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Favorite Last Comic Standing Contestants (Season 7)

  • Jul 20, 2010
  • by
This is the first year I have seen Last Comic Standing (airs on NBC), and I am quite impressed with the caliber of comedic talent. I never knew such a show existed otherwise I would have been an avid fan watching from the very beginning (summer of 2003). I happened to find it purely by chance when I was flipping through the stations late at night, and since that time, it has become a must see show every Monday evening. My only disappointment is that so few comics made it to the audience voting segment (I'm used to a number as high as "top 20" in other reality shows I watch).

The following is a list of my five favorite comedians from Season 7 (ordered from most to least favorite). For those who aren't watching, start tuning in for some great jokes. We all need a little bit of laughter in our lives.
Felipe Esparza
Felipe is my favorite comedian because I can relate to his jokes. They remind me of my family's quirks, and I especially enjoy a comedian who can make fun of Mexican stereotypes or inequalities about Mexicans living in America.

He delivered  one of my favorite jokes on July 19, 2010. Felipe talked about a Mexican haunted house: it cost $20 to go in and $30 to get out. He then described how Mexican gangsters were around every corner threatening to beat you up. He walked out with a black eye while his girlfriend walked out with a bunch of hickeys and cold sore on her mouth. Another favorite joke was shared on July 12, 2010: a commentary on how Mexican women are always bigger than white women. I suggest watching that episode to get the full entertainment value.

Felipe has comedy talents that rival George Lopez. He even has a signature entrance: "Hello, how are doing? (no pause) Ok, good." I really hope you win Season 7, Felipe! 
Roy Wood, Jr.
Initially, Roy Wood Jr. was not one of my favorite comics. I had trouble relating to his jokes, and many were either hitting hard or drastically missing their punch lines. On July 19, 2010, Roy shot up to my second favorite comedic.

As a recent graduate, I really appreciate school humor. So, when he was talking about not paying off loans despite the fact that he's 31 years old, I knew I would be laughing a lot. Luckily, Roy didn't disappoint. From his jokes about not remembering his education to his insistence on only paying for the loans based on the grades received, I was cracking up. It was his strongest lineup yet, and I hope he continues to be that funny in later episodes.
Jonathan Thymius
Jonathan truly embodies the ideas expressed in Henry Phillip's song "On the Shoulder of Freaks." He is the strangest, quirkiest, and funniest comedic the American public has seen in a long time. The fact that he's the oldest comedian in the Top 10 also endears him to the audience. He has a character that he never drops--a man who is a little slow, confused, and innocently funny. Jonathan delivers jokes only he can pull off (they would fall flat with other comedians). Plus, who else can be surprisingly gross and insulting while still acting lovable?

One of my favorite jokes was from July 12, 2010 when he told the audience he wanted to do a ventriloquist act. He then began to take off his sock, put it on his hand, and held the microphone to his bare foot. Hilarious!
Mike DeStefano
Mike is both intimidating and funny. He is your typical Italian Catholic, or maybe I should say atypical...? I'm not always sure if I should be insulted by his jokes, or if I should laugh. 90% of the time I end up laughing. This is the type of guy that you would not want to meet in a dark alley because he would probably beat you senseless. Mike is a bit too serious when presenting his jokes, but it's all part of his "tough guy" comedian act. 

My favorite joke was delivered on July 12, 2010 when he commented that the scariest person in the world is an old Italian grandma. Then, he regaled the audience with all the things his own grandmother said that scared some sense into him. It was too funny for words!
Myq Kaplan
Last but certainly not least is the shortest, skinniest, and probably most intelligent comedian of the group: Myq Kaplan. He began Season 7 as my second favorite comedian purely because I can't help but fall madly in love with the nerdiest person in the group. Plus, I enjoy intelligent humor. Lately, though, I feel his ego is getting in the way. His jokes are falling flat, and I did not understand the repeated "jokes" about the audience clapping too much on July 19, 2010. I was frustrated that he didn't handle the audience's participation better.

Despite his sometimes pretentious attitude, I still enjoy a majority of his jokes. My favorite jokes were delivered on July 12, 2010 when he focused on reading and intelligence. Bullies don't like when kids are smart (knocking books out of hands so no one can read), and everyone going to see the films rather than reading the books. Solid performance, Myq.

