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Nicholas Croston (BaronSamedi3)
posted "More than a Club" about FC Barcelona.   July 08, 2014
More than a Club
The World Cup is currently going on, and perhaps you know Argentina is making a hell of a go at the title. Perhaps you've also heard that Pope Francis
posted "Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)" about Buffalo Bills.   March 02, 2014
Not Your Average Winter Bills (Redux)
Note: I'm re-writing some of my earliest reviews from my Teams Series because they're so far from the template they eventually evolved into.     
posted "Manchester Unlimited" about Manchester United F.C..   January 04, 2014
Manchester Unlimited
What say, for a minute, that you, an American sports fan, have mastered every ridiculous quirk and nuance carried by all three - or four of you includ
posted "An Everyday New Year" about New Year's Eve.   January 02, 2014
An Everyday New Year
Okay, I'm a real oddball. I make those ridiculous things known as New Year's Resolutions, and more and more, I keep them even as they grow more outlan
posted "The Dark Territory of It's a Wonderful Life" about It's a Wonderful Life (1947 movie).   December 27, 2013
The Dark Territory of It's a Wonderful L
I looked up the writers of the classic Frank Capra flick It's a Wonderful Life. Capra's name was among them, and when I did some further-depth researc
commented on review of Desert Eagle, "Say hello to my little friend".   November 30, 2013
posted "Yahoo! It's Run by its Namesake" about Yahoo! Mail.   September 05, 2013
Yahoo! It's Run by its Namesake
I opened my first-ever email account back in 2000 or 2001. Believe it or not, I still have the thing up and running. I get my Lunch updates there. It
posted "Something From Nothing" about Seinfeld.   July 18, 2013
Something From Nothing
Seinfeld is famously The Show About Nothing. Now, what that means to me is that the characters are simply existing. We know very little about just who
posted "Chicken Wings - Eating "Buffalo" Wings Like a Buffalonian" about Buffalo Wings.   July 01, 2013
Chicken Wings - Eating "Buffalo" Wings L
Buffalo wings may be one of the most famous and beloved bar foods in the United States, but when one goes in and orders up a plate of these simple lit
posted "An American Office" about The Office.   May 15, 2013
An American Office
It took time for me to get into The Office. Years, in fact. I had heard all the hype about how great it was ever since it first began airing in 2005,
posted "Take a Bite" about Nashville Predators.   April 18, 2013
Take a Bite
The Nashville Predators have at least one thing no other team can claim: Their head coach, Barry Trotz, is currently the longest-tenured head coach in
posted "The Real Mickey Mouse Team" about Anaheim Ducks.   April 13, 2013
The Real Mickey Mouse Team
With the exceptions of the lockouts, what we have here is the most public of the NHL's many embarrassments. It comes off as nothing but a desperate pl
posted "An Agnostic/Atheist Easter Story" about Faith.   April 01, 2013
An Agnostic/Atheist Easter Story
The plaster cast felt like a glove, and it was about as tough. If I had molded it into a more grabby shape, I probably could have played hockey in it.
posted "Desert Dogs Who Need Bones" about Phoenix Coyotes.   March 23, 2013
Desert Dogs Who Need Bones
I'm going to take a brief moment right now to do something I don't ordinarily do in my hockey-related musings: Give NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman some
posted "Faith and (Final) Fantasy" about Faith.   February 23, 2013
Faith and (Final) Fantasy
This is a chapter from my book.    Final Fantasy X    Final Fantasy X was more or less an impulse buy. I was a
posted "Gonna Make a Resolution" about New Year's Resolutions.   January 24, 2013
Gonna Make a Resolution
Usually I'm not privy to saying very much about my New Year's Resolutions because so many people don't take them seriously, and until a few years ago
posted "Crown Them with a Halo" about Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.   January 09, 2013
Crown Them with a Halo
Baseball didn't exactly zoom right out to the west coast once it became a major sport. For decades, westward expansion to Major League Baseball meant
posted "The Oriole Way" about Baltimore Orioles.   November 27, 2012
The Oriole Way
Who are the Baltimore Orioles? There are a thousand different ways to answer that question. It has something to do with the fact that constant city-sh
commented on review of Real Men of Genius, "Real Men of Genius? Heck Yes!".   November 17, 2012
posted "The White Elephants in the Room" about Oakland Athletics.   November 15, 2012
The White Elephants in the Room
"Loser" is not a word we throw around. In baseball, we certainly wouldn't dream of applying it to a team which has won the World Series nine times, a
posted "Grizzly Bears They're Not" about Chicago Cubs.   November 01, 2012
Grizzly Bears They're Not
The eternal story of professional sports has one particular constant: The winners will always be perpetual winners, no matter how bad they get, and th
posted "These Giants Stand Tall" about San Francisco Giants.   October 25, 2012
These Giants Stand Tall
Despite the juice, the cream, and the clear becoming big time factors in the home run's recent surge in baseball, looking at the all-time home run
posted "A Team for Those Who Prefer the Road Less Traveled" about Portland Trail Blazers.   September 22, 2012
A Team for Those Who Prefer the Road Les
Whodda thunk it? Once you get north of California, the basketball-crazed west coast has but one team representing it. That, of course, wasn't always t
posted "Clipped and Trimmed" about Los Angeles Clippers.   August 18, 2012
Clipped and Trimmed
Put two teams who play in the same sport and league in this country, and you'll inevitably see a case of Mets Syndrome. One of those teams will be obv
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