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Wild Petz: Dolphinz for DS

1 rating: 5.0
Wild Petz: Dolphinz for DS

In this game you will nurture and care for aquatic life making sure that they are healthy and happy. But, you will need to do more than just petting them and feeding them. You will need to take go to the pool and train all of your wild aquatic animals … see full wiki

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1 review about Wild Petz: Dolphinz for DS

Ds Has Created The Perfect World For Dolphinz and Killer Whales

  • Mar 5, 2011
  • by
When I was a kid they did not have all of these game systems to choose from, but I think that the most affordable and easiest one to transport for all of those road trips is the Nintendo DS. One of the most popular game among  the younger generation is the Wild Animals Petz Dolphinz game. This is still popular even though this has been out for a little while now, but you can still find this game at any gaming store or even Best Buy for only $20.00. With this they can explore their own little island and have the fun, just like being at Sea World without all of the clean up and smell of the live animals. Just like each of the kids in the world today these animals all have their own personality, so why not have a dolphin or killer whale with an attitude and personality. This game is rated E for everyone.

About The Game
In this game you will nurture and care for aquatic life making sure that they are healthy and happy. But, you will need to do more than just petting them and feeding them. You will need to take go to the pool and train all of your wild aquatic animals to do some dazzling tricks and try and save your animals from being taken over from a very large corporation. You will either choose from a boy (Greg) or a girl (Mila) as the character that you want to portray you. They will have you starting out on an island, and as you navigate through you will accumulate points and different animals depending on how well and clean and happy your animals and pool is.

Getting Started
It is very important that your DS game is turned off before you insert this game. Then insert the game and hit the power button and turn on the game system, when the screen finally is activated press the Wild Animals Dolphinz Icon on the menu screen. You will need to use the stylus pen to navigate through the menus and this game  If you make a mistake and want to return to the previous screen just touch the flagged X at the bottom left corner. There are several different languages that you will be able to choose from and they are English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.

In order to start a new game you will need a free save slot to be able to overwrite the existing game. Also if you want any bonuses then you can go to the bonus section. You will need the stylus pen to play this game because this has a sensor touch screen, and either the + control pad to move around. It is really easy just tap the screen where the particular icon is that you want and away you go. The next step is to confirm your selection and they way that you do that is by making sure that you hit the button. If you don't, the game will not save your selection. All of the slots should be empty until you start playing, and there is three of them.

To start to play this game you will have to set up a profile and make sure that you save it.  Here you can choose one of the 3 different days. If this is the first time then you will have to choose a new or slot, but if you are continuing a game then just select your old profile. If you were to select the new slot, the game will automatically continue for you. The way that you will be able to notice this is by the day that shows up. This screen will also have a number of the day, along a highlighted bar graphic, and this tells you how many slots or games that you have created. This also has the number of items that you can get for all of your accomplishments. In order to not get frustrated and have to start all over again, you have to make sure that you save all of the info that you have chosen. You can also have duplicate days by coping an existing one and hitting the new slot or highlighted bar button. This does empty the previous game when you have to try and start another game. Once you fill these up the game will automatically erase all of the other games.

Levels to Unlock
There are 6 levels of intensity that you can unlock, and they will be as follows cleanliness (which will show how clean the pool is), food (will show how hungry your animal is),  animals (will show how many animals are in the pool), health (this will show how many stars that your animal will have , the higher number stars, the healthier that they are), mood (this will show how well you have cared for the animal), and the training level (this will show how trained your animal is for the shows) that these animals are at. Each of the dolphins and killer whales and sharks will have all of the options that the game and yourself can keep track of.

Main Menu & Options
From this screen you will have the director's office to see where all of the work that is being completed done is at. This is also where you will see and start all of your dialogues, and these include begin play from where you left off from the last game and health and if the pool is clean or if there is any waste in the pool. This will start out by viewing an overview of the island , and you will start to go on an adventure. For all of the parents that do not like noise this does have a volume control option. You will also be able to see a list of all of the other players credits, just in-case you are trying to train any animals.

Emptying Pools
After you set up and see where you are at on the island, then you will be looking down to see an empty pool and if it is clean enough for a new arrival, and this is where you will take care of your new aquatic animals. You will feed them, exercise them, and train them. Just like the real ones, you will have tricks and that your new arrivals will be able to live free of any waste and be able to run them through. But, the main thing that you have to try and do is to get a high rating by performing well and earning and collecting items from their adventures. This is how you can subsequently earn upgrades to the next level.

This game allows you to tap and drag your shark, whale or dolphin around with the action of the stylus pen. You can drag them through different screens, feeding them and either emptying the pool and filling it back up again.. They also have a way to interact with each of your aquatic animals with the use of a fact sheet just by touching the sheet. Once the proper steps are done you will unlock the door to your new adventure.

You do not have to worry about saving where you are in your adventure because the game will automatically save where you left off and you can continue at a different time. This will not save exactly where you stop at in an adventure but it will save your info at the beginning of the latest adventure. There is only one way to save where you are at in the middle of an adventure, and that is by putting you DS into the sleep mode. By doing this, unless you are plugged into the wall you will deplete the life of your battery.

There are just few warnings that you should be aware of and they are try not to touch the connectors with your fingers as they may leave skin oils on the metal and interfere with the way that the game runs. Try to keep the game dry and clean. Also, do not blow into them like the old VHS tape machines. The heat and cold will affect that way that this game will act so try and store this in a room temperature spot. Never use any solvents to clean this game, this also includes  alcohol. Make sure that there is nothing stuck in the end of the game when you go to plug it into the slot because once you get something stuck inside of this you may damage the metal contacts inside.

This game does require basic reading knowledge and is fun and easy to navigate. The noises that the aquatic animals make are cute  and you can hear them quite clearly, and the animation graphics are excellent. You can see everything very clearly and you do not have to squint your eyes to see anything on the screen. If you have ever been to Sea World then you can relate to all of the chores that you will have to do in this game. Our daughter just loves playing with this, and also interacting with all of her other real life aquatic animals. I think your kids will have an amusing time trying to do all the activities that this games has to offer. As far as I know I have seen no sign of being able to play this, as a two player game. But, my daughter does not care, she likes the alone time in her Dolphinz Petz Wild Animals world.
Ds Has Created The Perfect World For Dolphinz and Killer Whales

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Wild Petz: Dolphinz for DS
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