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reviewed Faith. August 16, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
I originally submitted this to Cracked. They never got back to me, so I'm assuming they didn't go with it. They have strict rules regarding the subject matter… Therefore, I posted this piece in my blog, …
reviewed FC Barcelona. July 08, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
FC Barcelona
The World Cup is currently going on, and perhaps you know Argentina is making a hell of a go at the title. Perhaps you've also heard that Pope Francis is rooting for Argentina. (I assume he's a little …
reviewed Bayoucon 2014. June 23, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
Bayoucon 2014
Bayoucon is a fan-run convention in Lake Charles, LA that takes place every June.  I have attended this event (and was even the vice president of the convention's board at one point) every year …
reviewed CyPhaCon 2014. June 06, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
CyPhaCon 2014
I've been going to comic and pop culture conventions for quite a few years now.  I've seen the popularity of many of them explode in the last couple of years so much that it's become …
reviewed Buffalo Bills. March 02, 2014
Buffalo Bills
Note: I'm re-writing some of my earliest reviews from my Teams Series because they're so far from the template they eventually evolved into.     I'm from Buffalo, New York, and when …
reviewed New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con 2014. February 13, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
New Orleans Wizard World Comic Con 2014
Long before Austin desired to keep itself weird, New Orleans, LA was welcoming freaks, geeks, and outcasts with open arms.  Wizard World, seeing a cash cow, started having annual comic conventions …
reviewed Manchester United F.C.. January 04, 2014
posted in Awesomeness
Manchester United F.C.
What say, for a minute, that you, an American sports fan, have mastered every ridiculous quirk and nuance carried by all three - or four of you include the NHL - big leagues. You're looking for something …
reviewed New Year's Eve. January 02, 2014
New Year's Eve
Okay, I'm a real oddball. I make those ridiculous things known as New Year's Resolutions, and more and more, I keep them even as they grow more outlandish and grandiose. They help me keep track of the …
reviewed It's a Wonderful Life (1947 movie). December 27, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
It's a Wonderful Life
I looked up the writers of the classic Frank Capra flick It's a Wonderful Life. Capra's name was among them, and when I did some further-depth research about his own life, I was a little surprised to …
reviewed Howard the Duck. October 28, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Howard the Duck
Ooooh, Howard the odd choice for Marvel to make for it's first comic to big screen adaption and after it hit the theater like a rotten egg in the mid 80's, I'm surprised that they …
reviewed 2013 Saga Legends Obi-Wan Kenobi. October 02, 2013
posted in Awesomeness
2013 Saga Legends Obi-Wan Kenobi
Hasbro has taken a lot of heat from fanboys and collectors of Star Wars figures over the last few years. A lot of it is justified considering the enormous amount of repacks, repaints, and miniscule selections …
reviewed Yahoo! Mail. September 05, 2013
I opened my first-ever email account back in 2000 or 2001. Believe it or not, I still have the thing up and running. I get my Lunch updates there. It was a Yahoo! account, and the email address was …
reviewed Geek Girls. July 29, 2013
posted in Awesomeness
Geek Girls
This isn't a review.  It's more like a rant, a rant with some positive vibes in it.  What am I ranting about?  Geeks, specifically geek girls, and how they are treated.   …
reviewed Seinfeld. July 18, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
Seinfeld Cast photo Jerry, George, Elaine, Krammer
Seinfeld is famously The Show About Nothing. Now, what that means to me is that the characters are simply existing. We know very little about just who they are, what they do, and what they want. In the …
reviewed Buffalo Wings. July 01, 2013
Buffalo wings
Buffalo wings may be one of the most famous and beloved bar foods in the United States, but when one goes in and orders up a plate of these simple little delicacies, are they really getting buffalo wings? …
reviewed Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. June 23, 2013
The Justice League animated series had a fantastic story arc called “The Justice Lords” as far as I could remember. Alternate universes and multi-verses have always been a part of comic book …
reviewed CyPhaCon. June 07, 2013
posted in Awesomeness
In April of this year I managed to find a free weekend that allowed me to attend CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA.  Although I am from the area, this was my first time to ever attend CyPhaCon.  …
reviewed Ferris Bueller's Day Off. June 03, 2013
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
If I could give this movie more than a +5 rating I would. It's one of those movies you must see. Energetic, funny, genius, you cannot help but fall in love with this film. I recommend it to everyone. …
reviewed Drive. June 03, 2013
Drive James Sallis
Ryan Gosling in this film is so perfect. He barely says a word yet all the emotions that come from him are awesome. Such a good, tense movie. Carey Mulligan was in it, who I HATE, but not even she could …
reviewed The Office. May 15, 2013
posted in Pass The Remote!
The Office
It took time for me to get into The Office. Years, in fact. I had heard all the hype about how great it was ever since it first began airing in 2005, and I had tried to take in the occasional episode. …
reviewed Auratic Chun Hao Tea Set, Butterfly D.... April 25, 2013
posted in Awesomeness
Auratic Chun Hao Tea Set, Butterfly Dancing on Sunflower, 21-Piece
The first thing I noticed about this product was the box it came in. It appears almost like wood and is a decorative item that you would want to keep. The pieces themselves are exquisite giving an appearance …
reviewed Nashville Predators. April 18, 2013
Nashville Predators
The Nashville Predators have at least one thing no other team can claim: Their head coach, Barry Trotz, is currently the longest-tenured head coach in the NHL. He was hired in 1997, just a couple of weeks …
reviewed Anaheim Ducks. April 13, 2013
Anaheim Ducks
With the exceptions of the lockouts, what we have here is the most public of the NHL's many embarrassments. It comes off as nothing but a desperate ploy for attention.    Here's what …
reviewed Who Framed Roger Rabbit. April 03, 2013
posted in Movie Hype
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
For all of my childhood, Who Framed Roger Rabbit has been one of my favorite movies. Thankfully, it's another one of those movies that still holds up really well as an adult. 1988 was quite a year …
reviewed Faith. April 01, 2013
The plaster cast felt like a glove, and it was about as tough. If I had molded it into a more grabby shape, I probably could have played hockey in it. I couldn't help but make fun of the absurdity of …
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