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reviewed Dog Toys. July 09, 2010
Dog Toys
I love trying out new toys for dogs before I decide whether or not to offer them on Camping Dog Supplies.  One of the coolest toys I've seen recently is from Kyjen   It is a squeaky …
reviewed Stress Remedies for Pets. June 24, 2010
Stress Remedies for Pets
I always worry when it's time for 4th of July fireworks.  My lab, in particular, gets so frightened that she hides in her in the bedroom and just lays there, panting and quivering.  She …
reviewed Dog Nutrition. June 13, 2010
Dog Nutrition
Why Your Dog's Diet Might Need Help Research has shown that, for both pets and people, eating the same diet every day can result in missing nutrients, development of allergies, toxic kidneys and …
reviewed Small Dog Travel. June 11, 2010
Small Dog Travel
If you're doing much biking or camping this summer and you have a small dog, it's easy these days to take them along! There are so many products available these days that make it easy, comfortable …
reviewed Shelter Dogs. June 03, 2010
Shelter Dogs
I firmly believe one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to adopt a shelter dog.  Both of my dogs are from shelters.  They have made me laugh and cry and I’m s-o-o-o happy I took …
reviewed Portable Dog Fences. May 26, 2010
Portable Dog Fences
If you’re planning a long trip with your pooch this summer, why not take a fence along so Fido has room to roam, too?  If you’re a camper and have access to power (such as in an RV or …
reviewed Dog Agility. May 11, 2010
Dog Agility
Do you want to have a well-behaved and relaxed dog who pays attention to your commands and is a joy to be around?  One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to teach them agility.  …
reviewed Dog Attitudes. April 25, 2010
Dog Attitudes
I share life with an amazing field lab - China.  She has a genetic disorder that causes her to grow bone, causes her great pain and severe lameness at times, and yet she never, never quits.  …
reviewed Bo Obama. April 16, 2010
Bo Obama
I don't know about you, but I think it's thoroughly delightful and funny that Bo has his own series of blogs.  There is a blog called Good Boy Bo - Bo Obama's White House Journal that gives almost …
reviewed Dog People. April 10, 2010
Dog People
Just like with cat people, there are many kinds of dog people.  My favorite kind of dog people have two distinct characteristics: They love to take their dogs with them wherever possible They honor …
reviewed Animal Shelter Pets. April 10, 2010
Adopt Me Puppy
Both of my dogs are shelter dogs.  One is probably a purebred field lab, and the other is a border collie- and-something mix (if I had to guess, I'd say she's a breed like a flatcoat retriever.)  …
reviewed Sunburn in Dogs and Cats. April 08, 2010
Sunburn in Dogs and Cats
Many people don't realize that cats and dogs can get sunburned, too!  It happens more often than many people realize. Some signs that your dog or cat has been in the sun too long are red or tender …
reviewed Dog Topiary. April 07, 2010
Dog Topiary
Spring is here!  It’s time to start planning the garden and making it all green and beautiful.  I found the absolute coolest thing that I just had to share.  How ’bout beautifying …
reviewed Dogs and Water Safety. March 31, 2010
Dogs and Water Safety
Do Life Jackets for Dogs Make Sense?      With the spring thaw and resulting rushing rivers that are now, and with the hot and steamy days of summer nearing, it might be a good time …
reviewed Dog Toys. March 11, 2010
Dog Toys
I'd love to hear everyone's stories about the amazing objects dogs find and play with.  I thought I'd share a couple of them here that my two have come up with.  The inventiveness of dogs always …
reviewed Dog Training. March 10, 2010
Dog Training
A well-behaved dog is a wonderful addition to any home.  Spending just a few minutes a day helps build a bond between you and is great fun!  If you have a family, learning to train a dog is …
reviewed Dog Squeaker Mats. March 06, 2010
Dog toys with a mat of squeakers
Have you seen these?? Squeaker mats for dogs - they are SO cool    Kyjen makes some of the coolest squeaker dogs toys I've ever seen. They make lots of fun squeaker toys, but the Squeaker …
reviewed Backpacks for Dogs. February 17, 2010
Backpacks for Dogs
How Dogs Carry Weight      Dog backpacks are a great invention for SO many reasons. If you're going on walks or hikes, life is simpler when your dog can carry their own gear. In addition, …
reviewed Pet First Aid and Emergency Kits. February 16, 2010
Pet First Aid or Pet Emergency Kits
Being prepared for emergencies with your pet If you've never thought about it, having an emergency kit or pet CPR and First Aid kit for is a good, good plan! Personally, I have one in my home and always …
reviewed West Paw Design Dog Beds. February 16, 2010
Dog Beds
Like many, I'm deeply concerned about the amount of toxins and "crap" that gets dumped daily into our environment. Living in an area of the U.S. that is very environmentally aware, I appreciate …
reviewed Dog Grooming. February 16, 2010
Dog Grooming
Don't you hate it when your dog, happy and covered in mud and grim, runs into your house before you can catch it?        Many dogs start to develop skin conditions if they are …
reviewed Quick, Easy and Affordable Home Made .... February 16, 2010
Quick, Easy and Affordable Home Made Dog Food
There is a big debate in the pet industry about the quality of foods we feed our dogs. For sure, inexpensive kibble can wreak havoc on your dog, weaken their immune systems, and leave them vulnerable …
reviewed Camping Dog Supplies. February 16, 2010
Camping Dog Supplies
I will be the first to admit to a complete bias, since this review is about the website I own and manage.  But I want you all to know how cool it is!  I've rated my site as a 4 because I really …
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