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Sore Throat

The inflammation of the throat.

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Coke to the rescue!

  • Dec 6, 2010

I've been voiceless (yes, I sounded like a toad!!!) for the last 2 days, since my flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. It's either a bug in the air, durians in Guangzhou 2 days prior to that (& forgetting to drink salt water thereafter, a must for durian eaters) or I'm allergic to Singapore (yes, I often get an allergic cough when I returned to Singapore, even while I was working in the office here for years)!


Whatever the reason, my first antidote to sore throat is not the physician or doctor. It is good old Diet Coke + a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it! It's my anti-sore throat medicine and I've been successful in clearing those bugs in the throat almost every single time. This time I'm back to my old remedy. However, due to the fact that it's a very serious sore-throat since I croaked (there was only once occasion in the past that I lost my voice & I had to go see the doctor that very time when my throat was totally inflamed as well as the first time I totally lost my voice, I panicked after a day of this coke cough medicine which didn't quite work) I thought I'd see the doctor later today if it's not working as well as it should.


Voila! As soon as I'm up this morning, the throat is 1/2 way back to normal! A lot quicker than I had thought considering how serious it was yesterday even as I was going to bed! Oh, I must qualify that instead of the 2 cans it usually take (in a day), this time it's 3 cans. Also, I had 2 dosage of Vitamin C and some tablets called Danzen which I picked up from the neighborhood pharmacy (for throat inflammation). 


Hence, the idea to share this with all of you on Diet Coke (or Coke if you prefer) does treat sore-throat. If you've no time to rush to the physician and if your sore throat is not that serious, try this formula. It works for me 99.99% of the time! 


Another old remedy which is more troublesome as far as I'm concerned is to take a mixed syrup of lemon and honey. No water. Just use the squeezed lemon juice and add it to the honey. If you find that too thick a syrup to swallow (you need to drink a cup of it), you may add some water. It's best when it's in concentrated form though. That does mean you need lots of freshly squeezed lemon juice. For me, Coke is easier since I usually have tons of them in the fridge & any household will naturally have salt in their kitchen. You can even take this in any restaurant! Simply ask for some salt and that's it!


Now that it's been proven to work for me why don't you try it the next time you've one? It's a most economical and tasty way of curing irritating sore throat!!!


P.S. Well, certainly benefitted from my voiceless condition. I do believe I've put up some 12-14 reviews because of this condition. Now that I'm on the road to recovery, I'm going out shopping!!! Ciao! ;-)

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Coke to the rescue! Coke to the rescue! Coke to the rescue!

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August 03, 2011
Sounds interesting ! Add some Quercitin to the Vitamin C for a more potent mixture.
January 04, 2011
For real? When I have sore throat I usually have use warm water with sea salt and some lemon joiuce and it works wonders. I will keep this in mind. Thanks Sharrie!!
January 04, 2011
I had no idea that soda had such capabilities till you told me! This is awesome and I don't have to go out of my way to find it :D Do you know if this only works with Coke, or are other sodas okay? Thanks so much for helping us Lunchers out during this very cold winter!
January 04, 2011
I had the flu, accompanied by a sore throat and lots of sinus nastiness, the week of Christmas. The first morning, I go right to the fridge for a Coke...I never heard of adding salt...dunno if I could do that...but I find that Coke does a great job of "burning" all the gunk out of a throat full of sinus drainage (Sorry, gross, I know). Sometimes I will gargle warm salt water--that helps too. In the middle of the night last night, I awoke with a very scratchy sore throat (will I EVER be well again? sigh) and popped a Chloraseptic lozenge in my mouth and went back to bed. When I awoke, I sounded like Bea Arthur on a bender but I felt much better! :) Whatever works, I say!
January 04, 2011
You might want to try it with salt next time! It works for me all the time! I also heard from my former colleague that in Hong Kong, they actually boil a mixture made up of coke and ginger and that's another remedy too!
December 13, 2010
oOo, I've never tried this before. Coke and salt sounds yucky, but if it gets rid of a sore throat, then it's worth it. Thanks Sharrie!
December 09, 2010
I've been successful at curing really bad sore throat (couldn't swallow, didn't want to go to the doctor) with just a sea salt gargle. Perhaps this is the only way I would come near a coke! If it kills those germs I can imagine what else it kills inside you if you drink it! ;) Thanks for sharing, maybe it will help someone!
December 10, 2010
Yes, salt solution is good for killing germs. Coke make it palatable. In addition, it was said that Coke was originally intended as a cough mixture and not soda. That could be why it is potent when mixed with salt. I wouldn't drink it with salt in normal times though. For someone with high blood pressure, this is not the right cure though. Salt in large quantity is lethal for these people.
December 10, 2010
Yes, I've also read somewhere that when Coke syrup is transported in large quantities, it is labeled as hazardous material. :)
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Quick Tip by . December 06, 2010
Sore throats are a real drag. Even worse is strep throat which I came down with almost every year when I was a teenage. Makes you miserable!
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