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  • Jan 2, 2011
I am not a believer in daily horoscopes, however I definitely believe in the personalities and traits of the various sun signs depending on when you are born. The copy of Linda Goodman's Sun Signs that I have is rather old, but it is still continuously being revised so you can pick up a new version at any time.  

This book is uncanny in describing personalities based on your sign - and the book is conveniently  divided into sections; the basic personality of the sign; then that is divided into categories entitled The Man, The Woman, The Child, The Boss and The Employee. You have no idea how many times I have grabbed this book when raising my children; it actually helped me to understand their personalities so I was able to handle different situations in a way that suited them individually. Before I was married, when I had a boyfriend, I would look their sign up in the book to see if we were compatible - and yes, it was always on the mark!   (Saved me lots of time and heartache LOL)

Following are quick captions of each sign and the basic personality traits.  Keep in mind also that if you were born close to the sign before or after your actual sign, you may have some of those traits also. Read and see if yours is accurate!

I have also included famous celebrities under each sign; I found this information on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs and although I do not agree with some of the "cons" of the basic characteristics included with the lists from this particular site (from knowing people personally) - it is nonetheless interesting.
(March 21 - April 20) The Aries (The Ram) will fight for what they feel is an injustice and are not bashful about voicing their opinions. They come straight to the point. They can be conscious only of themselves and his needs come first. He wants something, he gets it, but his innocence mellows his aggressiveness. They are fearless, believe with their heart and when they fall down they get back up to try again. What you see is what you get; there is nothing about the Aries that is hidden or complicated; they are never deceptive or devious, instead they are frank and refreshingly honest. They do not like physical pain at all (they usually despise the dentist!) but are brave with life circumstances.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Aries include; energetic, confident, full of passion, pioneering, enthusiastic, fair, and adventurous. 

Arians are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being impatient, impulsive, selfish, cocky, boastful, and being intolerant of others.

Matthew Broderick
Rosie O'Donnell
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Reese Witherspoon
Steve McQueen
Aretha Franklin
Sarah Jessica Parker
Sir Elton John
Diana Ross
Erica Jong
Steven Tyler
Mariah Carey
Julia Stiles
Lucy Lawless
Celine Dion
Eric Clapton  
Warren Beatty
Al Gore
Christopher Walken
Emmylou Harris
Alec Baldwin
Eddie Murphy
Marlon Brando
Robert Downey Junior  
Jackie Chan
Russell Crowe
Robin Wright Penn
Dennis Quaid
Hugh Hefner
Andy Garcia
David Letterman
Shannen Doherty
Martin Lawrence
Conan O'Brien
Melissa Joan Hart
Ashley Judd
Kate Hudson
Taurus The Bull
(April 21 - May 21) The typical Taurean prefers to move deliberately and speak sparingly. Solid and steady, they will not budge an inch. The bull seldom rushes forward to stomp on your toes - he wants to be left alone, just do not disturb him and he will be content; press him and he will become obstinate. Shove or tease him too much and be prepared for a violent rage. He can go for months ignoring bad things around him, then one day the little tiny straw that can break the camel's back will happen - when it does, get the hell out of the way! His temper is not impulsive, but when he is mad he can demolish whatever is in his path - luckily, it takes a lot to make him angry. They are home people - they love familiar surroundings and change can sometimes upset them. His loyalty and devotion to family is extremely strong. They are sensible; his home is his castle and you are better to not disturb the peace of the bull. He is patient, deep and has a dependable strength that can move mountains - but they are stubborn!!

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Taurus include; determination, practicality, patience, sensuality, reliability, ambitious, and competence. 

Taureans are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being lazy, inflexible, jealous, stubborn, and being greedy.

Jessica Alba 
Pierce Brosnan 
George Clooney 
Penelope Cruz 
Linda Evangelista 
Megan Fox 
Janet Jackson 
Billy Joel 
Harper Lee 
Jack Nicholson 
Roy Orbison 
Al Pacino 
Anthony Quinn 
Barbra Streisand 
Uma Thurman 
Ritchie Valens 
Stevie Wonder 
Renee Zellweger 

Gemini The Twins
(May 22 - June 21) There are 2 distinct sides to the Gemini's personality; he may be in one place today and another place tomorrow. He can change his job, his love life or residence as fast as he changes his mind, which is very fast! They usually talk and listen fast. They are impatient with conservative stick-in-the-muds or with people who can not make up their minds quickly. They know where they stand on particular issues; at least for the moment. They resent drudgery and monotony fiercely. There is a need to disguise their true motives but they have an amazing versatility and facility of speech. They make good politicians, not to mention experts in the field of human relationships. The Gemini has a fast mind and clever tongue. What they believe today could easily change tomorrow.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Gemini include; witty, full of life, adaptable, brave, inquisitive, and clever. 

