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Diamonds are forever, Friends are for Keeps!

  • Dec 17, 2009
They say you can tell a person by the kind of friends he/she keeps. I say you can tell how successful your life is by the friends you made!

It is Christmas time and before I embarked on my new year resolution (which I intend to make as I haven't done so for ages, possibly even decades as I never did believe in making them and keeping them but I've come to a stage in life I need to simply to keep myself busy & centered!!!), it is time to count my blessings in life. Count them I've and for many years when I do, friends always come into the picture.

Woopak wrote about Christmas & Santa, I figure the least I can do this year is to write about my friends and the friendship I've been blessed with over the course of my entire life.

The first time I thought of someone as a friend, at least as far as I can recollect in my life was at the age of 11 when I first met a Filipino who happened to be studying in Singapore in the class I just joined. She was a friend since day 1 I met her in my new school. I didn't study in English until the day I met Marife Virginia P. Cruz. I did learn English in Indonesia but it was simply as a subject like Mathematics and Science. I didn't speak a word of it to anyone as conversation until then too. So, Marife as a foreigner who was seated next to me and being the top girl in class became my best friend. We were both foreigners in a class of local Singaporeans. Foreigners have a tendency to stick to one another, I found over the course of my life no matter where I go or travel to. We were friends for 2 years and we parted ways when we moved to different secondary schools. We kept in touch until my university days when I left for Toronto and we lost touched since graduation. I wonder how she's doing now. Probably married with kids somewhere. I guess I ought to look her up over Facebook, who knows I might get lucky! 

Back then, I also made friends with another Indonesian girl who happened to live across from where I was putting up. Her name is Ellecia and up to today we still keep in touch. She's currently living in Jakarta although I haven't seen her for years. I did attend her wedding and hope to see her in the new year. That'd definitely be on one of my  new year resolutions!

(An idea just came to mind! What do you think if I were to try to meet as many friends of mine over the 12 days of Christmas? I mean wouldn't it be cool to meet as many as I can during the entire Christmas Season? It'd be like a mission! With God's blessing naturally! Yes! I think I'm just going to do that. It'd be a great way to spend Christmas, with people I love & like!!!)

Another friend who came from the same hometown is one whom I didn't meet until I was a young adult beginning my working life. She's Jenny and is a fund manager in Singapore. Our parents actually know one another and for some reasons we didn't meet until my cousin Linda introduces us! Linda and her elder sister are good friends!

Speaking of Linda, she's one of my favorite cousins. In many ways, she's not only a sister to me, she's also my best friend when I was a mere little girl. Linda is 3 years older than I'm and I recalled tagging along her as a child. She has two other younger sisters but it was me who's constantly around her instead. Linda's mom died of cancer when she was young and even when both of us were children, she's more a mom to me than my very own mother! She took care of me and I was very very happy around her. Thank you, Linda for all the good times and for all the love you've bestowed to this young life! Without you, my childhood wouldn't have been memorable and fun! I certainly must go and visit her more often!!! Linda lives in Indonesia with her family.
There are a great many other people who have touched my life. People who are not related to me but whom I met while schooling and traveling. I do need to write about them here but to simplify this review, I'd classify them accordingly.

Childhood & School Friends
  • Marife
  • Ellecia
  • Debbie
  • Nancy
  • Cherlia
  • Andrew
  • Wuben
  • James
  • Stanley
  • Vanessa
Sisters, Cousins & Aunts
  • Siti
  • Augustina
  • Eliza
  • Linda
  • Jennifer
  • Tanty
  • Margaret
  • Jenny
  • Muling
Colleagues (+ Former Colleagues)
  • Eng Swee
  • Alex
  • Irene
  • Jack
  • Hung Mong
  • Dick
  • David
  • Priscilla
Introduced Friends
  • Jenny
  • Doreen
Traveling Friends
  • Thomas
  • Brad
Online Friends
  • Kent
  • Oliver
  • Ann
  • Mei
  • Atsuko
  • Richie
  • Ivan
  • Armando
  • Atte
  • Robby

Interesting now that I've made this list. I haven't really list out my friends before this and although I know who they are, they SEEM a lot more now that I've listed them out! I know I have friends but hey I do have a lot more than I can count! :-) It certainly makes me feel good and happy to consciously know this! It's time to make out a list, don't you think? WOW!!!

Whoops, that means I've to start sending Christmas cards!!!

