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  • Nov 5, 2010
In the process of moving, it took 3 weeks for me to get hooked up to DISH (I said goodbye to Comcast) and in the meantime, all I had to watch were DVD's I own. We were broke by the time we moved and I couldn't rent anything, so relying on the movies I had was the only thing to do in between unpacking. Now I realize how sad it is to be so dependent on TV - I was bored out of my skull. Here are the movies I watched, how many times I watched them, and oh...it is so sad!! LOL These are in no particular order by the way.  Now I am wondering, after reviewing this list, why do I not own movies that are my favorites - such as The Exorcist?  Hummmm, I think it's time I buy some different DVD's!!
This Is It
I saw this one again 3 times with my surround sound turned up as high as I could get it. This is one I never get tired of -- every time I watch it I see something I neglected to notice before, and undeniably, MJ was brilliant, humble, and just downright misunderstood. Love it!!
Secret Window
Being an avid Johnny Depp fan, I had to buy this DVD when it first came out. I watched it 8 times during my move (yes, you heard right, 8 damned times) and I know every word and move by heart by now and it still amazes me how Depp can play a role of a nut that looks like a dweeb and still manage to look hot. Based on a Stephen King novel, this flick was awesome with the story line and I thought was brilliantly played by my man Johnny; he sticks some humor into a dark character that I loved.
Grown Ups (2010)
A friend taped this one off his internet and I watched it 5 times. I couldn't help it, I was completely amused by it. While I saw some flaws, I thought it was the best feel-good movie I have seen in a while. I could have done without a couple of scenes, such as the breast-feeding and peeing in the lake scenes, but the arrow roulette scene sent me into hysterics all 5 times. I really enjoyed Adam Sandler's character; he seemed more natural and sensible in this one. I also liked the fact that since there were children involved in the story, the adults did their best to not corrupt them with bad language, etc. Maybe it was because I was so sad and blue, but this movie really helped cheer me up. Despite the few flaws and unnecessary scenes, I loved it.
One of my favorites; I only watched this one 10 times. OMG, yes, 10 times (I told you I was bored!) but Travolta and Cage were brilliant in this movie. While the concept of the film may be a little odd, I am always mesmerized by the acting. I can't think of any other acting pair that could have pulled this one off as well as John and Nicholas.
6 times watching this one. It was getting a little monotonous after the 4th time, but I still hail this as one of my favorites as far as an action film. When I saw this at the theater when it first came out, I was surprised I liked it at all; Transformers reminded me of the toys my son used to play with and just not my kind of movie. I love the humor and special effects. Even though I still like it, it will certainly be a while before I see it again!
I still can't figure why they call this a thriller - yes, it has my man Depp in it, but thrilling it is not. I watched this one 4 times, and it still bores me. Even Depp's character I found boring - I guess I am not used to this from him. It will be in my next life that I watch this one again.
A couple ready for divorce end up stranded in a motel where murders have taken place and have been video taped. They try to escape but to no avail. I watched this one several times, and even though I know it all by heart, it still managed to entertain me. Many movies such as this one have females who are stupid (you know, the ones where they could easily escape out the door instead of going up the stairs in hysterics and then wonder why they are trapped), but this character and story line were a little more realistic. This motel makes the Bate's Motel look like the Holiday Inn.
Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard
Bruce Willis is getting old, and I am not a fan per say, and it seems as though every Die Hard movie he plays in is the same story - daddy cop whose children hate him until they need him to save their lives. I liked this one simply because Justin Long added much needed humor to the film. The story line itself, dealing with someone who is trying to take over the country via computer, is something that does not interest me, but I will admit the action shots were good (though not realistic) and Willis again turns out the hero, but not without the help of the computer wizardry of Justin Long. I loved it in the theater when it first came out, but after seeing it on DVD 5 times, I'm sick of it. This DVD will stay in my closet for a while and I dare my husband to want to watch it again!
I just loved this movie; even after watching it 5 times (not counting the many times I saw it before my move) - Halle Berry plays her part wonderfully as a psychiatrist who ends up a patient in her own mental facility after brutally murdering her husband, which she doesn't remember doing. It is a ghost story, a drama, and a thriller all in one, and I think it's an awesome story. Penelope Cruz also plays in it as a patient - she looks quite ordinary without her makeup (this is amusing to me - the wonders of makeup) and I'm still not tired of it.
