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reviewed Saw VII 3D. March 10, 2011
Saw VII 3D
Saw 3D is supposed to be the final chapter in the series. Released at the theaters in 3D (but not on video) the film wraps up the entire series in a bloody finale that is filled with dark humor and the …
reviewed George Romero's Survival of the Dead. August 08, 2010
George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead (Two-Disc Ultimate Undead Edition)
Survival of the Dead follows the exploits of Sarge Crockett, a National Guardsman who was for a brief moment an internet celebrity when he was captured on video robbing the film students from Diary of …
reviewed The Crazies (2010). February 28, 2010
The Crazies (2010)
A small Iowa town (filmed in Georgia) is in trouble.  A rash of mental cases coupled along with the intrusion of the military make life a living hell for the residents.  Caught in the middle …
reviewed The House That Dripped Blood. January 03, 2010
The House That Dripped Blood
The House That Dripped Blood is an Amicus production that features four tales of terror written by Robert Bloch and Russ Jones.  Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing co-star in this anthology along …
reviewed Scars of Dracula. January 03, 2010
Scars of Dracula
Count Dracula (Christopher Lee) is back drinking blood and being the scourge of the countryside in this sixth installment of the Hammer Dracula series.  Despite the low budget and sub-par effects, …
reviewed Creepshow 3. December 19, 2009
Movie poster
Creepshow 3 iis the long awaited sequel to Creepshow 2. Several stories are included in this latest offering that all revolve around each other. Alice is about a girl who finds out that the TV remote …
reviewed Dario Argento. December 12, 2009
Dario Argento
Dario Argento is one of my favorite directors.  His films Bird With the Crystal Plummage, Deep Red, Suspiria, Tenebre and Inferno are some of the genre's best.  Some may criticize …
reviewed The Nun (La monja). November 22, 2009
The Nun (La monja)
Several former misfit school girls from well to do backgrounds in a Spanish Catholic school have a deep dark secret.   They did something terrible back in the day and now they're paying for …
reviewed Second Name. November 22, 2009
Movie poster
Second Name is a film by Paco Plaza based upon the novel written by Ramsey Campbell.   Daniella is a young woman who's life is in turmoil.  Her father has killed himself and when she visits …
reviewed Werewolf: The Legend of Romasanta. November 15, 2009
Movie poster
Manuel Romasanta (Julian Sands) is a traveling salesman who's a nice family guy and writes letter for his fellow illiterate village folk.  A pack of wild dogs are wolves have been causing havoc in …
reviewed 28 Weeks Later. November 15, 2009
28 Weeks Later
England was ravaged by a biological nightmare.  Many of it's citizens were turned into raving homicidal lunatics because of a bio-weapon virus that mutated from monkey to man and spread like …
reviewed To Let (Films to Keep You Awake). November 10, 2009
To Let (Films to Keep You Awake)
Clara (Macarena Gomez) is a pregnant nurse and Mario(Adria Collado) is her husband and the two are looking for a cheap apartment.  Mario finds an ad in his mailbox and wants to check this place out,  …
reviewed House on the Edge of the Park. November 06, 2009
House on the Edge of the Park
Alex (David Hess) is a sociopath/mechanic who raped and strangled a young woman on his way home from work one evening.  One night after work, Alex and his co-worker and best friend Ricky (Giovanni …
reviewed The House of Exorcism. October 28, 2009
The House of Exorcism
Lisa Reiner (Elke Sommer) has been taken to the hospital.  She's in a real foul mood, swearing and cursing like a sailor. Nobody seems to know what's wrong with her. After screaming at the hospital …
reviewed Lisa and the Devil. October 28, 2009
Lisa and the Devil
Lisa Reiner (Elke Sommer) is a tourist who gets lost in an old Italian village.  Along the way she meets a strange individual named Leandro (Telly Savalas) who seems to recognize her.  His appearance …
reviewed The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. October 28, 2009
The Bird with the Crystal Plumage
Sam Dalmas (Tony Musante) is an American living in Italy. One day he comes across the near slaying of a woman named Julia (Suzy Kendall).  A mysterious figure clad in black is seen running away from …
reviewed Saw VI. October 23, 2009
Movie poster
Saw Vi picks up where he last film ended.  Detective Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor) has seemingly cut all ties that connect him to anything dealing with Jigsaw/John Kramer (Tobin Bell).  A new …
reviewed Return of the Living Dead III. October 21, 2009
Movie poster
Curt, a young military brat (J. Trevor Edmond) and his girl Julie (Melinda Clarke) are fooling around on his motorcycle and kids being kids, Curt gets careless and Julie is killed in a fatal accident. …
reviewed Happy Birthday to Me (movie). October 20, 2009
Movie poster
Ginny (Melissa Sue Anderson) is a cranium enhanced teenage girl who has joined a clique of popular "high school" students (the average age of the actors is over 20).  Ginny, unbeknown to …
reviewed Creepshow 2. October 17, 2009
Movie poster
Creepshow 2 was a follow up to the Romero and King classic. The tight budget and the lack of input from the two creators of the first film doomed the project from the start. The problem was that it wasn't …
