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Tangled (2010)

Walt Disney's 2010 animated film based on the classic fairy tale of Rapunzel.

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An Intended "HIPPER" Rapunzel Tale Comes Up A Bit Short of Hair Conditioner...

  • Nov 25, 2010
It has been quite a long time since I’ve seen a Disney movie in theaters. As far as I remember the last great Disney movie I’ve seen in cinemas was “The Lion King” and the rest of Disney’s outings such as “Mulan” and “Pocahantas” I’ve only seen on video. Well, seeing as I was convinced by a friend to see a more light-hearted fare this week, I agreed to see “TANGLED”. It is the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series which has been proclaimed as the last ‘fairy tale-based film‘ for the foreseeable future since all “princess movies“ (in the tradition of Snow White) will be put on hold. The film is based on the classic German Fairy Tale “Rapunzel” by the Grimm bros, and has been titled “Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale” in Malaysia.

Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is a young woman stolen as an infant from her parents by an evil witch, Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) so that she could exploit the powers of her magical golden hair that must remain uncut to keep their enchanted properties. Gothel wants to stay young forever, and so she raises Rapunzel as her own while keeping her away from the world through the use of an isolated tower in the wilderness. Rapunzel seems quite content as she keeps herself pre-occupied with arts and crafts, playing with her pet chameleon and as she occasionally takes a glance out her window to feed her curiosity. One day, a vain thief named Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) accidentally stumbles upon Rapunzel’s hideaway while trying to escape the attentions of an angry horse. Rapunzel convinces Flynn to escort her into the outside world to satisfy her curiosity, as he also comes to understand the secret of this long-haired young woman, the kindness of her heart and the villainy of Gothel…

                          Rapunzel in "Tangled 3D"

                         Flynn Rider in "Tangled 3D"

                         Flynn Rider and Rapunzel in "Tangled 3D"

“Tangled” is a follow-up to Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog” which is another tale of magic and royalty. Directors Byron Howard and Nathan Greno try to make a more upbeat and modern approach to the tale of “Rapunzel” while staying true to the Disney style of ‘princess movies’. What results is a film that brings elements of action, romance, musical scores, slapstick comedy and the magic of modern 3D technology to keep an energetic tone to its premise. The film looks stunning and the animation is just fluid, smooth and pays homage to the Disney classics. It captures all the good stuff Walt Disney animation became a household name for.

The animation style is a blend of photo-realistic features and caricatures that captures the older 2D pen and ink, cell animation that was so charming in days past. Now as with any other Disney creation, “Tangled” follows the usual formula of animal friends (this time a horse named Max and a chameleon called Pascal ). As with any other Disney production, the animal characters make or break the movie and this film is no different; there was a laugh-out-loud scene when Max the horse acts more like an excited canine than a stallion and Max also fights with a sword. Pascal makes these gestures that seemed so clever and yet simple. The two creatures were just charming and well animated, they set the tone of energy throughout the film. This time instead of a prince, a lowly thief proves to be the hero in Rapunzel’s life and instead of a sword, a frying pan becomes the weapon of choice. Yes, these are the movie’s positives and I will get to the other stuff shortly.

                 A scene from "Tangled 3D"

                  A scene from "Tangled 3D"

                 Flynn Rider in "Tangled 3D"

Let me just say that “Tangled” is filled with artistic flair and style but somehow, somewhere, the film doesn’t quite sit right. There really isn’t much to develop in a plot like this, but I am not sure, the script misses its mark somehow. This is a film for general audiences and I am not expecting anything intricate; however, the movie loses its momentum even before it gets its footing. The story was quite predictable, but I just didn’t like the way it developed its elements. Rapunzel was obviously driven out of curiosity, and the film relies on certain aspects that didn’t seem too credible and the stakes weren’t properly put together. Yes, Gothel is worried about her youth and she doesn’t want Rapunzel to discover her heritage, but the stakes didn’t feel compelling. Much of the encounters relied on chance, and I just had issues how things just felt too easy. I also felt that Rapunzel and Flynn never got a chemistry going, the two felt more like siblings rather than potential lovers. Their emotions just felt as if it came from nowhere, and it never reached a level that the viewer can become attached to and root for; I guess it was because Flynn‘s history as a thief weren‘t properly developed nor was Rapunzel‘s dependence on Gothel. Their trials were also quite predictable and never generated any surprise. The gang of cutthroats weren't also credibly placed into the storyline as their roles lost their impact and became too convenient. Maybe, the story wasn’t the film’s main draw…?

