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Top 5 Episodes of Instant Star

  • Apr 7, 2010
  • by
For those who are unfamiliar Instant Star was a Canadian show that starred Alexz Johnson(Jude Harrison) as a winner of an American Idol-like contest. It follows how her life changes after that happens with her relationships, the press, working with producers and her record label, G Major. It is quite an interesting and serious look at what goes behind the scenes, how that you can get more fame and notoriety, but you're still the same person. Finding yourself and knowing yourself are also big elements of this great show.

I also want to add these are MY top 5 episodes. Anyone who watched Instant Star will surely comment on their favorites. The show recently scored a big victory coming back in syndication to Latin America. I hope more networks will pick this show up as well since it has a lot of culturally important things to say in a world where we have American Idol and X-Factor.
Won't Get Fooled Again
Season 1 Episode 9: Jude is just getting used to her new fame with a performance scheduled at the end and the foundations of cracks forming in her old relationships have started. On top of this the guy she wants to be with, Tommy Quincy, won't seem to be straight with her and she doesn't like it. Jude also discovers her dad is having an affair. In the midst of all this chaos in her life inspiration hits in a brilliant way when at the end of the show, instead of performing the song she was scheduled to perform, Your Eyes, she performs, Skin, a song she wrote about all the competing forces in her life

This episode made me a fan of Alexz Johnson. "Your Eyes" brilliantly shows what her voice can do and is worth listening to for that alone. Showing vulnerability both as an actress and a songwriter(Alexz wrote "Skin") she performs a very raw and emotional acoustic version of the song on the show. If your heart isn't tugging toward and rooting for her character at the end of this episode there is no hope for you.
About to perform on the rooftop.
Season 3 Episode 13: The end of G Major could be happening. Jude discovers an unsettling truth that she does not even own her own music! Jamie and Tommy are also competing for her affection. Can she do anything to solve any of these dilemmas?

I probably should have ranked this episode higher. This episode has a brilliant homage to the Beatles when in protest to G Major taking her music she decides to give a free rooftop concert that will also be shown on a live feed across the internet. The song continues to be a fan favorite and one of cast and crew and is called Where Does It Hurt. U2 also did a concert on a rooftop for their "Where The Streets Have No Name" music video. Instant Star is filled with these kind of references and subtleties a music lover will love to see.

The most important aspect of this episode is one every Alexz Johnson fan is familiar with. Alexz signed with Capitol Records after the show ended. She was later dropped from a management change far over her head. After that she signed with Epic Records. Epic would later drop her and 1/3 of their roster as well due to the economy. With Epic Alexz LOST an entire album to them that will be able to be recorded again in about 3 years from today. This episode paralleled real life for her in an extremely brutal way. One that made her question if music was what she wanted to do with her life. Alexz would continue with music and has released her debut album, finally, Voodoo after all these setbacks. Jude's revelation proves true that labels own stuff on paper but they'll never own the art, artistry, and creativity that drives artists to create the brilliant stuff they do.
Lose Yourself
Season 3 Episode 1: Everything is looking great for Jude! Her album is skyrocketing and she's coming to terms with her success until a wild card is thrown into play. The NEW Instant Star, Karma(Cory Lee) debuts on the scene. A brilliant song called I Don't Know If I Should Stay appears in this episode and is truly breathtaking.

Karma is truly memorable character and every Instant Star fan knows her. She has such a big effect on the show you sometimes wonder how it ever got by without her. Karma is in a lot of way opposite of Jude. She's less reserved, is willing to compete for producers Jude was used to having, and even potential boyfriends. Karma was able to bring something to show neither Tommy or Patsy could, and that was a worthy competitor looking for the same resources and success. Jude and Karma do not get off on the right foot and you can see she's a bit reluctant to let Karma in. This dynamic and how changes over time make it one of the best Instant Star interactions and it starts right here.
I Fought The Law
Season 2 Episode 3: A radio shock jock humiliates Jude on the air saying she's a fake and a manufactured pop princess. She is unable to speak back and feels it deep inside her. Determined to be more edgy and less "manufactured" she find a friend in Patsy Sewer. Patsy seems to be exactly the person she is looking for free in ways Jude is not, and after some convincing finds an outlet and release to help her deal with and get over the shock jock's comments. Jude and Patsy go out drinking and get into trouble. They are eventually arrested by the police. This episode has a hilarious scene when she is bailed out and the police have a look at her fake ID. She can't believe they won't believe she is who she says she is saying "Even the police think I'm a fraud!"

This episode is the introduction of Patsy Sewer. Patsy's time on the show is relatively short but her presence is felt and remains important long after she is gone. Like Karma eventually after she has a memorable debut that will carry her and her character for its entire run. This episode is also critically important for entertainers today, showing how they really might handle being called out in a such a way and how they might deal with it. Jude takes a lot of things to heart, and nothing more than her music, this impact is seen on her face at the start and motivates how she acts from then until the end of the episode. This episode really puts you in her shoes and will hopefully make all of us think how we would handle it.

What did you think of this list?

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April 12, 2010
when are they going to give instant start again??? did they end it for good????
April 08, 2010
Great list, Robby!  Nice to see Won't Get Fooled Again at the top since Skin was the first Alexz Johnson song I had ever heard.  I've only seen snippets of Instant Star before, but it sounds like a show that I could really get into!  By the way, you can totally embed those videos into your list, kind of like what I did with my Videos So Cute, They'll Make You Puke list.  Thanks for sharing, Robby! :)
April 08, 2010
I don't know how to embed them yet :-P But I think embedding videos would distract from the content here.
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