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  • Nov 17, 2009
I have been a member since December, 2008. During my stay in this site, I've seen members come and go, some became active and then inactive, while some became "veterans". The site is really young and now has about more than 7100 registered members. A small fraction of that number has posted reviews (about 833) and the potential for growth seems endless. I have come across some of the most interesting folks in this site, some I have known in and some I met here. I would like to pay those people a small tribute because they have made my stay in this site very pleasurable and fun.
Now, with 833 reviewers, I have only come across a very small fraction and since it appears that I'll be in this site for quite awhile, I have lots of time in the future to check out each one. The order of this list does not reflect how I feel about each "Luncher‘s" writing ability but rather the order that I came across their profile. If you're not on this list yet, I probably haven't read nearly all your reviews and this "List" is JUST Part One. These folks are the ones I always follow and they put a smile on my face through many very different ways. I'm a little sad that I haven't checked out more reviews, but I have read more than 25 write ups from each of these members.
My Official LUNCH.COM Profile Pic
What can I say? He's one of the guys responsible for me being here in the first place. I met him through my "Dark Knight" review in Through the past year, I've seen this young man grow as a reviewer and I have seen him considerably improve in his movie reviews. The man is one excellent writing machine--I remember once that I told him to write from his heart and considering the size of his reviews, the man has a huge heart!
Much like me, he believes that THERE IS NO BOX.
Motto: Thine own will, be thine own fate.

See the full review, "LUNCHER PROFILE Vol. 1:'s Resident Waffle-Hating and Skunk Spray-Loving Weirdo!".
trashcanman on Lunch
The other guy responsible for my presence here in (so if one of you guys don't like my presence, now you know who to go after LOL). This man is a reviewing genius and if you are looking for obscure music, movies, and any other kind of thing you don't know about; he's your man! I learned a lot from this guy, from politics to relevant "nothings". I love the way he says "awesome" a lot…the man is a walking awesome machine.
Much like me, he is an Asian Cinema, Anime nut and destined not for greatness but for geekiness.
Motto: I am what I create, believing in my fate. Integrity is my name.

Her screen name says it all and she is the poster child for inertia. This lovely woman has taught me the love for B-movies and she is currently educating me in the films of Bollywood. She is very sweet and very opinionated; Beware her wrath since she is my main opposition for my "Drag Me To Hell" review LOL! A great horror movie fan, so if you're into horror, she may have a movie or two to recommend. Much like me, she loves Horror and Kung Fu/Martial Arts movies Motto: I think God means well, he's just a classic under-achiever.
See the full review, "LUNCHER PROFILE Vol. 2: The QUEEN OF "B"...".
devora on Lunch
She is an associate community manager here at I first got drawn to her profile because of her "There's a reason why My friends call me a TRADER HO" (or something like that) review of Trader Joe's. I love her restaurant reviews and food reviews. She is a very fun reviewer and has some of the most amusing review titles. Whenever I feel hungry or need a little perking up, I read some of her food reviews. Devora is also very helpful and very supportive of members. You have an issue, look her up! Now if only I can send her some Fugu (Blowfish sashimi)…
Much like me, she's an adventurous eater.
Motto: I'm so cute, it'll make you puke.

