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Color (or colors)

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Part of human expression

Color or colour (see spelling differences) is the visual perceptual property corresponding inhumans to the categories called red, green, blue and others. Color derives from the spectrum … see full wiki

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Color Crazed

  • Nov 18, 2010

Ever wonder what makes you red with anger, green with envy and feeling blue for the day?
The Color Purple is a movie. It is also my favorite color :-)
Yet, colors seem to dominate our homes, feelings and lives. We have lucky colors, colors that we love and colors that we adorn.

What then is the role of colors in our lives? Is it merely our liking or does it has deeper meaning and influences the way our lives turned out? Do you argue with your spouse the kind of colors you’d like in your bedrooms and homes? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s explore the world of colors in our lives and our mindsets. Yes, we have a bias against and for some colors. That may be innate or may also be social conditioning.

Let’s elaborate…
For some societies and cultures, black is the color of death. For the Chinese, red is auspicious while for most western society, red is a color of danger or alert (think of your traffic light). In the stock markets in western world, red denotes fall while green denotes rises. The opposite holds true for the stock markets in China. Interesting, isn’t it? In addition, we do not wear color black during Chinese New Year, that would be deemed to be inauspicious. As with Chinese weddings, some truly hate to see you in black (even if it’s a dinner banquet at a 5* hotel; especially for the old generation). 

I read in a book the Color Code by Dr. Taylor Hartman a while back ago which personifies countries & people into different color code & different Driving Core Motive (DCM). According to Dr. Hartman, DCM is innate & not learned or developed. [(Follow this link to do a free personality test)]

Why is it of upmost important?
Because to understand EI (Emotional Intelligence), the key to success in life, self awareness is essential. Self awareness is the understanding of oneself, one’s goals, intentions, responses and behavior. It also encompasses understand others and their feelings.

Color Codes & corresponding DCM:
Red (the power wielders); DCM: power – China, Germany
Blue (the do-gooders); DCM: intimacy – U.S.A. (how true this is remains to be seen ;-) I might have remembered it wrongly, I did read the book more than a decade ago!)
White (the peacekeepers); DCM: peace – Switzerland
Yellow (the fun lovers); DCM: fun – Australia
Essentially, there is some conditioning which is hard to get rid of. My personal experience tells me that I tend to like Gold, Silver, Purple, Green, Yellow, Black and White. Yet, I’m now trying to redefine those preferences & “taste”.

In recent days, I began to explore the subject of Fengshui (ie. Geomancy). Fengshui is the study of natural elements and how to take advantage of the element that will impact us most. To keep things short and simple, here it is.

  • If you are born in Spring (Feb 19 to May 4), your element is Wood/Tree (& you lack Gold). The color that enhances you is Gold.
  • If you are born in Summer (May 5 to Aug 7), your element is Fire (& you lack Water). The color that enhances you is Blue.
  • If you are born in Autumn (Aug 8 to Nov 7), your element is Gold (& you lack Wood/Tree). The color that enhances you is Green.
  • If you are born in Winter (Nov 8 to Feb 18), your element is Water (& you lack Fire). The color you most need is Red.

Hence, colors suddenly give a new "hidden" meaning and light in my life. I began to use less of certain colors and more of others. In the process, I learned that we could condition ourselves to like certain colors (which we previously abhor) when we give them a meaning. Instinctively, our tendencies is to like colors which we don’t “need” or have too much of. That doesn’t bode well for us, in the realm of Fengshui.

As for the non-believers, what are your preferences?
Do you like yellow which is purported to improve one’s appetite? Does that affect your food intake and hence your struggle with dieting?

Color Psychology postulates that people who feel cold have a preference for warm colors (red & yellow) while the reverse is true for people who are feeling hot. Chromotherapy suggests that distinct colors have health effects although it’s been considered pseudoscience. However, we do know that certain colors affect how we feel and interior decorators have been trained to be sensitive to the effects of different colors on our moods.

Colors figure prominently in our lives. How attune we are to it depends on how much awareness we accord to it. We ought to pay more attention to it when it affects our preferences for liking and dislikes. Afterall, our success and future might also be affected by the color we are/were wearing when we meet certain people who are going to have certain positive (or negative) influences in our lives. If not for others, we should at least be aware of it and the effects it has on our moods.

Color Crazed

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December 05, 2010
well, my fave colors are black, white, ultramarine, blue and burnt umber. I wonder what that says about me....
December 05, 2010
One word: Confused!!! Hahaha...
December 05, 2010
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