" about The Kibbutz Alternative For Workers by Dr.Joseph S Maresca.   April 09
Free Download Tonight on Amazon/Kindle Free Download Tonight on Amazon/Kindle
The modern kibbutz incorporates the cooperative efforts of multiple generations.The founders were motivated by core values.They created a society with
Apr 8, 2014
posted "Fantastic Piece (and Price!) That's Make You The Envy Of Fans Here Or Far, Far Away!" about Star Wars: Han Solo In Carbonite Bank.   April 08
Fantastic Piece (and Price!) That's Make
If you’re anything like me, then you grew up loving the original STAR WARS Trilogy.  Sure, you sat through that Prequel Trilogy mostly beca
posted "Inappropriately Titled V Wars Offers Few V's and No WAR To Speak Of" about V Wars.   April 08
Inappropriately Titled V Wars Offers Few
I’ve read a book by Jonathan Maberry.  I don’t remember being all that thrilled with it, but I certainly enjoyed it enough to stick t
posted "Muddled 95ERS A Time Travel Yarn With Too Much (Family) Thread" about 95ers: Time Runners.   April 08
Muddled 95ERS A Time Travel Yarn With To
Like so many viewers, time travel fascinates me … so I’m naturally drawn to science fiction films that explore similar themes.  Ther
posted "CONFESSION OF MURDER Becomes "Confusion Over Directorial Choices"" about Confession of Murder.   April 08
I’ve been enjoying films out of South Korean for going on two decades now.  That isn’t to say that I’ve enjoyed everything that
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