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website with animations that are satire, commentary, and sometimes vulgar (but not just to be vulgar)
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Foamy the squirrel, very funny social commentary animation created by Jonathan Mathers

  • Oct 12, 2010

Warning—if you have problems with coarse language and frank discussions of sex, then Foamy and the other characters at will cause more harm than hilarity.  Ergo … move on.

Jonathan Ian Mathers created a gray squirrel, Foamy, whose job is to “bitch and complain.”  Very little is sacred and the 90 to 150 second animations are topical and cultural, however they are very rarely political. 
The better social commentary focuses on American consumerism, lack of common courtesy, pretension, and sexism.  His funnier obsessions are video game culture, coffee shop annoyances and babies in restaurants.
There is a supporting cast: a black squirrel called Hatta, a Woody Allen type uber-nervous pill addicted squirrel Pilzy, Germain, Foamy’s human ‘caretaker’ and a couple of minor characters mostly used as Foamy fodder.  Here are a couple of quotes from the rabid rodent -- they are dark and extremely sarcastic:
Mexican Culture
“I love sombreros, those hats are more fun than a clown car on fire … another thing, piñatas, I personally love beating the sh’t out of something and getting candy in return.”
Broadway Musicals
“Why not make ‘Caligula: The Musical’?  Here’s what you do.  Get a bunch of castrated school boys and have them sing the lyrics to various Marilyn Manson songs and cast Nathan Lane as Caligula.  He seems to be all over f’n Brodway … put him to good use.”
Bad Drivers
“Over the past few years people have been operating their motor vehicles with poorer driving skills as the years go on … and because of this I’ve come up with a clever way of keeping these idiotic motorists in check, it all revolves around hammers and floodlights.  My solution: in order to grab the attention of these poor drivers, keep a box of hammers in the passenger seat and when someone gets out of line and say makes a 4 lane change at 70 miles an hour to get to an exit that is a mere 100 feet away; just toss one of those hammers at their windshield.  This will have a two pronged effect on their driving.  One, it will get them off the road and out of your way in a f’ing hurry; two once they crawl out of their flaming wreck of an accident they will reflect on their actions and say to themselves, “Man my driving is so bad people are throwing hammers at me…”

The site also has three, far less successful toon series.  The first is “Back Catalog.”  A know-it-all, insult-it-all checkout clerk at a music store gripes at customers as they try to buy what he insults. “Minions Quest” is an almost incomprehensible series of short role-playing game in-game conversations between a succubus and a pile of ooze.  It’s as unfunny as the description). “Dia+tofu” may be an abandoned projects (only 3 toons so far).  These short pieces try to explain some strange cultural issues with both Western thought and a Hindu worldview.  This is half-ass done by way of an Indian woman chatting with a cube of tofu.  Yea, again, it’s about as unfunny as the description.
It isn’t a static site, so if you like what you see, the site is generally updated weekly.
Foamy (Mathers) sells t-shirts and whatnot.  I’ve ordered dvds to give as gifts.  I have no complaints about the site or the site’s store.  Some of these “friends” who have “benefited” from my largesse have stopped returning calls, texts … hehe.

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November 11, 2010
Bahahaha, thanks so much for sharing, Paul! I've got a sick sense of humor and I LOVE stuff like this.  In that same vein, I think you'd dig these reviews on The Oatmeal :D
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