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Will totally copy-paste my Disqus bio in here eventually. For now, content yourself with the knowledge that I am actually one hardcore, badass poseur. XD

reviewed Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue [Game .... February 21, 2011
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Consider this review a comprehensive overview of the previous two games as well. Personally the latter three weren't quite as good, but they still had their moments. Anyway!      …
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posted a Quick Tip about Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. February 22, 2011
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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
I say a lot of things about a lot of games, and I use a lot of superlatives, but when I say that Persona 4 is the best of the best, easily one of (if not the) greatest RPG experiences of all time, I mean …
posted a Quick Tip about Golden Sun: The Lost Age. February 21, 2011
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Golden Sun: The Lost Age
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posted a Quick Tip about Final Fantasy XIII. February 21, 2011
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Final Fantasy XIII
For a game that's polarised popular opinion so much, there really isn't a great deal in FFXIII for people to pick on, as far as I'm concerned. Fun, intense, thrilling gameplay, combined with …
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April 24, 2011
Is TROLL!COPS any good?
April 25, 2011
It can be good, definitely, but a lot of it is just plain...not. I love CephiedVariable's take on it, though, and there's certainly a great deal of good stuff in the thread. Just...a lot of it is drudge. Takes a lot to sift through too. :(
April 23, 2011
I did it! I finally caught up with Homestuck!
April 23, 2011
Haha, congratulations! Now you get to enjoy serial readership like the rest of us. And by enjoy I mean hate with all the human passion you can possibly muster. :D
Thoughts? Opinions? Favourite characters? Characters you hate? Have you listened to the albums? I have a ton of fanart and stuff that you might like too. Just tell me what's up and I'll be all over it, I guess? :P
April 23, 2011
Going to listen the albums, but I want to scour the TVTropes pages before. My current favorites are Eridan, Karkat, Kanaya and Jade, I tend to change favorite characters a lot, although I don't really dislike anyone, outside of SBaHJ of course. In other news, Zero just discovered he had a Windows Vista instead of XP. >_>
April 23, 2011
Ah, well, you're making a good decision, frankly. The albums are practically the best part, they're so good! :D
Oh god, dude, don't, you'll never get through it. TVTropes has this obsession with Homestuck, there's more pages for HS tropes than there are for practically any other thing on the site. You'll take days sifting through it all. XD
...Karkat, Kanaya, Jade, I can understand. I've never met anyone who doesn't love Karkat, and there's nothing not to love about Kanaya. Jade is pretty cool too, definitely towards the end. But Eridan? Genocidal, traitorous, unlikeable hipster bastard Eridan? I feel for you, man. XD
I actually like Eridan a lot too, but don't tell anybody. :D
Also, how can you not love SBaHJ?! They're amazing!! Those two are, like, the best characters hands down, next to Geromy and the Big Man! :P

heh, zero, that's stupid! how does he not figure this stuff out? this is surprising. i am now surprised that he is able to even operate his computer. ;P
did you get him to get on aim/msn/whatever? is that part of this silly little problem of his? XD
April 23, 2011
I'm not even going to attempt the main page, just some of the characters pages and the fridge brilliance.
Well Karkat is both a Jerk with a heart of Gold and a Woobie, he's pretty much made to be sympathetic. Eridan is just great fanfiction material, just like Equius and Nepeta. Besides, I know you like Eridan, your Disqus account shows by itself. SBaHJ was never funny for me, not even in a bad way so I really don't care about it..