reviewed Creepshow. October 17, 2009
Movie poster
Creepshow is a horror fan's dream come true. Two of the masters in their respective fields joining forces to collaborate on a movie. Several tales filmed in an anthology style based upon the E.C. Comics …
reviewed The Evil Dead. October 15, 2009
The Evil Dead
Evil Dead was one of the last midnight movies (at least in my area). It was also the most violent, gory and cheesiest horror film I have seen in the last twenty or so years that was highly entertaining. …
reviewed Final Destination 3. October 13, 2009
Final Destination 3
I was very disappointed with this third film of the Final Destination series.  The movie was nothing more than rehashed tripe, very contrived scenes of "accidents" and a lot of hokum.  …
reviewed Midnight (John Russo film). October 13, 2009
Movie poster
Midnight is a silver screen adaptation of the novel that was written by the film's director John Russo. The story is about a teenage girl named Nancy who's feeling self doubt about herself and …
reviewed All Night Long 3. October 11, 2009
All Night Long 3 is the third film of the dark and depraved series. Part three (like the second movie) was also shot on video giving the movie a gritty snuff film feel. This movie summarizes the series …
reviewed All Night Long 2: Atrocity. October 10, 2009
DVD cover
All Night Long 2 is the second film of the dark and depraved All Night Long series. If you thought the first film was nasty and it couldn't get any sicker, well it has. This time around the movie was …
reviewed All Night Long (J-Horror). October 10, 2009
DVD cover
All Night Long is a very dark and twisted film following mundane lives of three Japanese school mates. One day one of their girlfriends is brutally tortured and raped by a gang of sick individuals. The …
reviewed Strangers (movie). October 05, 2009
The Strangers is a blah film that was supposedly "inspired" by a true story.  An annoying couple is stalked by three weirdos wearing silly masks.  Instead of being sensible, the couple …
reviewed Color Me Blood Red. September 18, 2009
Movie poster
Color Me Blood Red is a about a talent challenged artist who's "art" lacks a lot of things such as depth, creativity and form. When he's not brooding about or acting extremely weird, he discovers …
reviewed The Gore Gore Girls. September 18, 2009
Movie poster
Gore-Gore Girls is one of my favorite H.G. Lewis films. But the film has a sleazy and shoe string quality and feel to it. The director gave Henny Youngman lines that were mostly one liners.  While …
reviewed Two Evil Eyes. September 13, 2009
Two Evil Eyes
Two Evil Eyes was a historic collaboration between two of the best horror film makers of their day, Dario Argento and George A. Romero. What could have been an awesome event turns into a one sided affair. …
reviewed Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. September 10, 2009
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
Evil Dead II is the sequel to the surprise midnight movie hit Evil Dead.   After the huge success of the first film, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell reunite for this Quasi-Remake/Sequel. Ash and his …
reviewed Prom Night. September 04, 2009
Movie poster
Prom Night was just another picture in a long line of slasher films that debuted in the early 80's. Jamie Lee Curtis and Leslie Nielsen star in this horror film. One of Canada's contribution to the slash …
reviewed Ebola Syndrome. September 02, 2009
Ebola Syndrome
Ebola Syndrome was another twisted film from the duo of Herman Yau and Anthony Wong Chau Sang. This time the action takes place on two continents, Africa and Asia. Anthony Wong stars as Sam, a sleazy …
reviewed The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Count D.... August 30, 2009
The Satanic Rites of Dracula
The Satanic Rites of Dracula was the last of the Hammer "Dracula" series. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee reprise their roles of Van Helsing and Count Dracula once last time together. The …
reviewed Student Bodies. August 30, 2009
Movie poster
Student Bodies is a very entertaining and funny film written and co-directed by Mickey Rose (one of Woody Allen's early collaborators) .  This screwball take on the slasher films of the late 70's/ …
reviewed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2. August 30, 2009
Movie poster
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2  was the first sequel documenting the Sawyer family. Tobe Hooper made a cheesy and gory movie that's not meant to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, many people and …
reviewed Final Destination: Death Trip 3D. August 30, 2009
Movie poster
The Final Destination is the fourth film of the series.  Four friends are out watching a NASCAR race when one of them Nick (Bobby Campo) has a vision of a horrific crash that will kill himself, his …
reviewed H2: Halloween 2. August 28, 2009
H2: Halloween 2
H2 is the follow up to the first film of the rebooted Halloween series.  This time around Rob Zombie doesn't try to emulate the sequel of the original series, instead he creates a surrealistic dreamscape …
reviewed The Toxic Avenger, Part II. August 23, 2009
Movie poster
Toxic Avenger II is the follow up sequel to The Toxic Avenger. Troma received funding from a Japanese investor to help make a sequel about a superhero from New Jersey. After all the filming was completed, …
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