                            Rapunzel in "Tangled 3D"

                           A scene from "Tangled 3D"

The film was devoted to song and music, as Flynn and Rapunzel prance around towards their objective. Moore (gosh, she has a good singing voice) and Murphy trade musical chores to exude that upbeat Broadway tone. The song and dance numbers express the emotions of the character doing the musical number; they were nicely done and follows the style established by classic musical Disney animation. The comedic touches had their moments, as Flynn proves to be competent as the comedic act (as voiced by Levi), he tries to keep up the energy and goes through scrapes while in the midst of musical numbers. The 3D effects are quite good to see, albeit a tad uneven. Some scenes did pop out as I almost felt as if I could grab an object while some felt re-touched. I'll have to say the 3D engine was inconsistent.

I suppose one could do a lot worst than “Tangled”, the movie followed the usual Disney ‘princess’ storytelling and I can't really fault it for doing so. I suppose it was easy for a movie of this nature to become a hit or a miss; I guess it just never reached that warmth and energetic ‘bounce’ I felt when I saw “Beauty and The Beast” and I was never as perfectly involved with the plot in this film as in “Pocahantas” and “Mulan”. “Tangled” is a stylish, visual feast that modernizes “Rapunzel” for a ‘hipper’ audience, but the ride is rather a rocky and unbalanced one as the Broadway musical scores struggles to fully complement the goofy comedic touches at times.

Recommended with caution for Disney fans, RENTAL for everybody else.
[2 ½ + Out of 5 Stars]

An Intended An Intended An Intended An Intended

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May 24, 2011
I finally got around to watching this. Redbox :P I liked it!
May 25, 2011
cool up yet?
April 15, 2011
I had to see this movie since i am a diehard disney fan, though the princess and the frog was outright awful. I wont say i was dissappointed in this movie but i felt it could have been mabie if the didnt channel Chicago quite so much, i mean a few songs are to be expected in a disney film but this was just a little over the top. The whole bit with the frying pan was hilarious as was Max's charcter, i kind of felt like hes the new and improved version of prince phillips horse (whos name escapes me) in Sleeping Beauty. Wonderful review as always!
April 15, 2011
I had to see this movie since i am a diehard disney fan, though the princess and the frog was outright awful. I wont say i was dissappointed in this movie but i felt it could have been mabie if the didnt channel Chicago quite so much, i mean a few songs are to be expected in a disney film but this was just a little over the top. The whole bit with the frying pan was hilarious as was Max's charcter, i kind of felt like hes the new and improved version of prince phillips horse (whos name escapes me) in Sleeping Beauty. Wonderful review as always!
April 16, 2011
thanks, Meghan, you are definitely right. I saw this when it came out Thanksgiving weekend, and yes, it wasn't the worst Disney movie but I certainly had mixed feelings about it. I felt that the film struggled to keep the musical numbers balanced with the slapstick humor. Well, for now this may be the last of the 'princess' movies...for awhile at least.
April 16, 2011
I caught that in your review and forgot to comment on it...why no more princess movies?? What a horrifying thought!
April 16, 2011
Not sure. I gather that Disney has its eyes on other things at the moment. Maybe they feel that they've adapted enough fairy tale stories? I think the box-office receipts on those 'princess movies' weren't what they least according to their CEO.
April 16, 2011
Well being as the last two wernt the greatest films....mabie they should oh i dont know....put out better movies and their sales might go up!
April 16, 2011
was Princess and the Frog really that awful? It almost makes me curious enough to rent it....
April 16, 2011
I found it to be really sterotypical and the story line was dry...but mostly the voice of the girls friend was so irritating that it made me head ring...try it out though im interested to see what your opinion on it is.
April 16, 2011
sounds really bad...but I'll get it a rent, sometimes one needs to see a bad movie to appreciate the fair ones LOL!
February 04, 2011
I think you're a little harsh here.  I mean, in the past, Disney has never really been much for actually developing the romances--even in their classic films.  We just sort of ignored it before.  Take the breakout animation hit of the late 80's The Little Mermaid.  No love or emotional story actually really develops.  It's more or less a girl who has a crush and goes after him.  Someone out there is telling me there's more to it than that... but there really isn't.  A child does not particularly care what motivates Ariel to love the prince.  And yet everyone, including adults love it.  Hell, I love it.  Love the hell out of The Little Mermaid... but I think a movie like Tangled lacking depth isn't much of a problem.  The only time I felt that Disney actually genuinely developed a love story was in Beauty and the Beast where they actually show a relationship forming.  Aside from that Disney has almost always made formulaic pairings.  The simplicity of it is usually why kids like them and why parents don't complain.  So I'm not sure if I agree about it's predictability and lack of character development a bad thing when the simplicity has been why people have often liked Disney films. 