Geminis are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being nervous, cunning, superficial, malicious, and a lack of consistency.

Naomi Campbell
Drew Carey
Bob Dylan
Lauryn Hill
Mike Myers
Miles Davis
Lenny Kravitz
Pam Grier
Stevie Nicks
Louis Gossett Jr.
Gladys Knight
Annette Bening
John F. Kennedy
Brooke Shields
Clint Eastwood
Alanis Morissette
Marilyn Monroe
Morgan Freeman
Angelina Jolie
Mark Wahlberg
Sandra Bernhard
Liam Neeson  
Joan Rivers
Johnny Depp
Michael J. Fox
Gene Wilder
Boy George
Courtney Cox
Helen Hunt
Paul McCartney
Kathleen Turner
Paula Abdul
Nicole Kidman born on June 20.

Cancer The Crab
(June 22 - July 23) They have an uncanny sense of publicity; when it pleases them to be noticed they have an unassuming manner but secretly enjoy attention. You can wound his sensitive feelings with a harsh glance or rough tone of voice, and cruelty can bring on a complete withdrawal. They will hide in their proverbial shell (hence the crab sign) to protect their feelings of hurt, but he can retaliate fiercely but secretly. They are secretive about themselves, and their compassion is deep and highly intuitive. They usually do not like to discuss their personal life, but love to hear about yours. They never go directly after what they want; instead their strategy is to move every direction but straight ahead (again, like the crab) - emotions are strong; worry can make them physically ill but cheerfulness can make them well.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Cancer include; sympathetic, kindness, caring, intuitiveness, imaginative, emotional, and nurturing. 

Cancerians are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being depressed, moody, quick to change, attachment issues, and being very sensitive.

Cyndi Lauper
Kris Kristofferson
Meryl Streep
George Michael
Chris Isaak
Tobey Maguire
John Cusack
Ross Perot
Dan Aykroyd
Liv Tyler
Pamela Anderson
Princess Diana
Jerry Hall
Tom Cruise
Huey Lewis
George W. Bush
Sylvester Stallone
Ringo Starr
Anjelica Huston
Kevin Bacon
Jimmy Smits
Tom Hanks
Giorgio Armani
Bill Cosby
Harrison Ford
Linda Ronstadt
David Hasselhoff
David Spade
Robin Williams
Leo The Lion
(July 24 - August 23) The lion rules other animals, and the Leo person rules you and everyone else! They can pretend to be introverts, but do not attack their pride; take away something from him, give him orders, show no respect and you will hear him roar. They have a love of teaching; many end up as psychiatrists or educators. He is deeply wounded when you do not respect his wisdom and generosity. To subdue him, simply flatter him. He can be very astute and will seldom waste his energy which makes him a superb organizer. He expresses approval generously and can give extravagant compliments - but he is not bashful about his displeasure either. To the Leo, life without love is like a plug without a socket.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Leo include; generosity, charismatic, truthful, proud, enthusiastic, caring, and warm hearted. 

Leos are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being conceitful, intolerant to others, snobbish, rigid, and is sometimes a bully.

Monica Lewinsky
Woody Harrelson
Jennifer Lopez
Kevin Spacey
Mick Jagger
Sandra Bullock
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Laurence Fishburne
Lisa Kudrow
Wesley Snipes
Martha Stewart
Martin Sheen
Steve Martin
Billy Bob Thornton
Charlize Theron
David Duchovny
Dustin Hoffman
Melanie Griffith
Whitney Houston
Antonio Banderas
Ben Affleck
Robert De Niro
Sean Penn
Christian Slater
Denis Leary
Edward Norton
Robert Redford
President Bill Clinton
Matthew Perry
Virgo The Virgin
(August 24 - September 23) The Virgo can stand out as a loner and they measure every minute for what it's worth. They are perfectionists and it is not easy for them to relax because they are basically uncomfortable in crowds. Worry comes naturally but his delightful smile will always seem to be hiding some great trouble. They can stand more intense work over a long period of time than the heavier signs. Although they are cool and capable on the outside, they can have inner anxieties that gnaw at them. They are dependable and sincere, but can pretend to be sick if they do not want to go somewhere! He may criticize your statements with arguments, but if you are in a jam he will quickly step in to make things right for you. Virgo is quick to deny his habits and traits but he actually does see them in such infinate detail he can not bear to hear them generalized. He is incapable of sitting very long, but at the same time his facial expression will portray tranquility.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Virgo include; modesty, intelligent, diligence, independent, analytical, orderly, and controlled. 

