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Religious Books That Make A Difference

  • Jul 9, 2010
The few reviews I have written so far have been horror and thriller books and movies, but I also am into reading some religious material from time to time for inspiration and would love to share with you my favorites. I like Bibles and other religious related books that deal with the modern times and how to cope with the stress of everyday life. Older Bibles such as King James Version can be so hard to understand, and really does not fulfill my need for dealing with LIFE which is never perfect or surreal. The following list fits the bill for me and I hope you will enjoy the list.
Life Application Study Bible
This is a huge Bible that is absolutely my favorite. This Bible has so many references, charts,, notes, Chronological pages of Jesus' life and death, and so much more I could not possibly write them all here. This is perfect for those who want to read a Bible that explains in simple language (The New International Version) that even an idiot could understand. The BEST thing about this Bible is that on every page, under the verses, is an explanation of what you just read in the verses that you can apply in your everyday life; hence the name "Life Application Study Bible." You can look up anything in the index and find a subject if you are looking for something in particular, and find loads of stuff that can really turn your life around. This is one item I would take with me if stranded on an island - it is truly fascinating.
Quest A Study Bible
Another truly good Bible that is interesting enough to keep your faith and hopes high without getting bored. It is written in the New International Version which makes it easy to understand. The unique quality about this Bible is that on the sides of every page are questions that you may normally be asking yourself about verses you have read, and the answers are there to explain what you have read. It also has many good references, etc. but not as many as the above Life Application Bible. This Quest is a must for anyone who desires understanding.
The Message
This is a perfect Bible for those who desire reading a version that actually reads like a novel. It is written in Contemporary Language Version, which makes it easy to understand. The books of the Bible and the chapters are there, but no verses, which makes it an easy read; maybe for beginners who find a regular Bible a little too complex. I enjoy reading this as it is simple to understand and gives you a wonderful idea of what the Bible is about. The cons of this Bible is that it is not for one who really wants to study - it has no references.
Battlefield of the Mind
Joyce Meyer is truly a wonderful author; I have not had time to read all of her books, but in this book she teaches you, very simply, how to deal with everyday stress, pressures, doubts, etc. of your everyday life. After reading it, you kind of think to yourself "How simple was that and why didn't I realize that on my own?" This book has 100 insights that will change the way you think and is well worth reading, even if you are not religious.
Where To Find It In The Bible - Ultimate A - Z Resource
I've used this book over and over again - it covers every subject you can imagine; even computers (yes, this is written about in the Bible) and everything in between. Just look up your subject and it tells you where to find it in the Bible. I couldn't do without this resource.
Evidence For Christianity
We all have doubts during life when we wonder if God exists, why did this happen to me, what is my purpose, and finally the biggie: Is Christianity real? Everyone should read this book as it explains with facts that God does exists and that Christianity is real. It explains historical evidence (no, it's not boring at all) and will quickly reconnect you to the faith you desire. Even though I have not finished reading this one, I absolutely love it and recommend it everyone, no matter what faith you are.
The Journey
Written by the wonderful Billy Graham, this book, as written on the front cover, tells you "How to live by faith in an uncertain world" - I have not completed it yet, but what I have read so far is spectacular. I recommend this to anyone!

What did you think of this list?

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August 16, 2010
I think your list is titled incorrectly, it should be titled "Christian Books That Make a Difference. All the books on your "Religion" list are christian books. There are more religions that have books and teachings that have "made a difference" to "Billions" of people.
August 17, 2010
I certainly did not mean to imply that ONLY Christian books should be called Religious; I respect all religions and am quite aware that different people have different beliefs, and that any religious belief will help anyone; the reason I called the list "Religious" is because there are some books in this list that can be of value to anyone with any belief, such as Battlefield Of The Mind; this book is not only for Christians. Do not make the mistake of thinking that I believe only Christians are religious; but I can not rate a book I have not read.
August 05, 2010
WOW great list and good for you doing this, most people don't like to even mention religion let alone review are make lists about it. I will not lie I have not read any of these but they all sound good, in fact I will be picking up that "Where to find it" one.
August 05, 2010
Thank you for the compliment; I respect the fact that everyone has different beliefs, but thought the list may help those who may want to broaden themselves. I do hope you pick up "Where To Find It" - I couldn't believe all the subjects to be found! Also "Battlefield Of The Mind" is for anyone, regardless of religious beliefs, and is so very helpful and easy to read and understand. Thanks again Alex.
July 21, 2010
I am in the middle of another book re the history of Christianity, called "AD 381." I'll collect your thoughts when I finish it.
July 21, 2010
I haven't finished History of God either, largely because in it, the author states that early Hebrew worship of God(s) was a very familiar act, wherein a worshiper may simply speak to God(s) in his tent, as if God(s) were sitting across from him. That's what I want !! And so I read that over and over.
July 22, 2010
I don't blame you for reading it over and over; I believe he is with you wherever you are, and you can talk to him as if he were sitting right there, cause I believe he is!
July 19, 2010
Butterfly1961, I am always interested in books about religion, and one of the most helpful to me was The History of God, by Karen Armstrong. Worth picking up. I like that you have a variety of books on the subject, and aren't stuck on one point of view. One of the Ancients' best gifts to us was their practice of freedom of speech, which spilled over to become the source of freedom of religion.
July 21, 2010
Thank you -- I agree. I grew up Baptist, but believe in the freedom of religion and do not put down anyone who may not agree with my beliefs. I will have to pick up The History of God and check that one out. Thank you for your comment and for reading!
July 21, 2010
"The History of God" looks interesting. I bought it a while back, but I haven't started it yet.
July 22, 2010
I agree - and something I have noticed about lots of different religions; regardless of me being Baptist, it seems other religions have at least a few things about them that I can agree with, whether a Baptist believes in it or not. Cool stuff and I like to broaden my views.
July 14, 2010
Great list of religious materials to read. I've never read any of the books on your list, but I have been meaning to pick up more inspirational nonfiction books again. I will consider one of your top choices when I'm at the library next. :)
July 19, 2010
Thank you Adrianna - I hope you pick up something you enjoy; let me know what you think if you do!!
July 19, 2010
You're welcome, Brenda. I will let you know when I get to any of these. It might be a while because I am so behind on my reading, writing, and work related tasks around the house. It's not even funny... (cries) I wish there were 3 of me! ;)
July 21, 2010
I know what you mean - I have started on so many things and can't seem to find the time to finish some of them or start on something new!
July 21, 2010
YES!! That same thing is happening to me, Brenda! I hate it when I start books (or other tasks) and don't finish them. :-P
July 22, 2010
I know it -- maybe I should re-read #4 again! Very helpful for people like us!
July 22, 2010
Yeah, that title was interesting me the most at this current point in time.
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