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Brew's Tivo (DVR) List

  • Aug 25, 2009
  • by
The Soup
To me this is a quintissential Tivo/DVR show. With Tivo, you can get through it in 15 or 20 minutes and its hilarious. A fantastic time invested-to-reward ratio. It also serves two important functions in my life: (1) it keeps me up to date on what's going on in TV and pop culture worlds, and (2) it reminds me that there are a lot (and I mean, a lot) of losers out there, which in turn, makes me feel better about myself.
30 Rock
Great synergy on this show. And as Jack says "never badmouth synergy."
Half the time I'm jealous and bitter that this isn't describing my life. But I'm always entertained.
60 Minutes
A legendary show. Could do without Leslie Croft asking incredibly softball questions. But Steve Croft and the others make up for her fawning.
Thomas & Friends
I never realized how much I like trains. Especially trains that talk, and have faces.
Yo Gabba Gabba
See my reviews of Yo Gabba Gabba here and here.
See the full review, "A Children's Show that Grows on You".
Whenever I'm feeling tough or manly, I like to watch this show to remind myself how soft I am.
Dancing With the Stars
I watch it mainly for fashion ideas. The guy's outfits would look great on me.
Ninja Warrior
This is a Japanese show on the obscure G4 network, where contestants scale insanely difficult obstacle courses. The goofy translations of the subtitles ads some great comedy to the mind-boggling physical feats.
The Office
Rarely can a show make you feel so uncomfortable and laugh so much.
River Monsters Catfish
Premise: Guy travels around the world looking for enormous fish. Clearly an idea that can't lose.

I'll give anyone who watches the Amazon catfish episode $50 if they swim in the Amazon after watching it. It gave me nightmares.
Charlie Rose, host of the Charlie Rose show
Rarely watch it, but record it nonetheless, because whenever I do, I always enjoy it.
The Bachelor
One of my wife's shows. I swear.
This show is great on so many levels. Gob, George Michael, et al. Incredible. Also, as someone who formerly resided behind the Orange Curtain, the parody of life in the OC gets me every time.
Jermaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords
The songs have dropped off significantly from the first season (to be expected), but I think the episodes in the recent season were hilarious. The addition of the New Zealand Prime Minister, Brian, has been a huge success. I highly suggest you watch the R. Kelly video "Same Girl", then watch the episode where Brett and Jemaine fall for the same girl. They clearly parodied R. Kelly, to great effect.
Kitchen Nightmares
This show can be hit or miss, but it normally hits. Gordon Ramsay goes into struggling restaurants, watches the operation, then gives his advice on how to turn things around. Watching the restaurant owners interact with Ramsay is fascinating. Its amazing how many people running businesses that are losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year can be so delusional. Often like watching a car-wreck, but normally a light goes off with the owner and its great to see how even extreme incompetence can be aided and turned around.
I like the plausible storylines.
The Real Housewives of Atlanta
One of my wife's shows. When its on, I'm completely appalled at these horrible people. Yet I wonder, why is watching a group of shallow, despicable women so enjoyable?
Big Brother
See previous comment.
Real Estate Intervention HGTV
If you happen to catch the season premiere of this show which features a husband and wife who need to sell one of their two homes (the husbands) following their marriage, prepare for one of the most impressive displays of d-baggery you will ever see.
mad men
This was so highly touted by friends that I put it on my season pass. Have only watched a few episodes, but I can see what everyone's raving about. Very well done show.
Whale Wars
I came across this show while waiting for a Dodger game to start. Is it weird that I was rooting for the whalers?

Seriously, I tivo'd this show because I was so shocked at the position it put me in, but the protagonists of the show are highly unlikeable. They come across as universally delusional (they're shocked when the Japanese get aggressive with them, even though they continually are throwing things on the decks of the whaling boats like, well, ACID!!!!), wimpy, and incompetent.

This is more of an experimental Tivo choice for me. I need to watch more to see if a group of people can cause you, purely by their demeanor and actions, to root for something you are morally opposed to.
The Biggest Loser
Very inspirational. Having said that, I am much fatter than when I started watching the show, so I'm not sure the inspiration has translated into results. Or maybe it has???

What did you think of this list?

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August 26, 2009
awesome list!!! that is a lot of great commentary too. I've got to look for that Whale Wars show... it sounds very different at a minimum. what about that show you were talking about with the NFL guy who travels around doing sports?
August 26, 2009
Great take. I forgot about that. Its a gmc3 rec. I've also found a lot of others that I should add on other people's lists. My list is quite long.
August 26, 2009
"I like the plausible storylines" hilarious. Nice list Brew!
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