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Posted to BrnWriter's profile February 15, 2010
hello there... ;-P
Posted to BrnWriter's profile February 04, 2010
Holy Crap, you go to the Metropolitan State College of Denver?  You know what's funny?  So do I!  THE SAME FREAKIN' COLLEGE!  Although I should say... that's where I am now.  I don't know if you're still there or not.
February 04, 2010
Well, hey there! Can't wait to discover what you are all about here on Lunch. I've been trying to work on my blog (http://enbrown.wordpress.com) take a look-see when you have a chance. Nice meeting ya!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile December 26, 2009
so how was your Christmas? I hope it was rad!
December 26, 2009
It was like totally rad with a dash of extra tubular. Um, but you'd know that if you were on Facebook or Twitter. Come on Fred Flintstone, ride the wave, baby!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile December 21, 2009

Hey E, how’s postgrad life going? I just wanted to fill you in on what's new at Lunch. There are lots of great new features to explore! Thought you might want to check out this review on Brilliant Earth Fair Trade Jewelry by @plaNetweaver or a review on a Super Tuscan wine by @CuveeCornerWineBlog. You could write microreviews on anything you wish (140 characters or less) or create lists on topics that interest you. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you around lunch!

Posted to BrnWriter's profile September 10, 2009
hi again we miss you! Lots of members have come and gone :(

Come back and write some funny reviews :) This place needs some BrnWriter!!!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile August 25, 2009
How are you, my friend? Long time no talk.... no new reviews?
Posted to BrnWriter's profile August 21, 2009
BrnWriter, where are you??? :)
Posted to BrnWriter's profile April 29, 2009
@ Scotman: I like to write features, such as profiles of people and/or events. But I'll take what I can get in this market, ya know? I've been published in newspapers, magazines and a few places online.
Posted to BrnWriter's profile June 25, 2009
stay away from Death Note Re-light, my friend! how have you been? long time no hear...
June 25, 2009
Well I thought it was coming next in my Netflix queue, but it seems a copy was being shipped your way. Hmmm..you've got an 'in' with them? Speaking of queue...I've been in London three times in one week! Sometimes being a flight attendant ain't so bad!
June 25, 2009
(sniff sniff) you didn't take me with you....
June 25, 2009
So many people wanted to join me-wasn't room in my carry-on for everyone! (u add me on Yahoo yet?)
June 25, 2009
(sniff) I understand. :) Oh, I clicked 'accept' and hopefully it went through. just send me an e-mail, and I'll see if I can do it from my side. I'll message you...
Posted to BrnWriter's profile May 29, 2009
How have you been, my dear?
May 29, 2009
Just peachy, sir. And you? (I've been doing the family thing-Lil cuz grad from grad school/road-trippin it from Fresno to SFO and drinking far too much wine. But when in Cali do as the Cali's do!)
June 15, 2009
still can't seem to get your invite done...I keep on clicking 'accept' at yahoo but it doesn't do anything!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile May 08, 2009
Hey, Brnwriter I re-sent my friend request. Let me know if you see it... ;)
May 12, 2009
Was just in SFO (I'm a flight attendant, if you didn't recall). Great city! You facebookin' it?
May 21, 2009
you are? used to date one...but it didn't work out. Faacebook? what's that?
May 21, 2009
seriously, I've gotten invites but never go around to it...LOL
May 21, 2009
aww, too bad. coulda been flying the world on standby..heehee.
Posted to BrnWriter's profile May 04, 2009
Hi, Brnwriter. I re-sent that friend invite, but I didn't get a confirmation. Please let me know if you see it on your side.
May 04, 2009
It never says pending or anything. Am I clueless?! I also tried to click on your as well...grrr!
May 04, 2009
must be a glitch. I'll inform someone. oh, nice new pic!!
May 04, 2009
"Thank you kindly," she said with a tip of her hat.
Posted to BrnWriter's profile April 27, 2009
Wow, top 10 contributer this week girl! How are you enjoying Lunch?
April 30, 2009
Yep, just moved to Chicago. It's so cold here!
April 30, 2009
I have 24hr layover there this month. I think we stay downtown (we're no longer at the Palmer). Maybe we could get together for lunch..or cake(heehee).
May 01, 2009
Yeah, shoot me an e-mail when you're in town. Do I get a flight attendant discount too? Heh heh!
May 01, 2009
I will! And hopefully this UAL badge will get a discount at the hotel bar! LOL! (PS...you get my msg about posting our AAJ stories)
Posted to BrnWriter's profile April 28, 2009
@ LingEastsCake: I'm diggin' this. Gotta get off my lazy butt and write more. Been slackin!
April 28, 2009
Ha ha! I moved back to Chicago! Come and visit me.
Posted to BrnWriter's profile April 23, 2009
Thanks for commenting in my profile. I saw that you were inquiring about L the Last Name, I also got that review up for yah!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile April 17, 2009
Nothings wrong with my status. Just something I found funny online. :)
Posted to BrnWriter's profile March 13, 2009
Hey- just read your article in denver magazine- great read- you are a really good writer!!!!!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile February 13, 2009
Did you see that @saucybarbie is on here too? ;)
Posted to BrnWriter's profile February 10, 2009
That's really cool that you're a Flight Attendant! =) I've always wanted to be one... And I just spoke w/ my ex roommate today (who currently lives in Denver) about how Jack in the Box has started popping up in the state again after an 11 year hiatus. Haha, welcome to Lunch!!
Posted to BrnWriter's profile February 10, 2009
Hi Elena, how's it going girl? Something tells me you'd like @stjohnbs's reviews. ;) So to get started, try playing some games on ExhilaRATE! The more you rate, the more you develop your similarity network!

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