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reviewed Spartacus: Blood and Sand. October 10, 2010
Spartacus: Blood and Sand
O.k. - this is a TV show so we can't expect Gladiator-like settings. I can accept that. But painted skies, continuous spurts of red (meant to be blood), a stretched storyline to make it to another …
reviewed Christmas Is 4 Ever. October 02, 2010
Christmas Is 4 Ever
You know how it feels, the evening is almost through. You've been to church, bellies are filled, presents unwrapped, the kids are in the corner playing or reading, looking through their stuff. There's …
reviewed Chocolatier Neuhaus. September 29, 2010
Neuhaus Chocolates
I grew up in the south of Holland, near the Belgian border. Every other weekend we visited towns like Antwerp, Brussels and Bruges. The reason I'm telling you this: I know my way around Belgian chocolates. …
reviewed The Messenger. May 16, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
The Messenger (2010)
If you saw Black Hawk Down and The Hurt Locker you might have gotten an idea of modern warfare - what the Soldiers are going through on a daily basis. Although Hollywood made, these films do not glorify …
Senator's Son: An Iraq War Novel
When we first heard about COIN (Counter-Insurgency) most of us probably thought it made a hell of a lot of sense. Why hadn't anybody thought of it before?    The problem with most …
reviewed Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War. April 02, 2010
Matterhorn: A Novel of the Vietnam War
Let's be honest, you'll never know what it's like to be in the middle of a war-zone's fight unless you've been there, tasted the blood, the dirt, caught the bullets or escaped them, exploded the sweat …
reviewed Bunny Days. January 25, 2010
Bunny Days
If this would be a review of the art alone this book deserves five stars at least (Wonder Bear was great!).  As I said, if... If it wouldn't be for the stories...  Amazon says this …
reviewed One-Trick Pony. October 23, 2009
posted in Music Matters
One-Trick Pony
Boom, ba ba doo doo dooom, keykey pyeiw, Boom - doo do dodo dooom, pyeiw pyeiw (first notes of One Trick Pony).  I'm in heaven! This band is tight like I don't know what. No wonder. It has Steve …
reviewed Live From New Jersey. October 23, 2009
posted in Music Matters
Live From New Jersey
Pete Yorn is one of those guys that will never fit in a box. He just loves to make music. Sometimes you'd say he's a singer/songwriter - one of the best around. Next time you pick an album he's rocking …
reviewed Rose. June 28, 2009
posted in Music Matters
If Rose doesn't enchant you I don't know who ever will.  The first time you listen to Rose sing, don't think, just take it in and let go.   The music feels light like a summer breeze, …
reviewed Classique. June 16, 2009
posted in Music Matters
This is the real thing, believe me.   You want classic soul, a voice that makes your baby's heart melt along with yours - get this. Classic soul has never been better.  I was never …
Apache: Inside the Cockpit of the World's Most
I could tell you what a terrific writer Ed Macy is and what a courageous soldier, marvelous pilot, and, and, and. All of that is true.   But what it basically comes down to in this book is being …
reviewed What Doesn't Kill You. May 14, 2009
posted in Movie Hype
What Doesn't Kill You
Where do I begin? Acting - top class. Cinematography - terrific. Story - what can be better than real life stories?   "This is me, this is what I do." Brian (Mark Ruffalo) to his wife - played …
Ashley Wood's 96 Nudes (Sparrow)
What I love most about Ashley's work (Popbot, Metal Gear Solid, World War Robot etc. etc.) is the unique humor he innocently sprays over the pages.   His babes are sexy but by adding his wonderful …
reviewed Black Moses (Dlx) (Dig) (Rpkg). March 11, 2009
posted in Music Matters
Black Moses (Dlx) (Dig) (Rpkg)
Wow! That's what I thought when I unwrapped this thing.   Finally someone tried to recreate the original cover art. Isaac can be unfolded, forming a cross in the end.  Somewhere inside …
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday: Making Navy SEALs
Let's face it, we don't have a clue - not unless we've been there. Most of the pictures we see, the stories in the press, they only tell half of it, if at all.  We don't know what it takes to …
reviewed Dig Out Your Soul. October 07, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Dig Out Your Soul
O.k., I liked these guys from the start. Liked their music, their attitude, the covers, even the videos when I got to see them (usually don't care about those).   Does that make me a fan? Probably. …
reviewed Local. October 05, 2008
If you like short stories about urban youths this one's for you.   Coming of age - like to read about that? Get this.  This great book offers the entire 12 part series previously published …
reviewed If That's What It Takes. September 19, 2008
posted in Music Matters
If That's What It Takes
West Coast feel-good soul, that's what this is.  If this is not your day, put on some Michael McDonald. He'll make it yours.  Just listen to I Keep Forgettin' - a song about love gone …
reviewed Car Wash: Original Motion Picture Sou.... September 18, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Car Wash: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Everybody knows this one song starting with the hand claps: CAR WASH.  It was from the first movie built around a soundtrack. And to me it's still one of the best soundtracks - if not THE best …
reviewed ILLY Normale Whole Bean Coffee. September 16, 2008
ILLY Normale Whole Bean Coffee