I saw the old MSNM disscussion and made him get the service packs, still have to get that Platform Update for him though. He needs to learn to use google for something else aside from ecchi.
April 23, 2011
You'll find some interesting stuff. I know that with /co/ on 4chan, TVTropes, the MSPA formspring and the MSPA forums, I've come to realise just how much of a genius Hussie is. There's so much to Homestuck that it's shocking it's written by only one guy, who doesn't even plan ahead or outline it.
Yeah, he is. Equius & Nepeta, to me, just have this fabulous dynamic, because they're so close, and for a while, it really looked like Equius was going to overcome his fatal flaw and get over the whole hemospectrum thing. Haha, I also just realised that I used Eridan on discuss anyway. God, I hate him, but at the same time, I love him. He's brilliant. XD
And he's not Vriska, which is a plus! I still can't decide how I feel about Vriska, honestly. :D

Good, good. He wouldn't listen to me about it anyway. I hope you can teach him how to be tech-savvy. I put all my faith in you, good sir! :D
April 23, 2011
Vriska is problematic, she's too much of a bastard to be likable, but the few Pet the Dog moments she has show she can be better and may not be what she appears. I still don't know if I like or dislike her.
Ugh, 83 reais for all the main albums, excluding the fake albums and the medium. I don't think I have all that disposable income at the moment with the way I've been toasting money on Kindle recently.

I doubt anyone can teach Zero to be tech-savvy. What a irony the guy who loves giant robots is not good with computers. In other news, people really tend to thing you are a girl on the net. Wildy and JustThisOne were surprised when they discovered it. And fooling on twitter is funner than I thought(funner is actually a word O_o, opera spell checker, you surprise me everyday).
April 23, 2011
Amen. That's the same way I feel. In fact, there's only one character in the comic I've loved without exception, at all times, and that's John, but he is the fandom's favourite character and he is sorta fantastically amazing and adorable. :D
I can send a few your way, if you like, but you can listen to them from bandcamp, which is probably the best option right now. What've you been buying on Kindle? :D

You're probably right, there. It's a little depressing, though, considering he knows how to use Photoshop and whatnot. Or maybe he knows exactly what he's doing and he's just too lazy to bother. :D
Seriously? But I go around saying that I'm a guy all the time. This is depressing too, why does this happen to me everywhere I go on the internet? ;_; I remember back when I used to play WoW, I actually had to broadcast, several times, on my server's global channel that I was a guy, because I was the topic of discussion and people were assuming I was a chick. Am I not masculine enough??? >:(
You use twitter? What do you even DO with it anyway? XD
(Also, funner's more of a protologism - used by a lot of people, but not accepted in standard parlance just yet. Screw them dictionary-writin' chumps, though. :D)
April 23, 2011
John is just to much of a little black dress and this loser is you to not be adorable, principally on his recent RPG renditions. I can't believe nowadays that I actually used to like Kanaya/Vriska.
Nah, I'll use bandcamp and youtube until I can buy them. It's really strange to buy music digitally, I'm so used to buy CDs. My Kindle account is a bit... embarrassing, full of guilty pleasures. I only buy on Kindle what I can't get physically, so... mostly gay romance and werewolf stories. I would take a screensho to show, but. Don't judge me!

Photoshopping is easy, even my mother does it.
You act too much androgynously, it becomes a bit difficult to know what's your gender, principally the net is made of assumptions. To be seen as a guy on the net you need to act either be horny, destructive or patronizing. You know what? You should put Bridget on your username.
Twitter is a great way to talk with people and fool around, I mostly talk with Ash and Wildy. And is quicker to type than lunch posts and emails.
April 23, 2011
He's also impossibly derp, and faaaaar too kind and compassionate to everybody he meets. Considering how much he's suffered, I think it's admirable that he's still such a good palhoncho and hero to everyone else in the comic. :D
Kanaya/Vriska seems plausible, that's the thing, but there's really very little ground for any other Kanaya ships. Like, I ship Kanaya<>Karkat, everyone does because they're practically perfect moirails, but otherwise the only thing that has maaaaaaybe a lick of feasibility is Kanaya/Rose, even though that's stretching it massively. I love Jade/Kanaya, though. :D
That makes sense. Digital music is preferable to CDs for me, but I can kinda get where you're coming from, but you do get great bonuses with most of the Homestuck albums. Or, well, some of them, anyway. :D
Haha, no worries! I'd never judge you. Plus, you've told me about your unique eccentricities and terrible tastes before, so I'm used to them by now, man. I just thought you'd be picking up classier stuff than that, seeing as a Kindle is such a classy item. :P

