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created a list. December 15, 2012
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There are times when the guy telling a story just pisses people off. Maybe the ending wasn't satisfying, maybe he thought the protagonist should …
James Bond Super Mario Bros. 3 Star Wars Aladdin (1992 film) The Office
created a list. May 22, 2012
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The fourth list in the series. The possible start of a new epic trilogy. See how it all started. Experience the thrill is stunning HD and 3D. See it now.   …
Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: Captain America and Green Lantern Jack Nicolson Great Sound Board Prankcall Sanity Not Included Extra's – BushKilla L.A. Reach (L.A. Noire Parody) Awesome Series - Awesome Noire
created a list. May 06, 2012
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There aren't tons of great reasons for a sports fan to shift loyalties. If a team uproots and leaves the city, then a loyalty shift is unquestionably …
Baltimore Orioles Portland Trail Blazers Los Angeles Clippers Detroit Lions Chicago Cubs
created a list. April 24, 2012
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Science Fiction fans have struggled for years with Star Wars.  It has been the source of numerous arguments in places ranging from seedy comic book shops …
Boba Fett Electronic Blaster Captain Rex Helmet Star Wars Fighter Pods Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Vintage Collection Princess Leia (Sandstorm Outfit) Star Wars Attack Cycle With General Grievous
created a list. April 24, 2012
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The Sequel to my first list. Alot has changed since my last list, so if you will heres a new updated list.      Check out the first … Wikipedia Easy Web Gamefaqs
created a list. March 29, 2012
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I like to carry on the tradition of George Carlin and take note of things people commonly say when they mean something else. Many of these expressions …
It Is What It Is Sounds Like a Plan Liberal
created a list. December 08, 2011
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It's that time of year again! The time when all the gift-giving lists appear, giving you wonderful gift ideas at very reasonable prices. You'll …
NFL Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon Enzo Ferrari Kizuna Encounter Royal Copenhagen
created a list. November 28, 2011
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Every so often, an epic photo pops up on the web that's so shocking, awesome, and/or amazing that it takes on a life of its own, earning viral status.  …
Kanye-gate/Kanye Interrupts Meme Chubby Bubbles Girl Sad Keanu Reeves Cigar Guy Strutting Leo
created a list. October 24, 2011
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AKA -- how to not end up on the neighborhood kids' sh*t list.      If you want to earn brownie points, hand out the typical fun-sized …
Brownies Apples Raisins Pumpkin Seeds Necco
created a list. August 16, 2011
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This is my third "Ten Favorites" list.  The first one was of places I've never been to but want to visit and my second list focused …
Grand Tetons National Park Pike's Peak Mount Rainier National Park Tombstone, AZ Temecula, CA
created a list. August 14, 2011
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These events make your typical 5k, 10k, half-marathon, and marathon races look like a walk in the park.
Warrior Dash Ironman Triathlon Tough Mudder
created a list. July 23, 2011
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Babies are already friggin' cute as is.  They're cute in photos, but they're even cuter in action.  Even when they're doing …
Twin Baby Boys Laughing at Each Other Hahaha Laughing Baby Ninja Baby Angelo Eating Lime
created a list. July 18, 2011
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Kids really do do and say the darndest things, and in the 21st century, thanks to sites like Youtube and the world wide interwebz as a whole, they'll …
Star Wars according to a 3 year old 3 Year old crying over Justin Bieber Jessica's High five for first kiss (original) Scarface School Play
created a list. July 01, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Well I had the most embarassing moment in a movie, here are some of the awesome ones. The ones you like to show to your friends, sometimes you would just …
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Aliens Trading Places True Grit Black Swan (2010 film)
created a list. April 07, 2011
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Let's face it, I'm not the skinniest guy on the planet.  I've been fighting with my weight since I was a child and consistently lose …
Cross-training shoes Bottled Water Hand towel Headband Excercise Mat
created a list. March 28, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
If you caught the little gem that is Rebecca Black's Friday (and if you haven't yet, you've probably been using the internet wrong), you've likely wondered …
Alana Lee - Britt Rutter-Without Your Love (Official Video) CJ Fam - Ordinary Pop Star (Official Video) Abby Victor-Crush On You (Official Video) Danika
created a list. March 23, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
The third part of the epic series is here. Minds will be blown perpare yourself.      If you havent already cheakout parts one and …
Leroy Jenkins Techno Remix First Person Mario A Goofy Movie - After Today Live IRL Shot-for-Shot Remake Wishmaster - The Misheard Lyrics Starwars Vs Titanic
created a list. March 14, 2011
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For those unfortunate souls who weren't lucky enough to nab tickets to Charlie Sheen's sold out tour, here's a little something to make up for it.  As …
Best of Charlie Sheen Meltdown Highlights Charlie Sheen Bi-Winning Dubstep Charlie Sheen Parody - Bi-Winning (Official Song) Charlie Sheen - SHEEN HOP The Winning Mashup TMZ Remix feat. Mel Gibson
created a list. March 02, 2011
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Sometimes, you've just got to wonder what motivates the naming of stuff.
I Spit on Your Corpse, I Piss on Your Grave Cooking With Pooh I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Kids Exchange Austria
created a list. January 28, 2011
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Proof that bad design continues to surround us, computers have given bad designers a new outlet for their creative evil. Time to drive out the demons …
Adobe Photoshop Password field Windows Sounds Adobe Flash End-user license agreement
created a list. January 26, 2011
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If you think it's all Hannah Montana and gosh darn at the House of the Mouse, think again...
Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie) Aladdin (1992 film) The Hunchback of Notre Dame Toy Story Ratatouille
created a list. January 24, 2011
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Every year I swear I'll never watch another Oscars, and every year I'm made a liar. Here's what will win in 2011 (ha, please don't read this in March).   …
Best Original Score Best Television Series - Drama Best Supporting Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Actor
created a list. January 17, 2011
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It is what it is, folks. These... are... the... lyrics... that... are... stuck... in... my... head... right... now!   And here are some videos …
Nine Inch Nails Tears For Fears The Smiths The Smashing Pumpkins The Cure
created a list. January 12, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Good design is rare and a work of art. Bad design is a pain in the ass and it's all around us. Presenting 11 terrible designs hiding in everyday objects... …
Caps Lock Toilet roll holder Comet Clamshell Packaging Illy cups
created a list. January 07, 2011
posted in Awesomeness
Mention Pierce Brosnan and in between females swooning and others noting he was "good in Remington Steele", there's little old me out there calling him …
The Ghost Writer (2010) GoldenEye Die Another Day (film) Laws of Attraction Dante's Peak
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