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James Beswick (jbeswick)
posted "New Compressed Script Review Format!" about Another Earth.   December 06, 2011
New Compressed Script Review Format!
FADE IN:       Spoiled brat Brit Marling is driving home shitfaced listening to the exposition on the radio when she sees Ano
posted "Grand Theft Auto Hosts a Sleepover" about Drive.   October 11, 2011
Grand Theft Auto Hosts a Sleepover
Holy shit! I'm still awake after watching this?! I've tried Valerian root, exercise, visiting testicular cancer support groups, shoo
posted "A Chilling Insight into Mental Illness" about Aladdin (1992 film).   August 15, 2011
A Chilling Insight into Mental Illness
There's only one major studio in Hollywood today that delves into the complexities of mental disorders and their effects on both patients and thei
commented on review of See's Candies, "The See's Candy Rules of Engagement".   July 28, 2011
posted "Wait, haven't I heard this before...?" about Kate Perry E.T..   July 14, 2011
Wait, haven't I heard this before...?
So I've heard this song for about the thousandth time in the gym this week which is amazing considering how little I've been in the gym. If yo
posted a comment on list, "Worst Infomercials of 2010".   July 13, 2011
posted "A Musical Analysis of 2011's Best Song" about Avril Lavigne What The Hell.   July 12, 2011
A Musical Analysis of 2011's Best Song
Excellent Canadian Avril Lavigne takes an emo-focused and boyfriend-related spin on the world economic crisis with the instant modern classic, What Th
posted a comment on list, "Some Computers Before They Stopped Being Awesome".   June 07, 2011
posted "My love/hate relationship with the world's most damned awkward website" about Craigslist.   June 07, 2011
My love/hate relationship with the world
Internet phenomenal, scourge to society or mirror to human civilization? Who knows but one thing's for sure - you haven't lived until you'
posted "Google solves the Frisbee problem" about Google Music (Beta!).   June 01, 2011
Google solves the Frisbee problem
You know how it is - a quick walk in the park on a sunny day and you realize you've forgotten your Frisbee. It's a common problem and unl
posted "Behold the age of robotics!" about iRobot Roomba 510 Vacuuming Robot.   May 13, 2011
Behold the age of robotics!
There are certain things I frequently hear that don't surprise me - like "Twitter is down" or "Donald Trump has soiled his reputati
posted "Ding ding goes the BS detector" about Fact or Faked: Season 2.   April 21, 2011
Ding ding goes the BS detector
We'll be interspersing this reviews with real comments from YouTube and Forums, so be prepared for some adult language.      W
posted "Would have kicked Jerry's butt" about MC Skat Kat.   April 12, 2011
Would have kicked Jerry's butt
One of the certainties of 1989 was that every teenager had a crush on Paula Abdul. You can still hear the echoes of the collective groan when Ms Abdu
commented on review of Amazon Cloud Player, "Amazon's Cloud Drive & Player".   April 12, 2011
posted "Strangled: What Disney Does to Creativity in 3D" about Tangled.   April 12, 2011
Strangled: What Disney Does to Creativit
Much like a Disney bluebird, another $10 flutters away from my wallet, serial numbers flapping while Alexander Hilton stares out at me coldly. Tangled
posted "Keeping my head in the cloud" about Amazon Cloud Player.   March 30, 2011
Keeping my head in the cloud
Amazon yesterday released their Cloud Drive and while it's not apparently very different to Microsoft's Skydrive or Google Apps file stor
posted "Let's fix some restaurants!" about Restaurant: Impossible.   March 30, 2011
Let's fix some restaurants!
Given the utter state of despair in the movie theaters currently, I've turned to both food and the Food Network to console the disillusi
posted "Reception: Inception + Nightmare on Elm Street" about Reception.   March 29, 2011
Reception: Inception + Nightmare on Elm
Given Hollywood's penchant for mixing two existing films to make a new one, here's an idea for a sequel to Inception. Think of it as Nightmare
commented on review of Sheen-gate 2011, "What the heck happened to Charlie Sheen & why can't we stop watching?".   March 07, 2011
created a list "You called it what?!".   March 02, 2011
posted "I wish there were more food and less drama" about Kitchen Nightmares.   March 01, 2011
I wish there were more food and less dra
One of the stranger trends in modern TV programming is the requirement to have a British person yell insults at people who think they have talent. Ame
posted a comment on list, "2011 Oscars Preview: Who Should Win and Who Will Win".   February 28, 2011
commented on QuickTip of James Beswick (jbeswick), "May well be one of the most entertaining reviewers in the site. period.".   February 16, 2011
created a list "9 Terrible Designs that Plague Software".   January 28, 2011
created a list "5 Subversive Things in Disney films".   January 26, 2011
created a list "2011 Oscars Preview: Who Should Win and Who Will Win".   January 24, 2011
commented on review of Brownies, "Instant gratification!".   January 20, 2011
posted "Ragequit! I'm outta here!" about Facebook.   January 20, 2011
Ragequit! I'm outta here!
Global phenomenon? Yes. A scourge of every day life? Absolutely. Here's why you should follow my example and pull the plug on Zuckerberg's nar
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