Panic Room
I am a huge fan of Jodie Foster, and she brilliantly portrays a newly single mom who moves into a huge brownstone house with her daughter. The first night there, a gang of robbers come in, not realizing someone has moved into the house, to steal bonds hidden somewhere in the house. Tension builds quickly as they try to find the money and deal with the intelligence of Foster as she and her daughter end up hiding in the house's built in panic room. I loved this movie; it was never boring in a single scene, and Foster again proves that women can be sly and intelligent without being freaked out and stupid.
What Lies Beneath (2000)
A suspenseful movie starring Michelle Pfiffer and Harrison Ford. Ford is an actor I usually like, but he played a quite boring character until you find out what he's really made of. Pfiffer is alone in her new house with her new husband Ford after her daughter goes away to college. The new neighbors are odd; Pfiffer believes the husband killed the wife because she is having some experiences with ghostly beings in the house. Is it the neighbors, or what or who is trying to send Pfiffer a message? A really good drama - it could be a little slow at some points of the movie, but overall, a good flick to see 5 times.
The Grudge
Good Lord, if I see this one again I'll go insane. A pretty good thriller, but for some reason it took me 7 times of watching it to really get all the good points and the whole basic idea of this movie. Nope, I won't be seeing this one again in this lifetime.
I am definitely not a Batman fan; I only wanted to see this one because Heath Ledger played such an awesome role as The Joker. Creepy stuff.......what a brilliant role Ledger played. The other characters did nothing for me; the way Batman talks like Clint Eastwood is annoying and I thought the movie was way too long; but no one could ever play The Joker as well as Ledger did.
Mark Walburg plays a great bad guy. Handsome and cunning, Reese Witherspoon falls for him until she finds out what he is really like, and Mark does not like being turned away. I loved this story, even after watching it 8 times. I could have done without the dog's head sticking in the doggie door scene, but overall, it was a good thriller for me.
The Reaping
I found this one to be a little on the boring side; not enough action in it for me, but it was OK to watch since I was bored. If you like to be thrilled, this one is not for you!

What did you think of this list?

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December 05, 2010
LOL we may both be horror fans but our tastes certainly aren't the same. Do you not own a lot of movies are what? I should talk though. When I rented JODHAA AKBAR (obviously Bollywood which meant it was at least 3 hours long) I watched it 3 times the first day (seriously!) and twice the next before sending it back and looking for a copy to buy.
December 05, 2010
The dumb thing is, I don't seem to own the movies I really love -- like The Exorcist and some others. I didn't realize it until I had to watch these over and over again - some I loved before I had to watch them too many times. I like to rent, but don't buy - the hubbie usually buys movies. I own more than I mentioned here, but I need a whole new movie library!! Thanks for the read QueenB!
December 05, 2010
I own several hundred DVDs and I still have a hundred or so BHS movies that I haven't been able to replace on DVD yet. I just have to have my favorite movies with me because I hate the thought of having people edit them and decide to give me a different version of something that I think is perfectly fine the way it is. Look at what happened with the star Wars movies--that's a perfect example. They had all that terrible CGI inserted into the earlier movies which looked much better without it. Nobody is going to tell me how my movies should look.
December 05, 2010
You have quite an impressive amount of movies!! I need to get my butt in gear LOL
December 05, 2010
I just loves my movies. I used to loan them out at work. It got so that I had to keep a list of who had what so that I'd be sure of getting them back. My titles aren't the kind that every video store carried and this was way before NetFlix was commonly used.
December 05, 2010
Wow -- I wish I had that many movies!! I don't blame you for keeping a list of borrowed flicks; I used to do the same thing with my books; it seems everyone loved my reads!!
December 06, 2010
Then you know how I feel for sure.
December 06, 2010
Absolutely -- we must keep an eye on our treasures for sure!
November 15, 2010
Wonderful list, I liked all of these from what I can remember, some more than others. The only only one I haven't seen is the MJ flick.
November 16, 2010
Well, I have decided I need all new DVD's; cause I won't be watching any of these (except MJ) for a helluva long time! LOL Thanks for reading.
November 06, 2010
LOL! Nice list! Save for # 1, I've seen all the movies in this list.
November 06, 2010
Being the movie master that you are, I am sure you have seen all these movies!! LOL Most of these my husband bought a long time ago - he buys me Johnny Depp movies, and I forgot to mention in the list Pirates Of The Caribbean that I watched twice, and am just realizing I do not own Sleepy Hollow which is one I can watch over and over again. Also I watched Salem's Lot, one of my favorites, 3 times. I will say though that I wanted desperately to hug my Dish Network guy when he hooked me up - he was a lifesaver and that's a damned shame!! Thanks for reading my list!!
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