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reviewed New York Yankees. March 09, 2014
New York Yankees
You know them and you HATE them. Well, maybe you don't hate them; maybe you love them. I'm a fan, and therefore, I love them, but the great laws of statistics and probability say you hate them. It's one …
reviewed Who's on Worst?. August 22, 2013
Who's on Worst?
I know I'm merely reiterating a sentiment that's been recorded a million billion times in the past, but there isn't much of a better way to start a review of a book like this: Part of the big reason people …
reviewed Houston Astros. January 10, 2013
Houston Astros
The state of Texas can never seem to catch any real breaks when it comes to getting new professional sports teams. The NFL, which is iconic in Texas, didn't show up until the Houston Oilers and Dallas …
reviewed Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. January 09, 2013
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Baseball didn't exactly zoom right out to the west coast once it became a major sport. For decades, westward expansion to Major League Baseball meant maybe putting a new team in Kansas City. The barriers …
reviewed Washington Nationals. January 08, 2013
Washington Nationals
The big question about the Washington Nationals is, why did they choose to call the team the Nationals at all? Washington had TWO baseball teams depart, after all: From 1901 to 1960, there was an American …
reviewed Seattle Mariners. January 05, 2013
Seattle Mariners
Seattle has a history in baseball that is somewhat unique. Like most of the other west coast teams, they had a history in minor league baseball before trying to land a Major League Baseball team when …
reviewed San Diego Padres. December 28, 2012
San Diego Padres
The San Diego Padres seem the odd duck when they're compared to their California baseball brethren. They're the only California team which has never won the World Series (although they do have two Pennants, …
reviewed Milwaukee Brewers. December 26, 2012
Milwaukee Brewers
Milwaukee's pride in its beer is one thing I don't believe I will ever come to understand. I've certainly had some damn good microbrews that came out of Wisconsin (Spotted Cow), but Milwaukee is home …
reviewed Kansas City Royals. December 22, 2012
Kansas City Royals
Kansas City is regarded by both insiders and tourists as one of the most underrated cities in the United States, for any reason. The city has a famously lively food scene, rich music and sports histories, …
reviewed Toronto Blue Jays. December 19, 2012
Toronto Blue Jays Logo
Toronto, Ontario is a fine city. Loads of attractions, very pretty, friendly people, money to be made, high quality of life, film industry giant, Toronto has it all. That being said, I guess I can't blame …
reviewed Miami Marlins. December 14, 2012
Miami Marlins
Taking a first look at the Miami Marlins, you can't help but get the feeling that this is a team which never paid its dues. They've won the World Series twice, after all, and will be entering their 20th …
reviewed Minnesota Twins. December 07, 2012
Minnesota Twins
It's totally normal now that when we think of the Minnesota Twins, we think of them only as the Minnesota Twins and not anything of their past as the Washington Senators. The Twins organization has done …
reviewed Tampa Bay Rays. December 05, 2012
Tampa Bay Rays
When you mention the Tampa Bay Rays to a baseball fan, it usually only evokes one response: The question, why? Given a few moments to think up a different reaction, the baseball fan will usually follow …
reviewed Pittsburgh Pirates. November 29, 2012
Pittsburgh Pirates
It goes without saying that today's Pittsburgh Pirates are bad. Hell, yesterday's Pittsburgh Pirates were bad, and the day before too. As of the 2012 baseball season, the Pirates have now gone through …
reviewed Atlanta Braves. November 28, 2012
Atlanta Braves
I really hate the history of baseball before the modern era. It tends to screw up the continuity of my teams series. How many teams have I written about so far that can be considered the oldest continuously …
reviewed Baltimore Orioles. November 27, 2012
Baltimore Orioles
Who are the Baltimore Orioles? There are a thousand different ways to answer that question. It has something to do with the fact that constant city-shifting can take a real toll on the history of teams …
reviewed Cincinnati Reds. November 26, 2012
Cincinnati Reds
People seem to like retro things a lot these days. Retro styles, retro cars, retro clothes, or at the very least, imitations of things that are retro. Even in sports, a lot of spectators seem to pine …
reviewed Colorado Rockies. November 21, 2012
Colorado Rockies
Some team names just seem obvious. Some of them are so obvious, they get overused to such an extent that people get sick of seeing them, no matter how geographically obvious or appropriate they may be. …