...let's pretend I can do it too, then. Hell, even GIMP is too much for me at times. Simple stuff, sure, but...the rest is way above my threshold. :D
Yeah, I get that, but I don't want to act in those ways, haha. I don't think I'd be able to get along with anybody if I was, like, unnecessarily rude or something. XD If you think it'll help, I could be angrier, but then, I don't think I'd do well with you guys. My limitless anger problems were kinda the reason I took a hiatus a few weeks ago. :D
I would, but I'm not the biggest fan of Bridget. Poison I could get behind. :P
...speaking of which, "angryBloke" is my username. I don't even understand sometimes. XD
It sounds it! I won't comment. If it does you good, it does you good, and that's what counts. :D
April 24, 2011
Ugh, Why do I always fall asleep on the computer. I actually prefer digital music, haven't used a CD in two years, but I'm still not used to buy digital music as I'm used to rip CDs.
Terrible tastes? That's mean. They are not any Shakespeare but most(stress most) of them are good, I have a good eye at picking stories I end up liking. So many books with great narratives like The Hit List, Something Like Summer and A Strong and Sudden Thaw. Well, like I said, anything I can get physically I don't get with Kindle, so there's no need for me to own classier books on Kindle. And I tend to hate 'classier' books, I'm more of a indie book person, reason why I love fanfiction and unpublished original fiction. Frustrated authors are the best!

Well, being seen as a girl will generally give you better treatment on the net, so I see no reason for wanting to alienate people. Anger problems? You sound like my brother, perpetually grouchy and exploding for no reason. The power of anonymity and prose is surely something else!
Someone sounds like he has a problem with twitter.
April 24, 2011
>_< Argh. Young people and their techno-babel!!!!!!!! I won't stand for this. Anyways I can't help it if I forgot what my OS was. It's not like it ever tells you unless you go looking for it. Plus Vista looks so much like XP I just kinda figure I had the latest and nicest looking XP on my comp. I can't help it if I'm oblivious and forgetful.I mean Windows 7 came out so soon after Vista. So it slipped my mind and I kinda think of them as the same thing. lol

At least I know how to use a comp give me some credit. lol Well anyways I installed all that junk I had to. Will get around too the installing the what-ya-ma-call-it later on.  I'm always sensitive when it comes to installing new software and messing with my windows though. I've been in some situations where I've gotten my windows erased and had to get tech help to force an OS on a comp. It's not fun. ;__;

@Yui-Chan You're just so cute how can anyone think you're a guy? lol I kid really honest to god I kid. I thought you where a guy from day one. Not a lot of chicks talk like you. Now what surprised me was that Just was a women. @_@ Man when I learned that I thought my whole world turned upside down. lol I just got a twitter too. Join it so you can continue to waste time and ramble about nothing. ^_^ lol That is all. :P
April 24, 2011
I'll leave that discussion to twitter oldman.

Am I the only one who likes mIrAcLeS?
April 25, 2011
@ Haha, sleeping at the computer is practically the worst place for it! :D
I know what you mean. Paying money for music at all is a novelty to me, to be perfectly honest, but I can see why you'd feel the way you do.
No worries! I was just joshing you, you know that by now. :P It all sounds very interesting, certainly I'm not judging you for that. I judge you because you don't like all the things I like. ;D
I kinda had you pegged for something of a hipster, so I'm not surprised, but it makes sense. I'm not one for unpublished original fiction unless it's of a really interesting bent, or really high quality, but I do read a whole lot of fanfic so I can agree that it's definitely worthwhile. :D
But I don't want to be seen as a girl, that's the thing, and I don't want to alienate people. I'm a proud guy, and a chauvinist to boot (kidding!! XD) and frankly, it's kind of unnerving to be treated like a girl because girls get treated like precious porcelain dolls on the internet. Sexualised, worshipped, whatever. I hate women who flaunt the fact that they're women on the internet for attention or gifts or whatever, and I don't want to be seen as that sort of person, especially when I'm a guy. =/
Hahaha! I'm actually quite optimistic and upbeat, but beneath that layer of positivity lies a raging, unquelled beast of volatile nature, full of abhorrence and repulsion at the rest of the world. I'm also icy, but basically I'm a cynic hidden by an idealistic superficiality. :P
I don't have a...problem with twitter. I have a problem with other people. XD
mIrAcLeS is really good! I prefer Blackest Heart with Honks, because it merges both aspects of Blackest Heart and mIrAcLeS together stunningly, but otherwise it's a great song. :D