Francesco Illy started the business in 1933 in Triest/Italy  He wanted perfection. Arabica coffee beans of the highest order, treated with the utmost respect, delivering the finest taste.  Today, …
reviewed One Kind Favor. September 14, 2008
One Kind Favor
I shouldn't be blabbering here. The best thing is just to let the music speak for itself. But since you're already come this far, here we go.  From the first cooking drums with BB adding his …
reviewed Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005). September 08, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)
Robert B.Parker is one of the best - if not the best - in telling a story almost entirely through dialogue and as such perfect for film.   His novels are million sellers, and they deserve to …
reviewed Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronic.... August 28, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The
I must say I didn't expect too much at first. What is there to tell that hasn't been said before in the movies? And how do you create more than a couple of episodes about a mom trying to protect her son …
reviewed Diary of a Tuscan Chef. August 23, 2008
Diary of a Tuscan Chef
This book is so much fun to read, you sometimes forget that you still need to go the market to get the ingredients for tonight's dinner.   "Recipes and Memories of Good Times and Great Food" …
Twelve: A Tuscan Cook Book
Some say Tuscan cooking is simple.   Maybe.   It sure often is easy to do, as long as you do it right. That is with soul and joy, respect for the ingredients and a feeling of anticipation …
reviewed Livin on Fault Line (Mlps). July 01, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Livin on Fault Line (Mlps)
The best West Coast sound ever, if you ask me.  I think I know about every note on this album. I went through three lp copies before cd's came out. Then I bought the first Warner cd. Flat!  But …
reviewed Skin & Bones. June 29, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Skin & Bones
I've always been a fan of the Foo Fighters. Sure, they are loud, most of the time that is. But hey, who in rock and roll can top Dave Grohl's marvelous sense of humor? Whenever I take a plane I think …
reviewed Spread of the Future. June 15, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Spread of the Future
Unbelievable - It's out! Praise the Funk Gods!  I still remember when this came out in 79, roughly at the same time as George Duke's Follow the Rainbow. I was so excited. I didn't know there …
reviewed Donnie Brasco (Extended Cut) (1997). June 08, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
Donnie Brasco (Extended Cut) (1997)
None of us knows what it's really like to go undercover. We think we do but we don't. Sure, we've watched the movies, read the books and all but what it's doing to your soul, your family life, everything, …
reviewed Rufusized. June 06, 2008
posted in Music Matters
This one should be in everybody's collection.   The sheer fun that jumps off the cover (by Norman Seeff, famous for his seventies and eighties b&w band photography) barely is able to hint at …
reviewed Teddy Pendergrass. May 25, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Teddy Pendergrass
Teddy Pendergrass, one of the finest male R&B vocalists ever.   This was his first solo album after he left Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes.  To me it's still his best. Produced by …
reviewed Untamed. May 24, 2008
Steve Bloom is a master photographer. Not only is he a great craftsman. His way of composure, the deep love and respect for the animals, his sensibility in creating a personal portrait of and often with …
reviewed Pino Funnel by Stefano Giovannoni. May 23, 2008
Pino Funnel by Stefano Giovannoni
You know, sometimes early in the morning, feeding the rabbits, stumbling into the kitchen, looking for my mangoes, bananas and peaches to put into my milkshake and not finding them I stare at Pinocchio …
reviewed In the Valley of Elah. May 23, 2008
posted in Movie Hype
In the Valley of Elah
Ex MP Hank Deerfield (Tommy Lee Jones in one of his best roles) once had two sons. The first one got killed in a war, the second one has gone missing after he returned from Iraq.   Without thinking …
Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day
I got this one as a child, back in the sixties. My copy is in Dutch and although a little weathered it's not falling apart yet.  The copy I'm reviewing here is a reprint that misses several …
reviewed Love Jones. May 03, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Love Jones
Johnny Guitar Watson plays guitar like no other. Got to, since he's a blues man. What? you'd say, didn't he do "Real Mother For Ya". Sure he did, he also did Booty Ooty (which is on this one), Gangster …
reviewed The Judas Goat. May 03, 2008
The Judas Goat
I LOVE Robert B. Parker - with my favorite being the Spenser series.   His witty dialogue, the action, the humor, Susan and the other babes, Pearl the wonder dog - but before all that, looooong …
reviewed Come to Where I'm From. May 02, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Come to Where I'm From
Joseph Arthur doesn't fit in a box. He has his own, changing constantly, freeing himself all over again.   Some call him a singer songwriter, some indie, others plain artist (he often does his …
reviewed Just Chillin'. April 28, 2008
posted in Music Matters
Just Chillin'
Norman Brown has his very own style of playing.   So called soft jazz guitar often brings to mind Wes Montgomery and George Benson.   Norman is different. First I don't want to call …
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