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reviewed Fist of Fury. March 13, 2011
Fist of Fury
Fist of Fury stars Bruce Lee as Chen Zhen, an angry young man who possesses a dangerous punch called the "fist of fury". Once he's in fighting mode, the kid can't stop. Arriving at the …
reviewed The Big Boss. March 13, 2011
The poster for The Big Boss
The Big Boss aka The Fists of Fury was the feature film debut of Bruce Lee in a lead role. Earlier in life, Bruce Lee was a child actor and star. Years later whilst in a America, he became a Martial Arts …
reviewed Belly of the Beast (movie). October 18, 2009
Belly of the Beast (movie)
Belly of the Beast is a action packed film starring Steven Seagal and directed by Ching Siu-tung.  This movie defines the word "action".  The director throws in violent gun play, wu …
reviewed Naked Weapon (Chiklo Dakgung). September 23, 2009
Naked Weapon
Naked Weapon is a reboot of Wong Jing's Cat. III hit Naked Killer.  This time around the story revolves around young girls who are trained to become professional killers from an early age.  …
reviewed The Super Inframan. September 04, 2009
Movie poster
Super InfraMan was the Shaw Brothers attempt to try and start a franchise super hero like Ultraman in China. Filmed in Shawscope (panavision) Super Infra-man is an enjoyable action film filled with cheesy …
reviewed Holy Weapon. September 03, 2009
Movie poster
The Seven Maidens aka The Holy Weapon is a movie that mere words cannot do it justice, it has to be seen to be believed. Wong Jing and his wild script along with a tremendous cast make this movie a pure …
reviewed We're Going to Eat You.. August 19, 2009
DVD cover of the movie
We're Going to Eat You is a horror-action-comedy from the legendary film maker Tsui Hark. After debuting with his equally bizarre BUTTERFLY MURDERS, Mr. Tsui returns with this homage to the Italian Zombie …
reviewed Heaven and Hell (movie). August 19, 2009
DVD cover of the movie
Heaven and Hell was a strange film from director Chang Cheh and Shaw Brothers in general. Comedies and fantasies were becoming popular in Hong Kong and the straight forward kung-fu films were falling …
reviewed Boxer From Shantung. August 19, 2009
Movie poster
The Boxer From Shan Tung is a rags to riches story about a country bumpkin who aspires to become the greatest gangster of his era. Ma Yong Zhen makes a name for himself from the ground up by getting the …
reviewed Island of Fire. August 17, 2009
Movie poster
Island on Fire was released in three different version, the Hong Kong theatrical run, the badly dubbed nonsensical U.S. version and the original two hour plus Taiwan cut. The best one out of the three …
reviewed The Man From Hong Kong. August 11, 2009
Movie poster
The Man From Hong Kong was one of the few attempts that film makers and producers have made in trying to market Jimmy Wang Yu as an international star in the same vein as Bruce Lee. Even some film markets …
reviewed Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior. August 10, 2009
Movie poster
Ong-Bak is a throwback film to the yesteryear of the glorious reign of Shaw Brothers action films and the rising productions of Golden Harvest. This is a straight forward, hard hitting no holds barred …
reviewed The Transporter. August 08, 2009
The Transporter
The Transporter was a fun action film that was directed by Jet Li's fight director Corey Yuen and it starred Jason Statham. Jason stars as Frank Martin. He's a hired gin who does driving jobs for a hefty …
reviewed Berry Gordy's The Last Dragon. May 14, 2009
The Last Dragon poster
The Last Dragon is a cheesy action/romance film that was produced by Motown big wig Berry Gordy. The film was meant to be a starring vehicle for kung-fu performer Taimak and pop singer Vanity. Sadly Taimk …
reviewed The Delinquent. May 04, 2009
Movie poster
The Delinquent is a Chang Cheh film set during the "modern" era circa 1973. A majority of the Shaw Brothers Action film productions were earlier costume productions. The delinquent was a hardcore violent …
Poster for the movie
Way of the Dragon a.k.a. Return of the Dragon is the first and only film that Bruce Lee had managed to direct solo. He also was the co-action director, writer and actor. For this project, Bruce Lee set …
reviewed The Game of Death. May 01, 2009
Poster for the movie
Game of Death was another film project that was a Warner Brothers and Golden Harvest joint production. Movie goers all around the world were still in shock from the sudden death of Bruce Lee. His last …
reviewed Game of Death II. May 01, 2009
DVD cover for the movie.
The Game of Death II "stars" Bruce Lee, Lee stumbles onto something big, real big! After a meeting with his spiritual adviser and staving off a couple of assaults, the dragon learns that his …
reviewed The Chinatown Kid. May 01, 2009
Movie poster
  The Chinatown Kid (1977) is another masterpiece from Chang Cheh. Alexander Fu Sheng stars as Tang Dong, a bumpkin who illegally immigrates to Hong Kong (with the aid of his uncle) and works …
reviewed Enter the Dragon (movie). April 28, 2009
Enter the Dragon
Enter the Dragon (1973) was Bruce Lee's first (and only) solo big Hollywood production. Too bad he never got to see the fruits of his labor. He passed away during the film's post production (don't fret, …
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