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Avoid that awkward phonecall and use Facebook instead!

  • Jan 9, 2009
  • by
There are many reasons why I love Facebook as a website and communication tool. It's easy to use, updated every few seconds, and provides hours upon hours of distraction and/or entertainment, depending on your current circumstance. It is so addicting that in college, many of my friends would temporarily suspend their accounts during finals week in order to better concentrate on their studies! Once it was all over, boom! They were back online with more zeal than ever before.

Personally, though, I like Facebook for one primary reason: it helps you avoid that awkward phone call to old friends! There are many people I like keeping in contact with, but at times, I just lapse into oblivion and forget to call or write for a long time. Facebook allows me to catch up on what they're up to, and then write a message or post a comment as a way of saying, "Hello, you're still in my thoughts, even though I haven't called in 18 months!" If I do actually decide to call, I use Facebook to learn about their recent doings so that I have some conversation topics, should the phone call become quiet and awkward.

Also, Facebook is a great way to "meet" people before you actually hang out with them in person. It provides you with countless things to say to break the ice, which is truly invaluable for someone like me who is extroverted and who likes to talk a lot.

A lot of people who signed up back in the day were turned off by their lack of privacy options. Most of these people deactivated their accounts or left completely. However, the newer Facebook versions are much better and more flexible in offering options on what you wish to make public to everyone, and what you wish to keep private just to your close friends. So if you gave up on the website a few years ago, try it out again and see how it's changed!

All together, I keep Facebook open all day but I don't browse it constantly. I use it to gather information, share parts of my life that I don't mind others seeing, post pictures, and see what my friends and acquaintances are up to. It's an excellent communication tool, one that I hope to use to keep in contact with friends and family both at home and abroad. 

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April 01, 2009
I totally agree- I've reconnected with people that I would've never picked up to call- they need to get a desktop program -kinda like tweetdeck- it would make it easier to participate in and of course make it easier for me to slack off!
February 27, 2009
@Tess_Martinez I heard they were going to, but after such uproar, they decided to cancel or rethink that. Hopefully they do change, but then again, if anyone does post really good photos on there, the quality is so low that Facebook can't really do anything with them. I don't know about original writings, though...
February 27, 2009
As far as connecting with friends and family, Facebook also offers an invasive way to keep up-to-date with one another. You can take a peak at friends pics or check your sister's status to see what is new.
January 09, 2009
I mean, seriously! It's a SOCIAL NETWORKING site. If you're excessively obsessed with privacy to the point where you block everyone, why did you even join in the first place? But yeah, I'm a total stalker, too. But as you say, "everyone else is doing [it]" so I guess it makes it okay, ahahhaha...
January 09, 2009
I know, I hate that I love facebook. It's such a stalker tool, but I mean... everyone else is doing right? and if you put the information on there, you obviously want people to know it.... well, i'm pretty stalkerish im not gonna lie. I've found loads of information about guys I've met from facebook and google! hahahahhahha, don't judge me.
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I don't know why but I just can't muster any interest in Facebook. Spend the overwhelming majority of my online time here on Lunch. Find it much more scintillating.
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Originally, I signed up for Facebook because I had heard it was a good way to keep in touch with friends I knew from school back when. In that regard, the site was a bit of a letdown, but I currently like it more than when I initially joined. While the site has become more commercial and there's been some controversy about the new privacy policy, I think that the site has opened up and allows for more creativity with their new applications.
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