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reviewed Video Games. February 25, 2013
Game Systems
Four words: I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!!!!! I thank you, world for having video games in our lives, because that is the greatest invention ever. I hope you all reading this feel the same and agree with me. :)
answered a question about Sports. September 20, 2012
The connection of sport and fitness
Honestly, killing the ESPN contract probably killed any hope the league ever had of becoming a major sport in this country. All the ways Bettman tried to grow the sport were destroyed by it because now …
answered a question about Sports. September 20, 2012
The connection of sport and fitness
It's stupid that the NHL apparently believes it's the only option. There are many in this country. I can follow the NBA a bit more, and I'm finally learning to enjoy it. 
posted a Quick Tip about Singapore. September 10, 2012
posted in Go Singapore
Downgrading it two notches as the place got so crowded these days that it's no longer a nice city to hang around, not to mention the prices of most things are at least 20% higher than in Hong Kong. In fact, some essentials like shampoos and toothpastes are almost double the price of those in Hong Kong. This is NOT "progress"!!!
posted a Quick Tip about Charmed. February 27, 2012
posted in Pass The Remote!
I guess this show is decent if you're looking for something to satisfy your supernatural side. Maybe I just have to be a woman to fully appreciate it, but I tried to watch Charmed and it bores me nearly every episode. It's not nearly as universal as the great Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and most of the significant number of episodes I've forced myself through seem to revolve around boyfriend problems …
reviewed Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Limi.... January 23, 2012
Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD Limited Edition
I was planning on buying a pair of Solo Beats HD either way, but when the Apple employee told me he brought the wrong ones up and that they were a limited edition version, it was kind of a no brainer. For the same price as regular Solo Beats HD, I got a pretty awesome limited edition item. I really dig the gold and black finish.      Having been wanting a pair for a while, I was …
posted a Quick Tip about Grand Designs. November 21, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Grand Designs
If I've a dream, it'd have been realized on this show. How nice it is to see one's dream being built in real and going beyond what we are capable of dreaming! For anyone into modern architecture especially.      To watch the shows, head to     
posted a Quick Tip about Friends (TV show). November 04, 2011
posted in Pass The Remote!
I followed Friends closely for about a season during its initial run, when it was the most popular show on TV. When the show ended its run a few years ago, I made sure to catch the finale. But I made the mistake of trying to get into it just when Ross and Rachel were apparently returning from their famous break. The other four characters in the show had some wonderful moments, but ultimately the show …
reviewed Leifheit 3086 Vario Board Cutting Board. October 09, 2011
Leifheit 3086 Vario Board Cutting Board
I cook quite a bit; and usually cooking involves a lot of cutting, filleting, mashing, chopping and sometimes even some pounding. Dishes don’t come with only one or two ingredients, it usually involves several. I use two-three cutting boards, when I am in a hurry and making multiple dishes, one for meat, veggies and fish. I Usually don’t cut any bread, and if I do, I use a plate. These …
posted a Quick Tip about News of The World. July 09, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
News of The World
We have two final launches this week, the Atlantis & News of The World's!   So, the tabloid finally has scandals of its own for other news media to report about! What an ironic ending!
reviewed Febreze. July 09, 2011
My first experience with Febreze came due to a disaster. It's the type where the roof literally collapsed!   Yep, no joke.      Now, we haven't got time to hear about a disaster, do we? But what to do to salvage the situation other than to call the plumber and painter in, right? So, I did.      The only problem right there and then is that …
reviewed Kokubo Anti-insect scent. July 07, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Kokubo Anti-insect repellent
My first trial was one from Kokubo that's anti-mosquito and since I was living in China when I first got hold of this Japanese product, it was a real good one especially I did used it in the bedroom. The scent is nice, just like air freshener!      I just got the second one for anti-insect yesterday from City Super (a supermarket in Hong Kong). Apparently, Sasa sells it as …
posted a Quick Tip about Pura Milk. June 29, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Pura Milk
I can find it in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Not sure if it's available in the U.S. but I didn't see it in Canada when I was there last year. Relatively good with fresh and creamy taste. However, if you're mixing it with some other products from Japan, for example, black sesame powder, barley green and black bean powder, it doesn't taste as good for some reasons. For those stuff, stick with milk …
posted a Quick Tip about Breakfast tray. June 29, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Breakfast tray
Heavenly if the person you love served breakfast on it in bed!!! Mine is mostly used for my laptop, in bed nonetheless :)          Now, I've given you some great ideas, haven't I?!
posted a Quick Tip about Marker pen. June 29, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Marker pen
They come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Some are permanent marker while others are erasable. Highlighters are also marker pens and are used to highlight and cover over existing words. Non permanent markers are normally used for whiteboards in schools or conferences and meetings.            Now, I thought with the prevalence of marker pens (I remembered the …
posted a Quick Tip about Pencil. June 29, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
It serves its purpose for awhile and has been phased out of our lives (if not the world, except possibly in preschools) for quite some time now. Occasionally, I use them only at dim sum restaurant to select food I order. Otherwise, I haven't had any in my house for almost 2 decades now.                  Mechanical pencil has taken over …
posted a Quick Tip about Thalassemia. June 28, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Other than being anemic, there is no backlash from this (inherited disorder of haemoglobin in the red blood cells) condition. As it is quite prevalent in the Asian population, it is of utmost importance to confirm if one has it or not when planning for pregnancy. If both parents carry traits of it, the child will be affected. Genetic counselling is needed in that case. Otherwise, no treatment is needed.   …
posted a Quick Tip about Folic acid. June 28, 2011
posted in City Lifestyle
Folic acid
I was advised by my GP to take this because of my borderline anemic condition rather than Iron supplements. It seems that those who suffers from Thalassemia should take Folic acid rather than Iron. Two of my sisters & my mom are thalassemic so chances I'm too!      Fortunately, Folic acid is cheap and abundant. Having said that, I haven't taken it for a long long time …
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