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The Super Bowl's Super Commercials

  • Feb 8, 2010
  • by
One thing I love about Super Bowl commercials: The promise of babies and animals. It's advertising 101, put a baby or any type of animal in your commercial and viewers are mesmerized.  This year there's a third theme that has also become apparent: Men without pants, or men in need of pants:) Either way men took a lot of heat in the commercials this year.
I turned on the Super Bowl a couple of minutes late and this was the first commercial I saw. Holy cow! Talk about a kid who knows what is rightfully his!

As bad as it is to see Betty White roughly tackled to the the muddy ground, her face is priceless. This commercial was hilarious and creative.

Of course, Budweiser had a couple of great commercials including "The Human Bridge", but I'm a sucker for cute animals and the reminder than friendship has no limits. This is a sweet one.

Killer whales are killer cool. A little Shamu and a Hangover reference makes this tire commercial worthy of my attention and creative props.


We've all been there...in an awkward work moment, a moment that can make you feel like you're the only normal person on earth. This commercial cracked me up and repulsed me all at the same time. Here's to "Casual Friday's"!


Men, the day has finally arrived when walking through fields in your underwear, surrounded by a group of your closest friends, singing at the top of your lungs is considered cool...:)
All things considered they do have pretty darn good voices!

There once was a fiddling beaver who knew he was destined for greatness. He just needed a little hope, an audience and someone to give him the opportunity to prove himself. Nice commercial, Monster. You got my attention!

Google It

Yes, Google is with us through every phase of our lives and is here to stay. How many times do you use Google in a day?

The greatest soda ever

Coke always pulls through with interesting ads. This one is no exception. Sleepwalking at it's best!

As a Brett Favre fan who has spent the entire season listening to countless people talk about how unbelievably old his to be playing pro football at the age of 40, I got a kick out of this one. Especially nice that Favre actually did get to be part of the Super Bowl, though not the way he might have wished.

Dodge Charger

First, you can't help but pay attention when the voice of Dexter's sexy leading character is narrating. But I couldn't help but laugh at the self-deprecating elements in this commercial. Apparently the Dodge Charger is man's last stand to hold on to their pride and manliness.

What did you think of this list?

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February 11, 2010
when it comes to the superbowl, the commercials are just as fun to watch as the game. (sometimes even more). Impressive effort on this list, Bethany!
February 08, 2010
I LOVED the Budweiser cow/horse spot, as well as the whale spot. I'm such a sucker for animals!

The Google commercial admittedly left me a little torn. I agree that Google is with us "every step of our lives" (how could one ever even disagree?!) but it still felt a little contrived (cheesy?) and rushed as well. Hmmmmm....
February 08, 2010
That little cow was so adorable!

The Google spot was undoubtedly cheesy. I thought it was interesting that they took that angle. And rushed? Well, it's funny you say that because while playing around on Youtube I found an extended version of their commercial. It's over 4 minutes long and intense! Check it out and let me know what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5UXXvoMIDg
February 08, 2010
I love cows so unbelievably much. My goodness.

Ah, NOW I get why the on-air spot seemed so rushed! It felt like it progressed on a monthly basis and then all of a sudden jumped about 10 years forward. I see the extended version takes things a little slower.....I think that one is TOO slow. I guess Google just can't please me with their ads :P
February 08, 2010
Oh man...you beat me to it!!  Great job!

I think the Dodge Charger was my favorite or that Doritos one.   
February 08, 2010
Sorry! I had time during the game to start my list! Wasn't that into the final teams this year after the Vikings lost. All of the Doritos commercials were hilarious and I agree, the Dodge Charger was a goodie.  
February 08, 2010
I gave your list a lil lingake shout-out in my blog. The Dodge Charger ad inpsired me to write it. I wish I could think of a way to fit some of the stuff I write into Lunch. http://jeffdalydose.wordpress.com/2010/02/08...ose-of-mans-last-stand/
February 08, 2010
Well, I'm flattered! Thanks for the shout-out and great blog write-up! You'll have to keep me informed as to the final verdict on man's true last stand: Dodge Charger or The Bathroom?:) Hilarious!
February 08, 2010
Hahaha, you're kind of making me wish that I watched the Super Bowl just for these commercials!  Cannot wait for them to get onto Youtube.  Thanks for putting this together, Bethany!  They sound hilarious, and what a nice theme ;P
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