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reviewed Shaun of the Dead. June 03, 2013
Shaun of the Dead
I must have watched this film 100 times now, the more you watch it, the funnier it gets. Full of subtle human and not for the fainr of heart, its a film you definately have to sit down and pay attention …
reviewed Brazil (movie). September 16, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
**** out of ****    Apparently, some people actually doubt the genius of Terry Gilliam. Here we have one of the most obviously imaginative minds working in the film industry of today …
reviewed Shaun of the Dead. April 11, 2012
posted in Movie Hype
Shaun of the Dead
**** out of ****    Edgar Wright is the kind of guy who I would best describe as nice. A director of comedy films - always has, always will be, I hope - , it's surprising that one …
reviewed Champagne Charlie. October 02, 2011
Champagne Charlie
Nostalgia is everything it's cracked up to be in Champagne Charlie, a valentine from Ealing Studios and Alberto Cavalcanti to English music halls.       Ostensibly, it's …
reviewed Brandy for the Parson. August 12, 2011
Sing their names with praise: The Titfield Thunderbolt, Whisky Galore, The Lavender Hill Mob, Passport to Pimlico, The Man in the White Suit. These and other British comedies from the late Forties and …
reviewed Murder She Said. June 29, 2011
Murder She Said
Margaret Rutherford was a scene-stealing eccentric force of nature in all her movies, and I suspect in her stage roles as well. She had a shape like a sack of produce, a double chin that trembled with …
reviewed Mrs. Bradley Mysteries Set. June 17, 2011
Mrs. Bradley Mysteries Set
"The countryside? A place where the birds and animals wander about uncooked."      That's Mrs. Adela Bradley speaking. The mystery is titled Speedy Death, the first of …
reviewed Crackerjack. May 29, 2011
If you like older movies, even if they are very much of their time, with polished performances and gentlemen thieves, this might be the movie for you. Jack Drake (Tom Walls) is known to the police and …
reviewed Porterhouse Blue. May 21, 2011
Porterhouse Blue
The master has just died...of a Porterhouse Blue. That is, of a stroke brought on by overindulgence. Long tradition insists that the masters of Porterhouse College name their successors, and that is to …
DVD front
That cheese-loving, dim-witted inventor Wallace and his long-suffering, resourceful mutt Gromit made a great transition from 30 minute shorts to an 85 minute feature. The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is one …
reviewed The Happiest Days of Your Life. May 11, 2011
The Happiest Days of Your Life
"Gaming? Nicotine? Fisticuffs? We're moving in a descending spiral of iniquity!" So says the head of St. Swithen's upon inspecting the master's common at Nutbourne. The faculty and …
reviewed Mapp and Lucia TV. April 26, 2011
Mapp and Lucia TV
Here are the ingredients: It's the early Thirties in the small English seaside town of Tilling. The doyen of Tilling society is Miss Elizabeth Mapp (Prunella Scales). Miss Mapp is a gallumphing social …
reviewed The Man in the White Suit (1952). April 24, 2011
The Man in the White Suit (1952)
"Now that calm and sanity have returned to the textile industry, I find it my duty to reveal something of the true story behind the recent crisis...a story which we were happily able to keep out …
reviewed Brass Monkey. April 19, 2011
Brass Monkey
There is an awful charm about this movie from 1948. I thought it couldn't get worse or cornier...and then it did.       The plot of Brass Monkey is a thin idea that's …
reviewed Carry on Nurse. April 12, 2011
Carry on Nurse
The next time you're in your hospital bed and two nurses walk in with a long-stemmed daffodil, do not under any circumstance roll over on your stomach.       Carry On Nurse …
reviewed The Titfield Thunderbolt. April 04, 2011
The Titfield Thunderbolt
Of the great British comedies that came out in the late Forties and early Fifties, one of my favorites is The Titfield Thunderbolt. There's no hero, no heroine, no romantic shenanigans and not even …
reviewed Doc Martin. March 29, 2011
Doc Martin
Curmudgeons, if blessed with good writers, can be satisfying house guests. They're irascible, oblivious, often insulting (sometimes unintentionally), but usually with a hint of endearing rehabilitation. …
reviewed School for Soundrels (1960). March 29, 2011
School for Soundrels (1960)
"Oh, hard cheese, old chap!"       School for Scoundrels, that cheery, malicious British comedy of one-upmanship, was based on Stephen Potter's classic of underhanded …
reviewed Keeping Up Appearances: The Full Bouquet. February 27, 2011
Keeping Up Appearances: The Full Bouquet
Everybody loved Lucy in the 1950s. There can be no denying that Lucille Ball was a master at her craft  and the preeminent physical comedienne of her day.  I was quite certain that …
reviewed Death at a Funeral. January 17, 2011
posted in Movie Hype
Death at a Funeral
***1/2 out of ****     I'm not one for lists. Rounding up films and placing them on a "Top Ten" or "Top 5" list is just too much for me. I decidedly don't make lists often, and prefer …
reviewed Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf an.... October 24, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death
   I think what impressed me most about A Matter of Loaf and Death was the simple fact that it came out mere three years after the largely successful Where-Rabbit film (which itself came out …
reviewed Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the We.... October 24, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
DVD front
   Well it was only natural after enjoying Wallace and Gromit in Three Amazing Adventures to become a little more than interested (okay, obsessed) with learning more about 2005’s Curse …
reviewed Wallace & Gromit in Three Amazing Adv.... October 23, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
DVD cover for Dreamworks edition
   My journey to W&G fandom is a rare path indeed, beginning with my acquisition of the Ardman/ DreamWorks collaboration feature film Flushed Away.  It was scooped up in a binge purchase …
reviewed Death at a Funeral. October 10, 2010
Death at a Funeral
The movie begins with a cartoonish, black and white representation of a casket endlessly traveling along a map of streets, missing turns and eventually pulling into a driveway and parking near a building …
reviewed The Full Monty. September 04, 2010
posted in Movie Hype
The Full Monty
Six men who were laid off when their Yorkshire steel mill closed are desperate for money. When a one-night Chippendales show comes to town and is a big hit, they decide to make their own strip show, and …
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