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Websites I visit the most (Part 2)

  • Apr 24, 2012
The Sequel to my first list. Alot has changed since my last list, so if you will heres a new updated list.

Check out the first list
Websites I visit the most

Lets Start with this one, Cracked is a website that I found completely by accident. The first Article I read on there was " 5 reasons you secretly want a Zombie Apocalypse" I love Cracked Articles and lists, they are so fun to read and despite the tone you will almost always learn something new. When I'm in a bad mood I always go to Cracked.


I don't know why this website wasn't in my last list as I visit this one almost everyday. From finding out about upcoming Movies and Video games, to filling in the media information on my MP3 player. Wikipedia I use for almost everything. Yes I know not all the Articles are trustworthy but a good number of them are. When I'm bored I usually just go on Wikipedia and read a bunch of random Articles. The Other day I was reading about The USS Constitution and from there somehow found myself on The History of Lego.
3 (or the Super Monkey Rocket Dinosaur podcast)is a weekly Online Streaming Podcast that talks about everything from Gaming, to Movies, to current events. I found it through a friend of mine, while initially i wasn't interested I decided to give em a chance. Now about 18 episodes later (Ive listened to about 18) I do not regret it.

Personally I enjoy the Reviews, there are some interesting Topics that come up. Through the cast I found out about this interesting/very disturbing book called "The Long Walk". This cast is great, gamers, Movie buffs and people in general check these guys out.
Easy Web

I love this site easily my favorite on this list; Online Banking is so damn convenient. Imagine your in the store and you pick up a bunch of stuff, then it hits you "Damn phone bill comes out today" leaving no money in your account. 10 years ago you would have to put down your stuff and drive over to the bank to get some cash (cause who wants to put a couple on DVDs and games on their credit card).

Now all you have to do is whip out your cell phone, go to your banks mobile site, (mine is Easy Web) and transfer some funds over. In  5 minutes (possibly 15 if you have a crappy connection) your good to go.  Great invention who ever came up with this deserves a medal.

I pride myself in calling myself a gamer. I like gaming I enjoy it, but sometimes games can be a massive pain in the rear end. Hard to Solve puzzles, impossible objectives, relentless enemies, sometimes you need a little help. Luckily for the not so Hardcore gamers out there, there is gamefaqs.

I first found out about Gamefaqs along time ago while searching for tips on Megaman Battlenetwork 3; what i found was a treasure trove of very helpful information from Walkthroughs to even downloadable 100% Complete Save files. (Ive never downloaded any). Gamefaqs is awesome.

About Four Months ago I made up my mind to Get Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series on DVD. Because I don't have alot of money buying em in the Stores was not an option, because I don't trust buying from online stores Amazon was not an option either; so I decided to check Kijiji.

Now I knew about Kijiji before my urge to get Battlestar Galactica, but I never really had any reason to use it. Right now I currently own the complete series on DVD, when calculated the sub total for the whole thing come up to about Seventy Dollars. To compare to get the Complete series on Amazon is about 180 Dollars, not including shipping fees and taxes.

Kijiji Saved me a bunch of money. Thanks Kijiji. Currently I'm checking it For Stargate Universe the Complete Series and Firefly the Complete Season One. Wish me luck.

Wiiwarewave is a Nintendo Gaming News, and Reviews forum. They actually just turned a year old about two months ago. Like alot of Websites on this list I found Wiiwarewave by accident; around mid 2011 I begin searching for new Website partners for my site. I came across Wiiwarewave on the guestbook of another Former Site Partner. They are asking for people to check them out.

Because they were very similar to my site I decided to give them A try. What was a random encounter was turned into one of the best Website partners I have ever had. The staff here at this site write some great Articles, and very professional reviews. These guys have been mentioned by other websites, and even followed on Twitter by a few indie Developers.

If you ever get tired of other Gaming sites like IGN or X-Play give these guys a looksie.


For a while now Facebook has been starting to get boring for me, somehow I started gravitating towards twitter. Twitter is fun to get a quick thought out and follow some cool people with similar interests, but the real reason I use it is to share stuff. By using your appropriate hashtags you can get an article or video out to thousands of people at one time. 

Now I use twitter to share all my Lunch articles and Gaming Reviews. Its great I would urge everyone who writes to make A twitter account to Share your stuff.  Its great almost free advertising.

What did you think of this list?

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April 25, 2012
Thanks for this one, man. Very cool indeed.
April 26, 2012
Thanks. Ive been wanting to make a follow up to the first list for a while now.
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