Well, it's time to wrap this review up.
There are many reasons why each and everyone of us think another is a friend and how we treat friends certainly depends on how we are treated in return as well. However, there are times when a friend in need is a friend indeed! And there have been occasions when I know (for sure) many of my friends are as good as my very own family. If there is anything else, it is this blessing of friends I count as my success in life. I'm indebted to my friends for their kindness & grace.

Friends are here to stay and although it takes a lot of effort and time to keep relationships in top notch condition, it is worth every seconds of our lives. Trust me, when you find someone who treasures you for who you are, you are in God's favor! Even if you have gone broke, lost your job, lost your hopes & courage, etc... if you are around real friends, you haven't lost a thing. You have the very best thing in life!

P.S. Just found out a good friend on the above list was diagnosed with cancer barely a week after this review was first written. She has had a successful operation but we still have no idea if she's free of cancer cells as tests will be done in the coming days by the doctors. Yes, it is imperative that I make an effort to spend as much time with my friends and people whom I care about as much as possible. Life can be potentially short and we are often caught with surprises along the way. So, for anyone who read this review, if I may ask that you take a moment to pray for this friend of mine and also people whom you love for this Christmas season, that would mean a great deal to me. Thank you!

For all my friends, a song from Elaine Page: THE THINGS YOU ARE TO ME


If I held in my hand,
Every grain of sand
Since time first began to me
Still I could never count,
Measure the amount;
Of all the things you are to me

If I paint the sky,
Hang it up to dry
I would want the sky to be
Oh, such a grand design
An everlasting sign
Of all the things you are to me

You are the sun that comes on summer winds
You are the falling year that autumn brings
You are the wonder and the mystery
In everything I see… the things you are to me

Sometimes I wake at night
And suddenly takes fright
You're my vaguest fantasy
But then you reach for me
And once again I se
All the things you are to me

You are the sun that comes on summer winds
You are the falling year that autumn brings
You are the wonder and the mystery
In everything I see… the things you are to me


You are the sun that comes on summer winds
You are the falling year that autumn brings
You are the wonder and the mystery
In everything I see… the things you are to me

All the things you are… to me


Diamonds are forever, Friends are for Keeps! Diamonds are forever, Friends are for Keeps!

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October 10, 2011
Wonderful write up indeed, and I hope all is well with your friend. My mom died over a year ago from cancer but she was battling cancer since 96. I know how hard that is, hope all is well.
October 12, 2011
Thank you, Alex. In fact, she was in for another surgery, thyroid lumps removal (but thank god it's not malignant) just 2 weeks ago. Her voice has changed and it might affect her job. Hope it's all temporary!
May 25, 2011
Beautiful review as always Sharrie. I do hope your friend that was diagnosed with cancer is doing better these days. I noticed that you wrote this a couple of years ago, so I'm hoping things worked out. *hugs*
October 12, 2011
She's still fighting the cancer cells. So far, she had another surgery just few weeks ago for thyroid lumps. It's a long battle, I think. Unfortunately, that's battle has ended for Steve Jobs!
February 12, 2010
I'm honored to be on your list, Sharrie. thank you for our many years of friendship. I loved knowing you.
February 12, 2010
The same for me, Kent! VT certainly has opened up a whole new world to many of us! :-) I'm glad to have known you all these years!
December 17, 2009
(sniff sniff) This review made woopak shed tears of joy! what a great endearing write up....
December 18, 2009
Thanks, William! I haven't actually detailed how each friend impacted my life but that'd be way too personal for this platform. A friend who knows the real you and who had seen you at your best and worst and still sticks by you, well, that's a real friend. And although I don't fancy all of them seeing the worse in me, I do believe that that's one of the ways one truly knows deep inside how real a friend is. It's not for me to 'test' my friendships, it is however one's circumstance that would or might lead to that. Yes, I've gone through one of those circumstances too and whenever I'm depressed or in need of encouragements, that's when friends come to mind & yes, I've been VERY lucky! :-)
December 17, 2009
Aw, what a sweet review and one heck of a stroll down memory lane.  Thanks for sharing, Sharrie!  Looks like you have a ton of cards to send out this holiday season ;)
December 18, 2009
Yes, Debbie! I did visit a few of them ahead of Christmas and I'm hoping to visit a few more during Christmas! I hope they'd be pleasantly surprised! For this year, I think I'm gonna call all of them personally instead of just a card!
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