I will say that it was extremely awkward how they met and how she sort of just decides to "trust" him to take her to the lanterns.  It happens a little too fast and too easily but I actually didn't mind that so much.  Family oriented movies usually dive in much sooner because you've got to keep a child's attention.  I liked this one, despite a weird start and what felt like a kind of rushed epilogue ending.
February 04, 2011
yeah, one thing you have to remember is that those classic stories already had a great outline, it wasn't so much as developing it further but making the familiar outline work with a direction that stays within its realm of creativity. Well, this one felt more like a Dreamworks production with all the slapstick humor with the fairy tale atmopshere that telegraphed everything from a mile away. I don't mind a comedic touch, but for me, this had pretty weak timing all over it, it wasn't so much as it was bad but something just didn't make it click for me. Then again, maybe family movies are just not my thing (and I do dislike musicals)....Thanks for the read, buddy!
February 04, 2011
Oh, another thing, I really enjoyed Beauty and the Beast (I would give it a 5) and the Little Mermaid (perhaps a 4-4.5) so there is hope for me yet LOL!
February 05, 2011
I don't know.  As much as I like most of Disney's classics, it actually seemed like Tangled was using the same old outline and using the same formula that worked for them before.  Find a fairy tale or story, change it to make it more kid friendly and run with it.  It was pretty much what they did here and I wasn't really seeing the big problem with it.  They were just doing the same thing that worked for them twenty years ago and it just happened to be a success again.  The only difference is this is computer animated and 3D (actual 3D this time, they actually used 3D technology while making it--I assume that's where the majority of the film's budget kicked in).  Tangled isn't as good as those classics, of course... but it definitely does the same thing.  But like I said before, the only two times I think Disney reached beyond themselves were Beauty and the Beast and possibly The Lion King.  Aside from that I don't think Disney has ever really done an outline based on creativity.  They relied on a safe formula and continued to follow it for years.  What separates Pixar from everyone else is that not only does Pixar create wholly original ideas, but they understand development and charm.  Dreamworks only just NOW began to learn that.  How to Train Your Dragon was probably the first post Shrek 1 film to be emotionally satisfying.  Something that even most of those classic Disney films can't do.  Tangled ALMOST had that at one point.  At least Tangled does more than Disney's typical, "Oh wow that's the most beautiful man/woman I've ever seen--I must have him!" look that populated so many films... in fact the BEST of Disney's animated works--besides Beauty and the Beast--were better when they lacked any sort of love story.  I liked that Tangled did more than just a cupid like glance and then they were in love.

The original story of Rapunzel is... bleh.  As a story it's not so bad but if anyone made THAT version into a film it would A.) Definitely NOT be a kids movie and B.) would be TERRIBLE as a film.  We all know that sweet little fairy tale but the original story was actually extremely dark and violent.
April 12, 2011
Oh, if you think I am harsh, check out @'s review LOL!
December 05, 2010
Sit back & relax, Woo! Otherwise you'd have lots of tangled hair and no amount of conditioner would undo that! I love your title, even if the film fall short :)
January 02, 2011
I use the kind that gives my hair more bounce LOL!
November 30, 2010
My daughter wanted to see this also and I totally understand where your coming from with this film. so this also leads me to believe that I should also wait till it comes out on DVD.
November 30, 2010
Hello, milady. I missed yah. Just give this a rental when it drops; 3D ticket prices are crazy.
November 28, 2010
I think if I'm babysitting my niece I'll get over all that's wrong with it, other than that I think I'll listen to you and wait for it to be on cable. I saw Princess and the Frog and had quite a few problems with it- much of them based around racial stereotypes that are still in Disney films, shockingly enough. I love Mandy Moore (she's become quite a good actress and she has an amazing voice), though! I was almost suckered into it because I did enjoy the visual appeal that I saw in the ads but, luckily you've saved me ;p Thanks, Woo and great review!
November 30, 2010
I haven't seen the Princess and The Frog, and I don't think I'll see that one unless it is on CARTOON NETWORK for free. Moore surprised me with her voice here, I knew she had a singing talent, but those scenes alone were almost enough to get this movie out of the shadows of mediocrity. Just rent this when the time comes, I just can't give it a full recommendation, it was very flawed.
November 26, 2010
You know, I kinda want to see this movie. I've never really been a Disney fan, well, except for those old shows that Walt himself narrated. You know the ones. Anyway, I guess anime has spoiled me and I've become quite a snob about what I watch. I think what caught my interest here was the hair. It looks so natural, at least in the pics, lol. Personally though, I wouldn't expect Disney to make their characters lovers. I mean, I know the whole 'good guy rescues damsel in distress' always has that implication, but can you imagine in this day and age if they blatantly wrote it into a story? As far as I'm concerned, Disney lost much of its influence/creditability a long time ago. Doing something like that would invite a huge backlash from the "Content Police." However, it would make things much more interesting! I'm guessing the PG rating is purely to be on the safe side.
November 26, 2010
I am with you, Stephanie. I am more used to mature animated films nowadays, I also have been spoiled. But there are some good ones out there made by Dreamworks and Pixar, it just wasn't this one.

