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posted "Bayoucon 2014" about Bayoucon 2014.   June 23
Bayoucon 2014 Bayoucon 2014
Bayoucon is a fan-run convention in Lake Charles, LA that takes place every June.  I have attended this event (and was even the vice president o
posted "The Little Convention With Big Things Ahead" about CyPhaCon 2014.   June 06
The Little Convention With Big Things Ahead The Little Convention With Big Things Ah
I've been going to comic and pop culture conventions for quite a few years now.  I've seen the popularity of many of them explode in the
posted "Crazy Fun In The Big Easy" about New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con 2014.   February 13
The lovely ladies of Orion's Envy and myself. Crazy Fun In The Big Easy
Long before Austin desired to keep itself weird, New Orleans, LA was welcoming freaks, geeks, and outcasts with open arms.  Wizard World, seeing
posted "Flashback To Childhood" about 2013 Saga Legends Obi-Wan Kenobi.   October 02, 2013
Flashback To Childhood
Hasbro has taken a lot of heat from fanboys and collectors of Star Wars figures over the last few years. A lot of it is justified considering the enor
posted "No Need To Prove Themselves In My Book!!" about Geek Girls.   July 29, 2013
No Need To Prove Themselves In My Book!!
This isn't a review.  It's more like a rant, a rant with some positive vibes in it.  What am I ranting about?  Geeks, specifica
posted "This One Is "Con"tagious" about CyPhaCon.   June 07, 2013
This One Is This One Is "Con"tagious
In April of this year I managed to find a free weekend that allowed me to attend CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA.  Although I am from the area, this
posted "The Lagniappe Con!!!" about Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con Fall 2012.   January 29, 2013
The Lagniappe Con!!! The Lagniappe Con!!!
Fans of comics, science fiction, and pop culture were given a special treat from November 30-December 2 in New Orleans, LA.  With the prospect of
posted "Vader's Fist" about Star Wars Saga Legends 501st Clone Trooper.   December 21, 2012
Vader's Fist
Anyone who has ever attended a science fiction or comic convention has most likely bumped into at least one member of the 501st, a charitable organiza
posted "The Maverick Jedi Of Episode I" about 2012 Star Wars Saga Movie Legends Qui-Gon Jinn.   December 18, 2012
The Maverick Jedi Of Episode I The Maverick Jedi Of Episode I
A lot of people really, really, really dislike Star Wars Episode One:  The Phantom Menace.  I've burned the film myself in a few reviews
posted "Magnificent Figure!!" about Star Wars Vintage Collection Clone Wars Obi Wan.   December 18, 2012
Magnificent Figure!! Magnificent Figure!!
Hasbro's release of realistic figures styled after characters from the "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" series is brilliant. The Obi Wan Keno
posted "Fun This Is, Sometimes" about 2012 Star Wars Saga Movie Heroes Yoda.   December 18, 2012
Fun This Is, Sometimes Fun This Is, Sometimes
When Hasbro released its 2012 Star Wars Saga Movie Legends line, I was glad to see that it included characters both popular and obscure. I was also ex
posted "How Dare You Call Her Evil?!?!?!?!" about Catwoman F.O.E. Shirt.   October 19, 2012
How Dare You Call Her Evil?!?!?!?! How Dare You Call Her Evil?!?!?!?!
#685-That's the number of the Batman comic that features this wonderful artwork from Alex Ross.  I found it on a t-shirt at Hot Topic and jus
posted "Blast Off!" about Space City Con.   August 21, 2012
Blast Off! Blast Off!
Whenever I first started attending science fiction conventions a few years ago, my favorite part of attending them was sitting in on panels on everyth
posted "Simple And Simply Awesome" about DC Comics Batman Hush T-Shirt.   July 23, 2012
Simple And Simply Awesome Simple And Simply Awesome
With The Avengers having pounded DC into the ground when it comes to comic book films, DC loaded up the big guns with The Dark Knight Rises.  Par
posted "Hot Shirt From Hot Topic!" about Dark Knight Rises T-Shirt.   July 23, 2012
Hot Shirt From Hot Topic! Hot Shirt From Hot Topic!
Although I am quite possibly the oldest person to ever stroll into a Hot Topic store, I've become quite fond of the place. Chock full of t-shirts
posted "Another New Addiction" about Topps Star Wars Dog Tags.   June 20, 2012
Another New Addiction Another New Addiction
Curse you, Star Wars, for making deals with companies like Topps and producing items that fuel my collector's fire!  I've been a very goo
posted "The Grey-Green Training Machine" about PUMA Men's Pumagility Speed Cross-Training Shoe.   June 01, 2012
The Grey-Green Training Machine The Grey-Green Training Machine
In the entirety of my nearly thirty-six years on this planet, I have yet to own a pair of PUMA shoes.....until now.  Normally I'm a New Balan
posted a comment on list, "Phrases That I Wish Would Go Away Part 2".   April 12, 2012
commented on review of Cajun Charlie's, "Turn At The Cemetery For Great Food".   March 27, 2012
posted "For Fans Who Want To "Downsize" Their Collection" about Heroics.   March 06, 2012
For Fans Who Want To For Fans Who Want To "Downsize" Their Co
Treehouse Kids, Inc. is a company known primarily for their outdoor life-based toys that are available at retailers such as Wal-Mart and BassPro Shops
posted "Ewan McGregor's Take On Ol' Ben" about Obi-Wan Kenobi SL 12 Saga Legends 2011 Action Figure.   February 06, 2012
Ewan McGregor's Take On Ol' Ben Ewan McGregor's Take On Ol' Ben
While I'm not the biggest fan of the Star Wars prequels, I must say that over the course of all three films, Ewan McGregor's role as
posted "Rex In Effect" about Captain Rex (2010 Blue Card CW01).   January 11, 2012
Rex In Effect Rex In Effect
The 2010 Captain Rex (2010 Blue Card CW01) action figure is a favorite of mine for two reasons: 1) It's Captain Rex, the most interesting characte
posted "Sidious' Personal Assassin" about Darth Maul (2010 Blue Card SL08).   January 11, 2012
Sidious' Personal Assassin Sidious' Personal Assassin
When "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace" was about to hit theaters for the first time, it seemed that no matter where you looked, you would see
posted "It Wasn't Great, But It Wasn't Terrible Either" about 2011.   December 28, 2011
It Wasn't Great, But It Wasn't Terrible
2010 was a very good year for me.  I was knocking down obstacles left and right for awhile during that timespan.  In fact, 2010 was setting
posted "A Bumblebee For Kids Around Three" about Transformers Rescue Bot Bumblebee.   December 27, 2011
A Bumblebee For Kids Around Three
My son loves the Transformers.  He's only four years old, though, and most of the Transformers toys are a bit too technical for him to grasp
posted "The Cat That The Bat Can't Catch!" about Imaginext DC Super Friends Catwoman Figure with Motorcycle.   December 27, 2011
The Cat That The Bat Can't Catch! The Cat That The Bat Can't Catch!
With all of the male characters in the Imaginext DC Super Friends series, it's nice to see the ladies finally get a shot thanks to the addition o
posted "Super Fun With Superman!" about Imaginext DC Super Friends Superman Figure.   December 27, 2011
Super Fun With Superman! Super Fun With Superman!
My son and I are both huge fans of superheroes.  We are also huge fans of the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends toyline.  It's no
posted "Calling Down Emerald Thunder!" about Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends Green Lantern Jet.   December 27, 2011
Calling Down Emerald Thunder! Calling Down Emerald Thunder!
When Christmas morning finally arrived I, er, wait, my son ripped open his gifts.  One of those gifts was the Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Fri
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