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Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is online verbal assault

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Cyber Bullying

  • Mar 4, 2009
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            Cyber bullying is defined as the harassment or bothering of someone through electronic devices such as instant messaging, text messaging, e-mail, message boards, chat rooms, or any other means of electronic communication. Millions of people are bothered by these bullies every day.

            There are many different ways that cyber bullying can take place on the internet besides an email. Internet social profiles like MySpace, Facebook, Xanga, and others allow users to post comments to people so everyone can read. The only moderators for the comments are the person who receives the message or the person that writes it.

            There are many examples of cyber bullying. These include sending cruel, vicious, and sometimes threatening messages, breaking into an e-mail account and sending vicious or embarrassing material to others, or engaging someone in IM (instant messaging), tricking that person into revealing sensitive personal information, and forwarding that information to others.
However, do people actually understand what cyber bullying and is there a line that must be crossed for it to be considered bullying?

            "I think any type of personal attack over the internet or any type of mocking is uncalled for.  Since you are typing and not actually speaking, it is hard to differentiate and can even unintentionally hurt someone.  I don't think it is a fair way to attack someone and if it is done online there is no real way to work it out or display emotion properly," said Claire Masteller, 17 of Howell. She said that she had been cyber bullied once or twice, but it was nothing serious.

            "I consider it to be harassing someone over the internet with malicious intent, not like teasing between friends," said Lori Gough, 18, of Howell. She only has a Facebook and AIM accounts, where it is much more intimate and private. You must be friends with someone to see any part of their profile. While she takes a more liberal stance on the definition, others are more conservative.

            "I think in general, courteous conversation is the only kind that's not going to be some form of bullying on the Internet, because if you choose not to be present online, the person cannot defend themselves," said Vin St. John, 19, of Manalapan. He currently has a MySpace, Facebook, Purevolume, Xanga, and AIM. He said that he currently hasn't experienced any serious forms of cyber bullying. However, he does know that he has said things over the internet when he was younger that were mean.

            Neither can recall a situation of where there friends were hurt over the internet. However, there have been instances where students have been cyber bullied before.

            "…threatening to kick someone's a$$ and mean it, but them not show up, then yes. But we were for real, not "(cyber) bullying," said Rob Hoffman, a junior from Union Beach. In reality, they were, as their conversations were nasty and ill-spited as this took place over AIM.

            Kiara Palmatier, 16, of Long Branch, who has AIM, MySpace, Xanga, ad live journal accounts, prevents problems before they happen.

            "Before it gets to that point, I normally block the person or delete them," she said. She said that she doesn't like to start controversy if it can be avoided. However, she said that she does joke and say mean things to her friends, but in a comical way and by no mean should be taken as malicious.

            Emily Kascmar, a junior at Faulkier High School in Virginia, could recall a time in middle school when someone hacked her AIM account. She said that someone was going around pretending to be her and saying all of these derogatory comments. She said it was at a very difficult and untimely point during her time at school.

            Whatever the case is, cyber bullying is wrong, whether intentional or not, and can hurt someone no matter what the intention of a certain comment was.

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May 29, 2009
Great subject, Chris! It reads a little like a newspaper article- are you a journalist? It might be good to move some of that really great info on what cyber bullying is to the wiki. You can check out the differences between wiki and review in the FAQs page.
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