First encountered this reviewer in amazon. He is a walking historian of horror movies. (I still can't believe he likes "Dirty Dancing") He has a myspace page called "Pathway to Hell" where he also posts his horror reviews. You want to know stuff about horror filmmakers, you can ask him. Check out his John Carpenter's "Halloween" review. Much Like me, he writes really long reviews! Motto: Too busy to find one…
This guy is one unpredictable individual. His taste in movies is well branched out and I can tell this man is quite similar to me when it comes to horror movie tastes. I am just a little stumped why he is so kind to "Twilight" (just kidding) I've seen him review movies from art house films to really disturbing stuff. If you want to know more about him, just ask him. Much like me, leans towards bleak and depressing bits of cinema. Motto: I have no idea, Ask him.
"Criterion" movie collector and a horror fan. Christy would try to see almost anything, the more bizarre the better and would find the most original film to share in the site. They also do the song of the week thing (as with Trashie). If you need to laugh and have a good time in reading a review, Christy's reviews come highly recommended! The use of colorful pictures and the creative style is sure to grab you by eating your brains and taking your knowledge. Profound weakness for the movie "Jan Dara"..LOL. Much like me, Movie tastes are very unpredictable. Motto: Too cool to make one…
See the full review, "Luncher Profile Vol. 4: A Tribute To A Great Friend, and Fellow Reviewer Who Loves Horror Films!".
The writer of "The Uncommon Adventures of Tucker O'Doyle" from Bellissima Publishing. An all-around great guy who shares my passion for anime. I've never met anyone so well-watched in Japanese anime that his knowledge dwarfs my own. However, he likes DC better than Marvel (BOO!); I'm kidding, JRider. If anime is your interest, he would have a ton of titles to recommend! Much like me, is an animation fan. Motto: too busy trying to find the next best anime title to write one up…
What can I say? This guy is arguably one of the most creative Lunchers with his diverse reviews and lists in this site. I actually read some of Sean's video game reviews in back when I was still a gamer. It is funny that we never met online before, and it took to make our paths really cross. Sean is a bright young reviewer who is a talented writer. He has a very deep passion for writing and isn't afraid to voice out an opinion with a very respectful manner. Much Like me, is open to discussion and very analytical. Motto: Assume Nothing; Question everything.
See the full review, "LUNCHER PROFILE Vol. 3: Awesome Reviewer and Great Guy..But Don't HIRE Him as a Food Critic!".
Community Ranks on Lunch
The Group of people who work hard to make this site the way it is and troll-free. You know who you are! Excuse me, for inserting this one in; I need room to add my closing paragraph. These are the folks who make Lunch very enjoyable to me. I check their profiles as much as I can and I look forward to checking out more reviews from other Lunchers. I intend to make another list and maybe read another 30 reviews from at least another 9 different members. This may take me forever, so if I missed anyone, please forgive me; I'll try harder next time!

What did you think of this list?