@ But technology is where it's at, man! You should get to grips with it before time claims you. ;P
oh, dude. dude. derp. i don't even know. XD

Yeah, I guess you deserve a little credit for that. Hurry up on it, though, man! I can't wait too much longer! :D
What the problem is is that messing around with windows is fundamentally different to purposeful alteration. You need to follow instructions, bro, if only so you don't violently murder your computer. :D

 ...Thank god. I don't know if I could have ever looked at your comments the same way if you'd actually been sincere about that. XD Anyway, I'm glad you could tell, haha! It's good to know you recognise other fantastically manly men when you see them. We stick together! :D Yeah, when JustThisOne first mentioned it I don't think I picked up on it for a couple of days. Still, I guess it's nice to have diversity in the community, and Just isn't being like some other people I've seen on the internet about it, so she's fine in my book, I guess. :D
I may join it! It's what we do here too, but it sounds neat. I'll check it out eventually. XD
April 12, 2011
Yui-chan~ You're the 2nd person I'm telling right after Ren!!!!
I've obtained it!!!!!
I just bought P4. Congrats me because with that I have only like $50 in my bank account. :( Please congrats me.
This poverty is to painful.
April 12, 2011
i'm not sure whether to feel touched or insulted, but haha, i'm happy for you, man! congratulations! you know you have my support, and you know it's totally worth it. :P definitely go play it ASAP! make your poverty meaningful! :D
it is 5 in the morning and i have not slept in nearly 24 hours. am i badass? yes. :D
April 12, 2011
Not as bad@ss as that one time where I stayed up through all my exams three day straight studying and what have you. But you're getting there. ^_^ Don't feel insulted Ren and I have a special bond between music and PERSONA, it doesn't make our bond of nakama any less strong it's just another bond I have. You are the go to guy for "Other Things" *grins*
April 12, 2011
Don't worry, it's just because I pestered him more, we can share the top spot. I stood awake directly for 53 hours two weeks ago, so yeah, it's hard, fucking hard. Still one a.m. here.
April 12, 2011
@zd tru dat! i'm probably not as badass as you right now. but i will get there, after four days of no sleep. FOUR DAYS. =D
no worries, haha! that's just me. i can be a bit silly. :D i'm glad i'm your go-to guy for "other things" though. looking forward to finding out what they are. :P

@Ren no worries, again, haha! i'm not fussed, as long as someone along the line remembers who i am. :P it's hard, bro, but at least we're all here, together, at the same time for once! we should chat. :D
April 12, 2011
Oh Yui-chan someday you'll know, You'll know!!!! And that's when the world will really open up for you. XD
April 12, 2011
Do you guys know how to use AIM? I never used it before. Where I live, MSN Messenger is all the rage.
April 12, 2011
@zd i'm looking forward to it! right now the world is a narrow corridor i trudge down aimlessly and ceaselessly. for it to be more than that would be swell. :P

@Ren i use MSN anyway. AIM's not my thing. =/
April 12, 2011
I don't even know how to download those things. :( Tech noob. =(
April 12, 2011
If you don't have MSNMssenser(we call it simply MSN) where I live you would be burned at the stake. People are really fussy about it. That and orkut and facebook.
April 12, 2011
@zd i can explain to you if you like! then we can chat incessantly. or something. :D