Virgos are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being fussy, critical of others, perfectionist, hypochondriac, and being a cold fish.

River Phoenix
Tommy Lee Jones
Billy Ray Cyrus
Claudia Schiffer
Sean Connery
Macaulay Culkin
Jason Priestley
Shania Twain
Cameron Diaz
Gloria Estefan
Keanu Reeves
Charlie Sheen
Raquel Welch
Rosie Perez
Chrissie Hynde
Adam Sandler
Hugh Grant
Rachel Ward
David Copperfield
Jeremy Irons
Sophia Loren
Bill Murray
Stephen King 
Michael Jackson
Libra The Scales
(September 24 - October 23) This is my sign!! We love people but hate crowds. We are natural mediators and patch up quarrels between others, but we love a good argument ourselves. We desperately need peace, harmony and balance (hence the scales) but if our scales are tipped off-balance for too long, we can end up in deep despair and turmoil. We can be sweet, gracious, and charming, but we can turn around and be stubborn, restless and depressed. We can burn the midnight oil - you can get worn out watching us in our surge of energy, but just as quickly we can turn around and be lazy. We are not a dual sign, but friends of a Libra can easily say we are 2 different people at times. Libra women have the uncanny ability to be soft and tough at the same time. Librans also have the ability to weigh both sides of a situation when making a decision and it can take forever! We will side with an enemy if we think they are right, and we are quick to fight for injustice. The Libra is very lovable and affectionate, but if we do not feel balanced, we can act quite differently.  Despite the hatred of discord, a Libra will fight tooth and nail about a subject they feel passionate about.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Libra include; refined, sophisticated, diplomatic, pleasant, perceptive, charming, and idealistic. 

Librans are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being insecure, frivolous, deceitful, flirty, indecisive, and needing the approval of others.

Barbara Walters
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Christopher Reeve
Heather Locklear
Michael Douglas
Will Smith
Olivia Newton-John
Meat Loaf
Gwyneth Paltrow
Naomi Watts
Fran Drescher
Neve Campbell
Tommy Lee
Alicia Silverstone
Susan Sarandon
Kate Winslet
Chevy Chase
Matt Damon
Sigourney Weaver
John Lennon
Ralph Lauren
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Carrie Fisher
Jeff Goldblum
Scorpio The Scorpion
(October 24 - November 22)  Scorpio is known as the Scorpion, the Eagle, or the Gray Lizard; they are the most complex of all the signs.  Their eyes can be piercing with hypnotic intensity and can feel as if they are penetrating through your very soul.  The Scorpio has total ego - insults roll off their back and compliments won't move him.  If you ask his opinion, you're gonna get it.  They do not pay false compliments; it is beneath them to flatter.  Take his compliments seriously.  There is a haunting sweetness about the Scorpio and often a gentle sympathy.  His sun position gives him several paths to follow.  He can imitate the nocturnal scorpion who will sting others and even himself just for the pleasure of it, or he can imitate the glorious soaring path of the eagle who rises above earthly limitations and uses his strength wisely.  They are intensely loyal to friends.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Scorpio include; focused, emotionally sensitive, complex, determined, and charismatic. 

Scorpios are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being stubborn, cruelty, jealousness, possessive, and moments of extremity.

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Marla Maples
Bill Gates
Julia Roberts
Richard Dreyfuss
Winona Ryder
Henry Winkler (the Fonz)
Jenny McCarthy
Matthew McConaughey
Ethan Hawke
Maria Shriver
Sally Field
Joni Mitchell
Brittany Murphy
Demi Moore
Leonardo DiCaprio
David Schwimmer
Chris Noth
Whoopi Goldberg
Danny DeVito
Owen Wilson
Calvin Klein
Jodie Foster
Larry King
Goldie Hawn 

Saggitarius The Archer
(November 23 - December 21)  He can walk up to you, being cheery and friendly, and then greet you with a remark like "How do you manage to look so young when you are as old as you are?" - don't get angry, he blurts out his direct speech in total innocence.  He has an extremely clever mind and high standards under his tactless manner.  He has a unique combination of wit, intelligence and fiery drive.  They are oblivious to their own blunt speech and are convinced they are the most diplomatic souls in the world.  They are normally restless and hate to sit or stand still.  They love animals passionately.  They fear nothing and will usually take a chance on literally anything.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Sagittarius include; funny, full of compassion, ethical, dynamic, energetic, and have an open heart. 