I barely remember the last time I saw  a Disney flick even on video (last time I think was Lilo and Stitch which I liked), and I am tired of the same old formula; but then again, it was those twists that worked for them before. Same thing with Pixar, they follow the same formula, they're good so far, but admittedly they have been inconsistent.
November 26, 2010
Funny how Disney made one attempt to do a fairy tale film ("The Princess & the Frog") for the first time in years and then because it didn't make enough money for them they have sworn off doing another. Did it not occur to them that film would have done better Box Office if it had been a better film? And this film isn't going to change that much I don't think. First of all, a lot of the adults I know want to see a return to classic Disney. Not this souped up, computer animated, slapstick stuff. Secondly, the animation looks just like Dreamworks and last time I checked Dreamworks was emulating Disney, so... now we have a has-been Disney ripping off a company that was once ripping them off. Yeah, Pixar is officially their last hope...
November 26, 2010
Never saw "Princess and the Frog" and have no intention to. Yes, that statement was made by their CEO and now that I think about it, what you said made sense. There was just something that didn't sit well in this film, yes, there was music--yes, it follows the usual Disney formula--and yet it all doesn't work well together. Yeah, good thing they still have Pixar, but then even Pixar is loosing its 'zing' with me....
November 26, 2010
Yep. I suspect that Disney will end up making bad action/adventure films produced by Bruckheimer and pals and that's where they'll make their real money. Sad.
November 26, 2010
don't forget, they are also pissing me off with their plans on Marvel's super-hero films...and if Nolan goes soft on me and puts CATWOMAN in the Dark Knight Rises, then I will be really upset. Riddler I can take, Penguin maybe--but Scarface is the best choice.

It's (Disney) not the same company they were some years ago.
November 26, 2010
I think Catwoman with Nolan's spin on it would be perfect. Penguin has potential too. Riddler seems to close to Joker though.
November 26, 2010
Riddler is actually different from Joker if you really know the character (forget about Carrey's portrayal, in the recent story arc, Riddler is now a threat). Penguin has his potentials, but Catwoman is a lightweight. The only way anyone can make her compelling is if she was the entire movie. Nope, Selina Kyle is a no-no.
November 26, 2010
Right, but does Nolan know that? For a lot of people, Riddler is best remembered from the campy TV series in the '60s.
November 26, 2010
well, everyone knows Joker as the guy who laughs a lot from the series, and know him from Nicholson's portrayal, but Nolan made him into a scary sociopath (albeit with soo little twisted sense of humor but effective)--Nolan hopefully reads up the darker issues, he did good when he gave Ledger THE KILLING JOKE and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS to read before filming....
November 26, 2010
you want a darker female counterpart to Bats? Nolan should do THE HUNTRESS since some criminals are more afraid of her than Batman...
November 26, 2010
Which is why I think Catwoman would be great. Batman is currently a fugitive, so that would add a whole dimension to a potential partnership between the two and an opportunity for Batman to have another bad relationship. : )
November 26, 2010
....and that is something that is expected and has been done a dozen times?!

 Scarface is a puppet being controlled by a psycho-ventriloquist (how creepy is that?), Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) is the daughter of a mob-boss who was screwed by his partners, she is a teacher and becomes a vigilante to clean up her father's messes--see? Bats does honor his parents' memory while Helena seeks redemption...parallels and yet difference.
November 26, 2010
The issue with Scarface is that he's not realistic enough for Nolan's take. Huntress would be a great choice, but she's not a big-name villain and they will probably choose a well known figure for the finale to the trilogy. So long as it's not Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy, I'll be happy. Goddamn it, "Batman & Robin" sucked. Funny how some awful movies haunt you after having seen them.
November 26, 2010
but Nolan can make it realistic as he's done with Ledger's Joker. I'd accept changes--Killer Croc can work, but it would take serious re-characterizing. Don't forget Ras al Ghul also has a daughter called Talia who is the mother of Bruce's child. No Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze.
November 26, 2010
Wow - great write up and I was dying to read a review about this one. I wanted to take my daughter to see it, but probably won't make it to the theater, so it will eventually be a rental for me. I loved The Lion King (what animated movie could make me teary eyed when Mufasa died---) so I thought this one would rate a little bit better, but I'll still see it at some point. Wonderful review!!
November 26, 2010
Yeah, I wished I had seen it as a rental. Nothing special with this one, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. See MEGAMIND if you feel the need to take your kid to a family movie in theaters or rent this movie which I gave 4.5 stars won't be sorry! 
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is an upcoming 2010 American 3D animated musical film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and starring the voices of Mandy Mooreand Zachary Levi. It will be the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series, planned for release on November 24, 2010, the day before Thanksgiving. The story is largely based on the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm.
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Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Fantasy
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