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From Personal To Promotion Use

  • Apr 20, 2010
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Who would have thought 140 characters would have changed the landscape of Social Networking? Everyone seems to be using Twitter. Celebrities, politicians, television channels, spammers, you name it they're probably on Twitter or working out a plan to use it.

I didn't get Twitter when I first got an account. It's got a learning curve that's curiously harder to grasp than I thought. I'm an avid Twitter user and for a number of reasons.

I refused to join this site until I discovered Alexz Johnson was on it. Most of the world doesn't know who she is yet, but to me she's one of the most talented musicians to come around in the last 10 years. That's for another post though and I have plenty of Reviews on here about her. The point is getting updates about her was incredibly difficult and hard to find without Twitter. Her manager also has a Twitter account that not only made finding information, news, and updates about her and her career very easy, but also created a simple and safe connection between myself and my favorite musician.

Now, people use Twitter for lots of different reasons. We're aware of the stereotypical way: "Watching paint dry", "picking my nose", that kind of update. Spammers have even programmed bots to find tweets with certain keywords in them and tweet those people with their ads. Some people use it as a sort of pseudochat. Finally, there's the business minded people who want to harness the power of this hugely populated service to promote themselves and make some money using the service.

I suspect the prospect of cash through Twitter is a popular topic so I'm going to directly cover that.

First, Twitter is not like other services and confusing it for something else will only cause you to be not Followed or blocked. No one wants to read a post from you where every one is an ad, a teaser to click a link to an affiliate product, or where you're simply not interesting. All of those will cause you to be unfollowed. It is a very social network, probably the most social of them all.

So I'm going to let all of you money chasers and future internet marketers trying to get a grip on this new media in on a secret. Interact with your followers, show them your personality, take an interest in them. John Reese has been preaching this mantra for years and it's completely true. If they like YOU and they grow to know YOU they'll trust you. You'll get followers who stick around. You'll definitely make a lot more new friends. You will be MUCH more successful.

That's not why you read this is it? Well, I'll let you in on another secret. Whatever you're promoting make sure it's something you're passionate about. They can SEE that. They'll know it by your enthusiasm for it. You can't replace passion, there is no substitute for really loving what you're promoting. If you believe in whatever market you're in and really want to get it out there for people to know about it they'll pick up on it.


I don't care if you're selling snow to eskimos. If you have passion for it and really love and believe in what you're selling, promoting, or just talking about, your followers will know it too. They'll know it by how you talk about it, how while not every tweet is a link or a product, it shows you really know this area well and love it. This quality is irreplacable and cannot be switched with anything else. People follow people who love what they do, what they're promoting, and really want to show their followers something of quality.

I'll get the general basics out of the way, but they're all secondary to the above. Can you still make money without the above? I'm sure you can, but you will have a fickle following and eventually find you need to move markets due to declining interest and low click through rates. So, here's the Twitter 101 crash course on using it for general internet marketing:

#1. Mix your posts with the current Trending  Topics for max exposure.
#2. Get lots of followers so you get a lot of click-throughs per post.
#3. Retweet.
#4. Make accounts based on niche.
#5. Follow celebrities.
$6. Use searches to find people talking about your niche.

That oughtta do it.

You'll get a lot more mileage if you take my previous advice though. You'll make more money with 500 followers who relate and like you than 100,000 followers who have little to nothing in common with you. How's that for a numbers game?

I've got a few accounts on Twitter and my favorite and most successful is the one I created as a mix of my personal account and one for a site I created for Alexz Johnson. I don't have a huge amount of followers, but I'm a hardcore fan of Alexz, I search for people who love her as well, and I watch that account like a hawk. I note and look at each follower I get. Aspiring marketers would surely love to have the account I have because I'm friends and connect with the vast majority of my followers. I post what I'm passionate about and promote when I think it's necessary.

Twitter puts you closer to the people than anything else. If you're not a good people person or at customer relations it's not for you. Twitter proves direct marketing principles still work to perfection and only those who really care about their customers and products will survive.

It may not be what you wanted to hear, but I'm sure I already covered that in my list. At the very least you'll get good at writing headlines.

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September 07, 2010
I agree with all your tips except the following celebrities, I could give a damn about what celebrities have to say. With social media, it has leveled the playing field and it's the one place that I can tune out the celebrity drama. I don't care what Kim Kardashian is wearing today nor will any of my followers so I would never entertain following a celebrity or RT'ing them. As far as I'm concerned, they are making Twitter mainstream, which is great, more people to chime in and make a bunch of noise but not people I care to follow or have follow me.
April 21, 2010
You'll make more money with 500 followers who relate and like you than 100,000 followers who have little to nothing in common with you.

Yes, totally agreed!   "Making money" can also be switched out and replaced with "valuable interactions" and "useful content", which is what applies to Facebook and most other sites, especially here on Lunch with the Similarity Network.  Doesn't matter if I only have 200 friends on Facebook, as long as the bulk of them click on my links, give reactions to my status updates, and wish me a happy birthday.  I've seen quite a few people who have thousands of friends, but barely get any of that.  Looks like it doesn't pay much to be a friend/follower collector.  Quality over quantity ;)

By the way, I really dig your overall breakdown of the many facets of and uses for twitter, and all the tips that you gave.  You should totally join the Social Media community and add this review there.  Thanks for sharing, Robby! :)
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I'm a huge Alexz Johnson fan and of the girl group Lady Phoenix. I love One Tree Hill and the good old days of professional wrestling. My favorite movie of all time is probably Fight Club. You can find … more
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