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April 24, 2012
Cool List. I like QueenBFlix too. She used to comment on my lists alot. She was cool to talk too. I havent seen her arounf though.
October 22, 2010
Where's drifter?!
October 23, 2010
at this time I wasn't exactly conversing with him online as I am now :) you're in part 2 as you remember...
September 30, 2010
Entertaining as hell Woo - I love the way you really KNOW people!!
September 30, 2010
I think it is almost time for me to create another list like this :)
September 30, 2010
Me too -- this list was just awesome and we want more!!!!!!
January 30, 2010
They love me...they really love me. Oh...what?...I'm not on the list? Dagnabit. I will save my acceptance speech for another occasion. Good list...I like and have interacted with several of these interesting contributors.
January 30, 2010
wait...I am about to unveil part two. I just need more people. ;-P
January 30, 2010
You should check out my write up on the movie MURDERER (as a warning) and the latest theatrical flick (I bet you can guess what it is) ;-P
November 18, 2009
Well, great Woo. You're giving back to your buddies. This is actually very sweet, however, I'd like to warn you that if anyone turns me into a review, I'm busting your ass. LOL!
Never noticed Devora's motto. I'd have to disagree, but we'll let her nausea-inducing cuteness remain. ; )
November 18, 2009
there is no such thing as 'repulsive cuteness' LOL!
November 18, 2009
I believe the phrase I used was "nausea-inducing cuteness". I think, however, that her motto could be changed to "I'm so cute that I've got cuteness to spare. Want some?"
December 11, 2009
Hey, when you get around to doing my review, you ought to title it "An Asshole with Fangs: Portrait of a Loony Lunch Reviewer"!
; )
December 11, 2009
You know me so well, Orlok...;-P
December 11, 2009
Seriously, make sure you come up with something creative and insulting. =D
December 11, 2009
I already drafted it. But I may have a few more questions this weekend. I know you wouldn't mind a satirical review, but I think the lunch staff may not like it because folks may misinterpret it for some reason. How about "Lunch's favorite fanged reviewer?"
December 11, 2009
Can't you add at least one juicy expletive in there? Something beginning with an F maybe. LOL! Or Count without the "o"! You could always claim it was a misspelling.
December 11, 2009
hey, you asked for it...LOL!
December 11, 2009
You know, I accidentally almost signed an e-mail that way. Good thing I always double check before I hit "send message".
December 11, 2009
November 18, 2009
I've been meaning to get to this list but...just watching too much Shah Rukh Khan lately I guess. Or maybe the wind was blowing in the wrong direction. Thanks for the shoutout. It's so nice to have someone, anyone, think of me. Love ya, lots.
November 18, 2009
I hope you get better and start reviewing again, Karen! Love ya too. Shah Rukh Khan? I'm intrigued...
November 23, 2009
SRK? At one time the King Of Bollywood but now nearing 40 suffering from Old Age syndrome. I'm finally starting to feel better, at least enough so that I'm getting vertical.
November 23, 2009
great to know you're feeling better. I hope you get to rid yourself of that nasty virus in time for the Holidays. I think I'll review Night of the Creeps or Dead Alive to get you all perky again... ;-)
November 23, 2009
Looks like I should be just about right by turkey time. Looking forward to those promised reviews!
November 17, 2009
Amazing list there Woo! Where is Scotman? Anywho, thanks for the shout out. I had thought of doing something similar to this by rating each one of your (Lunchers) data points & writing microreviews. I couldn't think of brief statements, however, which would summarize each individual's greatness so I kinda sorta abandoned the idea altogether. Or maybe just put it on the backburner. I'm at the point in my life where nothing is virtually impossible but some things take more time than others. Outstanding job, my friend! lol I dunno. Ask him.
November 18, 2009
This is only part one this kind of list. I know Scotman personally, I work with him. After that melee, I told him that his personality doesn't mesh with my wild, crazy opinionated personality so it's better if he stays away from my profile and I stay away from his. Dude, nothing is impossible! I hope to see you do one...I'm working on another two lists..
November 18, 2009
You never know. I just might become somewhat industrious one morning & unleash a spin-off of this list for you guys. This was an amazing idea & it's great to have had the chance to know you as well. Cheers!
November 19, 2009
I wanted to give something back to my buds. Maybe you'd like to do a micro review of Orlok... ;-)
November 19, 2009
I do like microreviews but I find it kinda difficult to really speak from the heart when you're confined to a certain number of characters. The list might actually work better. That's an excellent way of paying homage to great friends & reviewers here online. You are definitely a very warm person & truly a leader Woo.
November 17, 2009
Awww, I loved reading this list and am flattered to have made the cut.  I did not know some of these things about these Lunchers!  As Lunch grows and we all continue to connect with new members, I hope there will be Lunchers Who Make My Day lists to the infinity!  Like @Sean_Rhodes put it, I have a warm fuzzy feeling inside because you've totally made my day :)

By the way, it's There's a reason my friends call me a Trader Ho.  Get it right! ;P
November 17, 2009
Thanks for helping me keep this project under wraps! You were a huge help with this...and I may actually do more things with LUNCHERS. Of course, I will ask permission just to be proper. Oh, yeh, I messed up your review's title! LOL
November 17, 2009
November 18, 2009
You both know that I was on to you, right? LOL. I figured he was up to something like this, but I figured it would be more satirical in vein and less reverent. It seems that Woo does have big ol' heart after all. ; )
November 19, 2009
sure you did, I saw the way you were panicking, Orlok! Did you tell Devora what you think she should change her motto to? "I'm so cute that I got cuteness to spare, want some?" I think Orlok wants to get some cuteness...(sorry, Debbie, we're nutcases) 

 wait till you guys see what I have in store for Christmas :-)
November 19, 2009
Ooooh, motto possibilities! And can't wait for X-mas posts!
November 21, 2009
That was not what I was implying Woo and you know it. LOL! And yes, we are nutcases, that I'll gladly admit.
November 21, 2009
Orlok, you don't need any cuteness, you're cute enough? LMAO
November 17, 2009
"...arguably one of the most creative Lunchers."  Oh wow, thanks for your kind words.  But talk about creative lists... this by far has to be the most original I've seen on the site.  It's like... the ultimate shoutout.  I had a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside.  You made my day!
November 17, 2009
So glad you enjoyed it,,Sean!!
November 19, 2009
Hey, Sean I am encouraging everyone to drop a micro review for Count Orlok...I want to make him nervous LOL
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