@ren haha, i know what you mean. i used to get that sort of thing, and i got coerced into accepting each time. XD
April 12, 2011
I am but an empty canvas. Paint on my your wonderful picture of E-Knowledge. :D
April 12, 2011
OK, so, all you need to do really is search for Windows Live and download it. Then the installer does the rest. That's it! Simple. XD
April 12, 2011
Do you ever go to bed. Young man if you don't get any sleep how do you plan to make it anywhere in the time you call life? lol My mind is blown!!! E-Knowledge Getto!!!!!
April 12, 2011
i refuse to sleep. sleep is for the weak! i know i have to walk 3 miles to school in order to spend the whole day working in less than 2 hours but FUCK THAT NOISE, am i right??? screw all that serious stuff! :D
e-knowledge is the best knowledge. i pride myself on the sheer volume of trivial stuff i know about pointless, trite topics, yo. ;P
April 12, 2011
Download this and install the messenger http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials?os=other then you'll only need a hotmail account, you log in the software, add the hotmail accounts of the people you want to talk to and click on them when you want to talk with that person, if you want to talk with multiple people, you just add someone later in a conversation, you can also talk with audio or video if you want.

So are we going on the messenger, or are you guys sissying out?
April 12, 2011
People still use hotmail? eehh gross. I thought that died years ago. Doesn't everyone have a G-mail account by now. lol
April 12, 2011
Shh, Alha uses a hotmail one. At least when talking to me. And I have, like, three hotmails, I only really use my messenger one.
April 12, 2011
April 13, 2011
So I'm with Ren on this. Are you guys in or out with the IM thing? No one's said anything for *gasp* a whole day. That's like an eternity in internet time. :P Well I still have to figure this thing out. I downloaded it but it started to ask me to update my windows and I'm like Hell no don't want to mess with that, and have been screwed since then. >8( Why?
April 13, 2011
OK, haha, so it took me some time to get back to you guys on this, but yes, I do use a hotmail email address (le gasp!) and yes, I also have a gmail account, for more professional matters. :P
Anyway, I don't mind, ZD, it took me a while to get back to you but I'm here now so it's cool. I don't even know why it wants you to update your windows, but I'll see if I can get my hands on an older version of MSN that's easier for you to use. Still, it sounds good to me. :D
April 14, 2011
Yeah the thing keeps giving me this: I refuse to go farther. >_<

We need to figure this thing out. lol

It says:
"You Need to Take care of a few things

You can not instal windows Live Essentials until you have taken the following actions. We recommend you do these in the order they are listed.

Install Service Pack 2
Service Pack 2 is a collection of Free Security fixes and other important updates for Windows

Install Windows Platform Update
Windows platform Update is a free update that brings select features of Windows 7."
April 22, 2011
ok, late reply, but you need to do those things, ZD. sorry, man. XD
April 11, 2011
Hmm, so Souji Seta's anime name is Yu Narukami. That's probably going to make the fandom confusing for some time.
April 12, 2011
yes! yes it will. i'm trying to cope. it's hard though. ;_;
April 12, 2011
Don't worry, it will pass. It will be hard, but it will pass. Avoiding 4chan hate will help it. On another light, I like Souji better than Yu, but I like Narukami better than Seta.
April 12, 2011
i can't avoid 4chan though, 4chan is practically my life these days XD
i'm hoping it'll grow on me. hoping against hope, bro. :D
April 10, 2011
P3FTW ended yesterday. So on Monday we get both the P4 announcement and P4FTW!
EDIT: Oh, so you're betaing Againx3 Once More. This is a great excuse as ever to ask you about Vertices. Giving up?
April 10, 2011
Oh, really? That reminds me that I need to get back up to speed with the comic! Still, haha, P4 announcement and P4FTW...that's a winning combination if there ever was one! :D
Yeah, I am. It's nice to be privy to things before they go out. Now I know how you must feel (boy, am I ever arrogant ;P)! And no, I'm not giving up on Vertices. There's just a lot going on in my life right now. I'm very nearly ready with the next chapter, and there are too many people enjoying Vertices for me to just give it up. :D
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