What did you think of this list?

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October 28, 2010
I've never really watched Last Comic Standing before, but I love comedians in general. It's a very hard thing to do, so i applaud anyone who has the natural ability to pull it off on a regular basis. Felipe comes off as the funniest comic to me based on the descriptions you've written here. I liked the ventriloquist joke also from Jonathan that you wrote. Pretty cool. :-)
October 28, 2010
Yeah, it was a great show! I got to see the top 4 comics live too in SF as part of my birthday gift from J! They were even better in person. :D
July 23, 2010
Very few modern stand ups seem funny to me. I guess I'm just stuck back in the 60s with Bob Newhart, Shelley Berman, Dick Gregory, and Mort Sahl. I do like John Oliver however.
July 23, 2010
Nothing wrong with that. I'm usually not feeling the modern comics, but I really had fun with this movie. Perhaps it was because I really needed to get out of the house, so to speak. ;)
July 23, 2010
Could be. =)
July 27, 2010
Yes...sometimes being cooped up inside can be so detrimental to one's state of mind!
July 28, 2010
Tell me about it! Beyond going grocery shopping or baby sitting the boys, I'm pretty much stuck at home. What a boring place Naperville is.
July 29, 2010
Yeah, Humboldt County can feel that way too.
July 29, 2010
sigh =(
August 05, 2010
It's ok. I don't mind. (hugs)
August 06, 2010
Thanks. I needed that.
August 13, 2010
You can always get a hug from me whenever you need it. I love hugging people. I know Internet hugs aren't the most fun, but I still like to give them! (sends another hug your way)
August 13, 2010
At least you don't pick up excess cat fur on internet hugs. lol. Of course cat owners would just be swapping fur.
August 13, 2010
(laughs) That would be the case with me!
August 13, 2010
I wonder if we'd clash or not. Fred is you basic grey, black and brown tiger with a white belly.
August 13, 2010
Nah, I doubt it. My cats are black and white. That would go with your colors. :)
August 13, 2010
Fred goes with just about everybody's cat.
August 16, 2010
A versatile kitty--gotta love it!
August 16, 2010
Of course yours is basic black, a classic.
August 16, 2010
Well, basic black and white. I love my kitties!
August 17, 2010
My daughter's two kittens are growing so fast, but they still look small compared to frew. She named them Bruce and Lee. Lee is a mackrel tabby with swirls of black and greay and the sweetest face with accents of white around his eyes and on his throat. And Bruce is the most interesting shades of of light orange, tan, and everything else all the way into cream on his belly.
August 17, 2010
Ah, those are the cutest kitty names! Love it. Yeah, the kittens grow so fast.
July 21, 2010
Bodden's website is http://alonzolive.com/. I really don't know what season he won, but I think it was three, because he came in second the season before, and won the next season, and I believe they were seasons 2 and 3. I don't know if his website is entertaining, but his standup is hilarious!
July 22, 2010
Thanks for the website. I'm going to check it out now. It's nice that they can come back and compete again if they don't win. A lot of the reality shows I watch don't let the contestants come back if they made it so far.
July 21, 2010
Favorites: Dave Mordal, from Season 1. And Alonzo Bodden, from, I think, Season 3. As to the finalists this season, I like Mike DeStefano. Like Thomas Harris doing stand-up. Bodden has his own website, by the by.
July 21, 2010
Thanks for checking out my list, Barkalow! What is Bodden's website? I'm interested in checking out the comic from a previous season. Was he the winner from Season 3?
July 20, 2010
I've never watched this show before, but this sounds great! I could use some comedy in my life :) Will search for these guys on Youtube. Thanks for sharing!
July 20, 2010
You should watch some clips! I suggest watching Myq's clip from July 12. I was re-watching it the other day and cracking up. Let me know what you think when you do get the chance to view a couple of the bits!
July 20, 2010
this list is awesome--like its creator :). I need to make a list of favorite Lunch.com comedians. ;P
July 20, 2010
(laughs) Thanks, William! When you do make that list, let me know, so I can read it! I'm about to get started on the film review now. I had some soup and am feeling better today. :)
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