reviewed Arizona Diamondbacks. November 20, 2012
Arizona Diamondbacks
In 1998, the Arizona Diamondbacks took the baseball diamond for the first time. In 2001, they won the World Series. And, review!    What? Just that won't do? But the Diamondbacks haven't... …
reviewed Philadelphia Phillies. November 17, 2012
Philadelphia Phillies
It's remarkable to me that the Chicago Cubs somehow get the all-time loser reputation, along with the Boston Red Sox until 2004. The former's first half of their existence is littered with Pennants, and …
reviewed Oakland Athletics. November 15, 2012
Oakland Athletics
"Loser" is not a word we throw around. In baseball, we certainly wouldn't dream of applying it to a team which has won the World Series nine times, a number surpassed only by the Saint Louis Cardinals …
reviewed Cleveland Indians. November 13, 2012
Cleveland Indians
There are times when I think the whole mythology of baseball is built on its curses. The Curse of the Bambino ran from 1918 to 2004. The Curse of Coogan's Bluff ran from 1954 to 2010. The Comiskey Curse …
reviewed Chicago Cubs. November 01, 2012
Chicago Cubs
The eternal story of professional sports has one particular constant: The winners will always be perpetual winners, no matter how bad they get, and the losers will always be perpetual losers, no matter …
reviewed Detroit Tigers. October 28, 2012
Detroit Tigers
Ty Cobb's reputation as a racist is a wee bit more overblown than it should be. I realize that to a lot of critical theorists who can't look at Tony the Tiger without spotting racism, I'm …
reviewed San Francisco Giants. October 25, 2012
San Francisco Giants
Despite the juice, the cream, and the clear becoming big time factors in the home run's recent surge in baseball, looking at the all-time home run numbers can really boggle one's mind. In the …
reviewed Pinstripe Empire. October 05, 2012
Pinstripe Empire
A great baseball team had better have a lot of truly great stories in its history, and with the New York Yankees, there are just tons. With the new book Pinstripe Empire, Marty Appel makes a concentrated, …
reviewed Cincinnati Reds: Vintage World Series. September 20, 2012
Cincinnati Reds: Vintage World Series
No review for this. Not a proper one, anyway. Having not fulfilled my writing obligation last month and being in danger of not fulfilling it this month, I recently ordered a set of vintage World Series …
reviewed The Last Real Season. July 10, 2012
The Last Real Season
I can honestly say I've taken a real shine to Mike Shropshire's work. Or at least his baseball work. I've never read his football work, which is the majority of the books he's written, but his work revolving …
reviewed Three Nights in August. April 11, 2012
Three Nights in August
I've been a stalwart champion of the Billy Beane school of statistics ever since I first read Moneyball. I've defended the idea that, in spite of never winning a Pennant, Beane's new method of collecting …
reviewed St. Louis Cardinals. October 23, 2011
St. Louis Cardinals
So you're in the market for a baseball team, and you have a certain set of qualifications that never, ever waver: You want to have a team that wins a lot, but without raiding the whole of the league for …
reviewed Texas Rangers (baseball). September 03, 2011
Texas Rangers (baseball)
The Texas Rangers are, if anything, a team with some very unique distinctions. Their all-time roster reads like a list of baseball legends, especially in the managerial department: Whitey Herzog had this …
reviewed Amazin'. July 30, 2011
My friend Matt told me this story: Understand that Matt is a major fan of the New York Mets. In 2009 he became a father for the first time, and one day he decided it was time to introduce his daughter, …
reviewed Los Angeles Dodgers. June 18, 2011
Los Angeles Dodgers
The Los Angeles Dodgers are less a baseball team than they are a mystique, a special state of mind. The Yankees are identified with dominance. The Cubs are identified with losing. The Reds are identified …
reviewed Chicago White Sox. June 03, 2011
Chicago White Sox
The Chicago White Sox can't win even for winning. They're not exactly what you would call a charmed team. The images the White Sox provoke in the minds of baseball fans really aren't fair, because the …
reviewed New York Mets. April 07, 2011
New York Mets
My first baseball hat was a Mets cap. The team was the toast of New York City after their 1986 World Series victory, and I was a five-year-old kid in Buffalo who loved his backyard baseball but for whom …
reviewed New York Yankees. March 30, 2011
New York Yankees
The New York Yankees teams from the late 70's and 1996 hold special places in the hearts of Yankee fans. That's because the team, in those years, broke the mold that its been traditionally fit into. The …
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