Saggitarians are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being too impulsive, superstitious, being foolish, pride, and being unpredictable.

Billy Connolly
Christina Applegate
John F. Kennedy, Junior
Tina Turner
Bruce Lee
Caroline Kennedy
Jimi Hendrix
Ed Harris
Ben Stiller
Bette Midler
Woody Allen
Britney Spears
Gianni Versace
Daryl Hannah
Julianne Moore
Jeff Bridges
Tyra Banks
Kim Basinger
Sinead O'Connor
Don Johnson
Milla Jovovich
Brad Pitt
Keith Richards
Steven Spielberg
Alyssa Milano
Jane Fonda
Kiefer Sutherland
Phil Donahue
Ray Romano
Samuel L. Jackson
Capricorn The Goat
(December 22 - January 20)  You will find him anywhere he can advance or improve himself - anywhere he can get ahead and further his secret ambitions.  In a social gathering he will be the admiring spectator as he quietly and calmly watches personalities around him.  There is a faint aura of melancholy and seriousness surrounding his personality.  They usually do not gossip or stick their noses in other's business.  They can be gloomy and pessimistic; he seems harmless but will use your weaknesses and jealousies to make himself stronger. They can be very romantic.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Capricorn include; trustworthiness, full of ambition, patience, stability, shrewd, persistence, and responsibility.

Capricorns are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being cold, sometimes material, conservative, and is sometimes referred to as dull.

Mel Gibson
Julia Ormond
REM singer Michael Stipe
Marilyn Manson
Robert Duvall
Nicholas Cage
David Bowie
Elvis Presley
Jimmy Page
George Foreman
Rod Stewart
Howard Stern
Kirstie Alley
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
LL Cool J
Kate Moss
Jim Carrey
Muhammed Ali
Kevin Costner
Dolly Parton
Ricky Martin
Annie Lennox
Denzel Washington
Jude Law
Mary Tyler Moore
Tiger Woods
Anthony Hopkins
John Denver
Val Kilmer 

Aquarius The Water-Bearer
(January 21 - February 19)  Be constantly prepared for the unexpected!!  They generally are kind and tranquil, but they nevertheless enjoy defying public opinion.  He lives in the future and his brain is constantly running like circuits - thinking of several things at once.  They can reduce the anxiety of the insane simply by talking to them quietly; they have a knack for calming hysterical people and soothing frightened children.  He does not like to be pinned down to specific duties or obligations at specific times.  He has a truth-respecting mind and likes going his own way with his independent ideas.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Aquarius include; entertaining, creative, independent, challenging, determined, and progressive. 

Aquarians are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being a rebel, cold, a coward, erratic, and impractical.  (Sorry, but I do not agree with this statement!)

Emma Lee Bunton
Geena Davis
Ellen DeGeneres
Paul Newman
Bridget Fonda
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Selleck
Gene Hackman
Phil Collins
Justin Timberlake
Lisa Marie Presley
Bobby Brown
Jennifer Jason Leigh
Garth Brooks
Nick Nolte
Joe Pesci
Mia Farrow
Jennifer Aniston
Burt Reynolds
Henry Rollins 
Peter Gabriel
Jane Seymour
John McEnroe
Michael Jordan
Rene Russo
Cybill Shepherd
John Travolta
Matt Dillon 

Pisces The Fish
(February 20 - March 20)  They can not stand being confined for long in one place.  There is little worldly ambition in these Neptune people.  Rank, power, leadership or wealth holds little attraction to the Pisces.  They can see the world through rose colored glasses and prefer to live in their own comfortable, beautiful world.  They can be moody, happy, generous, fun-loving, detached, sympathetic and crabby - Pisces can have all the good and bad qualities of all the other signs before them.  the one quality that originates with his own sign is his strange power to stand outside himself and see yesterday, today and tomorrow as one.  They have a love of music and art, and have a deep wisdom and compassion for others.

**The following was found on http://www.allfamouspeople.com/star-signs

Characteristics of those born under Pisces include; romantic, emotional, dreamer, receptive, honest, affectionate, and generous. 

Pisceans are also known to have less flattering characteristics like being fickle, exaggerating things, being passive, paranoid, and very sensitive.

