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Top 10 Places or Events I'd Travel Back In Time To Witness

  • Feb 22, 2010
  • by
Where would you go? What would you see? What would like to be a fly on the wall and witness? So maybe it doesn't cross your mind everyday, but hopefully this list will get you thinking.
Library of Alexandria
The Library of Alexandria, located in Alexandria, Egypt was said to be one of the biggest storehouses of ancient knowledge ever assembled in one place. The library is recorded to have possible partial or total destruction FOUR times in its history. Clearly, all the knowledge we had from then is lost and there is no telling what was actually stored there. There's great possibility we are only rediscovering knowledge we once had 1000s of years ago. Is that worth making a time machine for? Absolutely.
Roswell, NM, 1947
This one is pretty straightforward. There's lots of heresay, stories, and growing mythology about what really happened in Roswell that day an Unidentified Flying Object crashed on a farm near Roswell Air Force Base. What is it a real UFO? A government experiment? It'd be much easier to explain all of that if you were there, and if I could go back and see what happened, then I would been there to witness and decide for myself it was real.
Ancient Greek Theatre
As a Theater Major this is something I'd love to witness. How was Oedipus Rex originally performed? What kind of techniques did they use to create some of the effects we read about now and wonder. Some things don't even seem possible today, but the Greeks were doing this landmarking theater practice as early as 550 BC. Theater was just beginning and before the world had amnesia to it's practice from the fall of Rome the knowledge and techniques learned would be invaluable, where today they are lost to the sands of time.
The more you research Atlantis the more interesting it gets. Supposedly, the Atlanteans harnessed the power of crystals to create energy not unlike we use electricity or gasoline today. They were said to be a much more advanced civilization than we are, and if that's true, they surely had some form of space travel like our NASA. How can we be sure? Hope into my time machine my friend and lets go see for ourselves!
Feudal Japan (12th - 19th Century)
This was a totally different world, and it remained so until the not-so-distant past. The samurai, the ninja, warlords and honor. There not really be an experience that would be exactly like being in Feudal Japan. This is often romantisized in film and books. What was it like? Our society can't change tomorrow so we can have that experience too, so let's go back and see.
Meet Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)
Nicola Tesla's work with electricity is legendary. He contributed huge amounts of work to the many fields of science, but the legend of what he was able to do with electricity is something I'd love to see for myself. Tesla was supposedly against the way we use electricity today, Alternating Current(AC), and pushed for Direct Current(DC). While the rest of the world worked to modernize AC he is said to have found a way to use DC more efficently. His experiments with electricity don't stop there. It's rumored he discovered a way to pull energy from the air itself to power, abundantly, anything that required it. Fearing his discovery would be improperly used and used irresponsibly, he destroyed his research with the logic man wasn't ready for it yet. I can't exactly argue he was wrong given wars and weapons still being developed, but I would like to see if he really did find a way to create free energy that came from the air itself.
Visit the Mayans (250AD-900AD)
The Mayans are, at this moment, most known for their elaborate calendar system. What's most curious about this civilization is how and where did they get their knowledge from? The main reason I want to go back here is to see the creation and logic behind the Mayan Calendar. If history is as we think it is there's some anarchronisms here. So who's correct? Our modern day scientists or the ancient ones? There's only one way to find out.
Woodstock (1969)
A historic 3 day concert of peace and love. This defined an entire generation. It defined music to such a point it's still relevant today. Never before or since has there been a collection of musicians and music lovers assembled together to just enjoy the event. Led Zeppelin didn't join because they would be "just another band", what does that say about the magnitude of this festival? I was a generation late, maybe two, to experience this myself, but I'll gladly take 3 days out of my time machine trips to be there first hand.
Sumer, or Sumeria, is called The Cradle of Civilization. It was located in Mesopotamia and is the root of many of our religions, myths, art, and anything you can think of that defines a civilization. Their Gods may be forgotten, maybe only known to history buffs and people who like this sort of thing, but their impact is undeniable. This is definitely a "what was it like?" visit. They had elaborate towns with huge areas of farmland and irrigation to feed the cities. Temples in the middle mixing with the governing body to command the people. Sumeria is sometimes brought up with ancient astronauts and other paranormal activities. Until you see for yourself they're myths and legends at best.
Shakespearean England (1564-1616)
A fascinating time in history no matter how you look at it. Shakespeare was putting on some of the plays that would be remembered today. Besides wondering how they were originally performed, but perhaps finding the inspirations for some of his most well known works. This was also a time when the belief in faeries was strong and part of culture. Surely this led to his work A Midsummer Night's Dream where the Fae play a bit part in the plot. This culture does not wholely exist anymore except in some areas of Scotland. The time period combined with this fascinating belief makes it a sure winner to visit. Reverend Robert Kirk even wrote a manuscript about his faery experiences that can only make you wonder around this time. Was life imitating art or was art imitating life? Let's go back and see.

What did you think of this list?

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March 12, 2010
LOVE Tesla! One of the most underrated historical figures for sure. This list is really cool. Thanks for sharing.
March 09, 2010
Great list idea!
March 10, 2010
Thanks, you might like the opposite of this list too that I did: http://lunch.com/t/xw0
March 09, 2010
Whoa, I totally read this when you tweeted it to me, but forgot to comment on it!  Just caught it in the weekly newsletter :)  Anyhoo, this list is off the chi-zain!  I would love to witness all of this, and sit down for a meal with Tesla and Shakespeare!  By the way, I think you'd appreciate @Sharrie's list of VIPs I'd like to have on my guest list... ;)
March 10, 2010
Thanks for commenting :) Tesla is my favorite one, but not where I'd go first. I've got see that Library!
March 05, 2010
This is a truly incredible list. I'm kind of speechless at the moment, so I'll just leave it at this...
If you find a way to bend the space-time continuum I'm going with you.
March 05, 2010
Thanks :) Nicola Tesla is a favorite of mine. Knowing that would change the world. Free energy. Just imagine.
March 05, 2010
A thoughtful and fascinating list. This would be a great exercise for every one to think through and compile!
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