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Butter's Twitter List - Come Get Some Twitter Gold

  • Oct 1, 2009
  • by
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Bill Simmons (sportsguy33)
sportsguy33 (Twitter Feed)
The funniest insight into sports and pop-culture anywhere. For more info click over to my review of the Sports Guy (aka Bill Simmons).
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Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll)
Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll) on Twitter
Best college football coach in the land, community activist and a generally great man. The Prince of LA provides frequent updates on the Trojans, community efforts and daily song recommendations. Long live PC.
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Tim Ferriss (tferriss)
tferriss (Twitter Feed)
Good quantity-quality tweet ratio. Lots of interesting tweets on travel, business, health and good living.
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Lance Armstrong (lancearmstrong)
lancearmstrong (Twitter Feed)
I love Lance Armstrong. During the Tour and other races, he's 100% gold. Can hit some cold streaks where his tweets become more mundane from time to time (picking kids up from school, etc.), but overall, he's phenomenal and its really interesting getting insights into his day to day life. Two Lance Armstrong Tweets I found fascinating: announcing when doping agencies show up for a surprise drug test (even in Austin, Texas in the early morning when he's not scheduled to race any time in the near future), and when he invited Dubliners to go for a bike ride by tweeting that he'd be at a certain street corner in Dublin a few hours later ... over 1,000 people showed up to ride with him. How cool is that?
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J.R. Johnson (JRLunch)
J.R. Johnson (JRLunch) on Twitter
@jrjohnson ... web entrepreneur extraordinaire and social media expert. Snazzy dresser, too.
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Rick Seaney (rickseaney)
Rick Seaney (rickseaney) on Twitter
This man knows more about airfare than just about anyone. if you like to travel and want information on deals, great times to buy, and general airfare knowledge, Rick's the man.
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Kenny Sorosky (kjmedia)
Kenny Sorosky (kjmedia) on Twitter
His efforts on Lunch are his real calling card (see Buffalo (Bison) Meat,  Stand by Me, and Favorite Things of 2009) but he also has a strong Twitter voice.
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Shaq is just classic. Giving tickets to the first tweeple to touch him never gets old.
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Mike Shedlock (MishGEA)
Mike Shedlock (MishGEA) on Twitter
One of the best economic commentator/bloggers there is (see my review of Mish's blog). Generally just tweets links to his blog postings, but its a great way to get a heads up when there's new posts.
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tomvenuto (tomvenuto) on Twitter
This was a recommendation from my friend @gmc310 and is another friend's man crush. Fitness and nutrition expert.
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RDL74 (RDL74) on Twitter
@RLSKI1974 (lunch member name) is a natural, yet reserved, tweeter.
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GCM3 (gcm3)
GCM3 (gcm3) on Twitter
Would like to see more tweets and retweets from @gcm310, as he usually has interesting stuff to share and follows some unorthodox, yet interesting twitterers. Hat tip for his heads up on BobbyJindal, Tom Venuto and Jozy Altidore.
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Jeff Wilson (lancemanion)
Jeff Wilson (lancemanion) on Twitter
What can be said about @JeffWilson that hasn't been said about David Hasselhoff?
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The Onion (TheOnion)
The Onion (TheOnion) on Twitter
Headlines are normally good enough on their own to elicit a LOL.
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VirtualTourist (VirtualTourist_)
VirtualTourist (VirtualTourist_) on Twitter
Best travel community in the world. Very high quantity-quality ratio. If you want big bang for the buck in travel tweets, follow VirtualTourist (VirtualTourist_).
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Stafon Johnson (stafon13)
Stafon Johnson (stafon13) on Twitter
Added Stafon recently after his horrific injury. Really pulling for him to recover and not to have too much damage to his voice.
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Lunch.com (BestofLunch)
Lunch.com (BestofLunch) on Twitter
Best way to stay abreast of quality Lunch reviews.
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airfarewatchdog (airfarewatchdog) on Twitter
Great cheap airfare/travel inspiration source.
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Bill Plaschke @ LAT (BillPlaschke)
Bill Plaschke @ LAT (BillPlaschke) on Twitter
One of the better sports writers in the country. Has some great takes, but can sometimes get diarrhea of the tweet, inundating you with tweets (normally happens while he's watching a game in person).
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coopjilly (coopjilly) on Twitter
Rarely disappoints. Mainly LA-centric content.
Schwarzenegger (Twitter Feed)
I love the Governator. I still can't believe the special interests were able to defeat his original ballot measures. How in the world can anyone think that measuring performance before granting tenure to teachers is a bad thing?
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Gov. Bobby Jindal (BobbyJindal)
Gov. Bobby Jindal (BobbyJindal) on Twitter
This guy has a fascinating story. Hopefully he'll give me some tweets that will tell me more of what he's about.
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Stephen Fry (stephenfry)
stephenfry (Twitter Feed)
Really enjoy his "Stephen Fry in America" BBC series for its stuffy, goofy, yet funny and interesting takes on America. Just starting following, due to a recomendation from @kallis100's twitter list, but already glad I'm following.

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October 01, 2009
putting LanceManion - lunch name @JeffWilson -  #13 on your list... did that have anything to do with the fact that it's his birthday today?  i didn't think he tweeted enought to justify that position.  But we all know we could use more tweets out of him like i could use more cowbell all day every day.
October 01, 2009
Thanks for the list. I started following Mike Shedlock -- it is amazing how much high quality, well thought out content he puts out there.
October 01, 2009
He's an incredible source. Barry Ritholtz (the Big Picture), used to be as good (or better), but he's slowed down after the nuttiness of last year.  Still a worthwhile read and a great place to get a lot of information in a condensed format.
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