Benicio Del Toro
Cindy Crawford
Ivana Trump
Kurt Cobain
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Drew Barrymore
Ted Kennedy
George Harrison
Johnny Cash
Chelsea Clinton
Elizabeth Taylor
Ron Howard
Jon Bon Jovi
Shaquille (Shaq) O'Neal
Kathy Ireland
Chuck Norris
Liza Minnelli
Billy Crystal
Kurt Russell
Nat "King" Cole 
Rob Lowe
Queen Latifah
Bruce Willis
Glenn Close
Spike Lee
Holly Hunter 

What did you think of this list?

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August 26, 2011
This has always been my favorite astrology books. She's so right on with my sign (Sagittarius) that she almost makes me believe in astrology. I have another good book on the subject around here somewhere but I can't think of the title at the moment. It deals with Chinese astrology which goes by your birth year, in which I'm born in the year of the Dog. And that is even more accurate! I'll try and find it--you'd love it. It's as good as this book is.
August 26, 2011
I've looked at Chinese Astrology as well - I can't remember what I am according to my birth year, but it was extremely accurate as well! Thanks for the read and comment - glad to know others seem to think their sign is right on with their personality!!
August 26, 2011
Not all books are created equal though. Goodman's is particularily good. I bought myself a copy and my daughter wanted one too.
June 28, 2011
Fun list! I am a Libra too and I find the description of the Libra sign to fit me very closely. When I was working and would have to decide between applicants to hire for my staff, I was known to make side-by-side comparison charts of their pros and cons. Drove my boss crazy, I think, but OTOH it very clearly showed why I made the decision I did. :)
June 28, 2011
I would have done the same as you did to decide between applicants! We Librans usually take decisions very seriously LOL Thank you for reading and the comment Sheri...
January 08, 2011
Very cool list! The scorpio description sounds quite like me!
March 22, 2011
Thank you -- I'm glad your sign description seems to match you!!
January 03, 2011
Cool list, Brenda! it's not a perfect match but, I'm not necessarily a perfect Taurus. I remember reading somewhere that your birthday placement (beginning, middle or end of the month) has an important distinction on your astrological characteristics. I have quite a bit in common with my sign but, not everything- I like change and am definitely not greedy or jealous. You're a Libra? So's my mom! Love Libras!
January 03, 2011
You're right about birthday placement; time of birth has lots to do with it too. I love Taurus' - my older son is a Taurus, a true one, and he's so enjoyable and easy to get along with; he's not greedy either, but I agree that not all characteristics are typical of every sign. Yes, Librans are too cool!! LOL
January 03, 2011
Yet, two more coincidences to prove that we're twins ;p I'm the oldest child in our fam, too! LOL...Yes, Taureans AND Libras are super cool ;p
January 03, 2011
Damned right we are!! I've known several Taureans and we have always gotten along famously!
January 02, 2011
Quite a creative list, your message has been received, Brenda. Nice work on the celebrity signs. I am not into horoscopes or these things either but they can be quite fun! I really don't think that the qualities mentioned are true (espcecially on certain signs that I know people fall under) It is one's past that shapes one's character and how they made their choices that make them individuals.

Hey, guess what my sign is?
January 02, 2011
You asked me before to guess what sign you are - remember? I guessed and you never responded to it so I will have to think about this one again cause I think I changed my mind - I am a Libra and we change our minds frequently LOL
January 02, 2011
no--I don't remember you guessing. At least I never saw that response. C'mon now, take a shot, I'll give you a dollar. ;)
January 02, 2011
LOL - you asked me the same question in response to me asking Alex if he was a Libra - I answered but you never responded so I guess you never saw it. Maybe you should look for it!! HA - let me think about it, cause based on your responses, your reviews and the way you write, and your general conversations, I am a little stumped! I will let you know what I think; in the meantime, look at my response I gave you a while back.
January 02, 2011
BTW - I agree with you that one's past shapes characters, but I also believe that when we are born, even an infant has a particular personality that is already inbred into them. Raising children of my own, I have seen the differences in their personalities even as infants; 3 children and they were all different before I had the chance to shape their characters to make them good people - luckily, I succeeded in that with all 3, but my God, their personalities were so different and I had to adjust to that in order to shape them into good human beings. My Taurus son was so easy to get along with as a child, very laid back and now is a man whom I can be proud of, then when I had an Aquarius son he was the most difficult to raise when he was little, the complete opposite of my Taurus, although as a man he has grown into a hell of a good person; it seems the traits that made him difficult as a child actually made him a getter man. My daughter the Pisces has been the most complicated to understand and she is only 11 so I have a ways to go with her LOL. Now while I try to guess what you are, please look at your sign and think about whether you have any of the personality traits at all -- come on Woo, I'll give you a dollar! LMBO (You know I luv ya)
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