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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display #Co615

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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display #Co615

You really never realize if you need one of these until it is too late or at least a really close scare. I went over to my aunt's house one day and there was something smelly going on and that was the fact that this was the day that I almost lost … see full wiki

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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display #Co615

  • Apr 14, 2011
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You really never realize if you need one of these until it is too late or at least a really close scare. I went over to my aunt's house one day and there was something smelly going on and that was the fact that this was the day that I almost lost my aunt. She is elderly and she would not know that her chimney was plugged. She was slowly getting carbon monoxide poisoned. She had all of the right symptoms, such as headaches and nausea. The is when I immediately called the electric company and as soon as they got through the front door they had a meter that pegged out and the immediately told us to leave the house and they did some investigating and found that the chimney was plugged from debris from old age and bird nests. That is when I went out  and purchased a First Alert Carbon Monoxide detector. I was very surprised to see that how cheap that these really were. We only paid thirty dollars from Menard's, but you can purchase these at any of your major home improvement stores or even hardware stores in your neighborhood.  These are only shipped in the USA but are made in Mexico. They also have offices throughout world but because of the different codes in those country are different they cannot ship this particular model anywhere else. If you need a carbon monoxide detector and are not in the USA, then just contact the customer service department at 1-800-323-9005 and there is a person  that specializes in these matters. You can get a hold of them starting at 7:30 am. Monday - Friday.

This unit is not very large, it is only approximately 10"(L) x 7" (W) x 9"(H) and only weighs about 1 pound. You will receive two AA batteries and a manual inside of the box. On the back side you will see  two prongs that will rotate so that you can install this in a horizontal or vertical outlet. There is a electrochemical sensor inside that will sense the presence of carbon monoxide. The whole case is made of a very durable plastic and on the front you will have two buttons, one will operate a test/silence function, when you depress the other button it will show the highest level of carbon monoxide that has been recorded in this unit.

Located in the middle of these two buttons you will see a green LED power indicator. In the very middle you will see a small digital display screen with a backlit  display. Located behind the cover and on the left side you will see an alarm horn the has the capability to put out 85db, and that is loud enough to pierce your ears and enough to wake you up from a deep sleep. This has a 5 year limited warranty and that is because the lifetime of the sensor is only five years. This has a life span indicator that will come up when you are approaching that time limit. This means that it has outlived its usefulness, and you should purchase another unit. You can silence the audible alarm for 4 minutes but after the 4 minutes if the problem exists the alarm will start back up again. The really neat thing about this unit is the fact that you can use your TV remote to lower the volume on the unit if you stand within 12' of it. You also have to remember that the batteries are only a back-up to remember the previous numbers that have been stored inside of this unit.

There is not calibrating to do when you get this home all you have to do with this is put the batteries inside of it and plug it in. You do have to make sure that you do not put this in a spot that is near combustible fumes such as in the garage, kitchen, crawl space, or attics. The garage of course has your car in it and it puts out this type of fumes and it will set off the alarm, the kitchen has the stove and oven that also puts out natural gas fumes,  and crawl spaces and attics usually are not frequented by us. If you do happen have to place one of these in the vicinity, make sure that it is at least 20' from any of these items. Other areas that this will not work properly in or may damage the sensor inside it the bathroom, sauna, if you have a humidifier or vaporizer in the bedroom.

You have to remember that these devices are basically used in rooms that will do not have the air disturbed by a ceiling fan or open windows. Carbon monoxide is a type of fume that is undetectable to the human olfactory senses. This also will not work in very cold temperatures such as 40°F on in places such as attics the will usually get into the hotter temperatures over 100°F. Other things that can affect the operation of this unit is fluorescent lighting and any electrical appliance noise.

The best places to install this unit is in the bedroom and hallways and making sure that you install this on each level of you home for better and more protection. If you were to divide the cost of one of these units by the five year lifespan that comes to about 5 to 10 dollars a year for a insurance policy. You will not have to worry about whether or not this is working if you do not see any numbers because of the LED light that should be on and green. If this is not that means that the out that you have plugged into does not have any power going to it. If this emits a chirping sound that means that the batteries inside are low and need to be replaced. This also will show a little picture of a battery on the digital display indicating that the battery is low.

God forbid, that you have to experience a warning alert from this unit, but if you do there is two labels that comes with this and you can write the number of the first contact to call and a qualified appliance mechanic. This way if something happens and you become unconscious, the first responder can call the emergency contact person that you have listed on your unit. If the unit does sound then do not waste any time getting to fresh air. We did have an instance where our dog was sitting by the unit and let some gas out (farted) and it was really weird because it set off the alarm. This was very funny because at least we did not have to push the test button.

If you do happen to hear the alarm you should see a PPM number displayed on the digital screen. On the digital display you will also see a visual that will look like a sound indicator on a stereo, the higher the number the more bars that will show up. Three rapid chirps tell you that a malfunction has occurred and an error message will appear on the display. If the number is to high the words evacuate will appear below the numbers.

A lot of people have never even experienced this type of poisoning, or may have and not even known that this was the cause. They might have thought that they were just a little sick. A mild case of Carbon monoxide poisoning will consist of light headaches, nausea, vomiting, and fatigue, flu-like symptoms. A medium exposure case will consist of a throbbing huge headache, getting really tired for no reason, confusion, and a really fast heart palpitations or rate. The most severe or deadly case consists of convulsions, unconsciousness, heart and breathing failure, and this exposure can cause brain damage and even death.

This alarm is set up by UL labs to go off at certain PPM, the lowest is 70 and it will alarm every 60 to 240 minutes. If the alarm is set off by 150ppm it will alarm every 10 to 50 minutes, and if this unit detects 400ppm it will alarm every 4 to 15 minutes.  The average adult can be affected with minor headaches if they have been exposed to 100ppm for 4 hours or more. If they get exposed to 400ppm they can stay healthy if only exposed for 35 minutes but if still in contact for more than two  hours death will be probable result. The one thing that you should remember, is that if you are a deep sleeper this alarm may not be enough to wake you.

After almost losing my aunt and my cousins, I made sure that since they could not afford one of these that I went out and purchased it for them. I just kept thinking that if I had left that day, that they would have went to sleep and never woke up. But because I had experienced some uneasy feeling and headaches this signaled me to call the electric company and they knew as soon as they walked through the door that the ppm's were too high to stay in the house. They automatically opened up the whole house and tagged the furnace for 24 hours. We could not relight the furnace until the problem was fixed. Once the chimney was cleared that took care of the problems and we have not had any problems since. I feel a lot better knowing that they have this unit because every time that I go over there I usually push the test button just to scare them and to make sure that the unit is still working properly.

The main thing is that if you do not get this model, make sure that you get some kind of carbon monoxide detector. Something is better than nothing, but I would highly recommend this model CO615 by The First Alert company. Some people never change their monitors, but that is because they do not know that all of these units have sensors and they do have life span.

First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display #Co615

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April 16, 2011
Certainly a life-saver! Great for those who stay home quite a bit and also with elderly or children around! Excellent review!
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First Alert Carbon Monoxide Plug In Alarm with Battery Backup and Digital Display #Co615
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