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Where the Sidewalk Ends Shel Silverstein Into the Wild Green Eggs and Ham Harry Potter Series The Catcher in the Rye
reviewed Big Trouble. December 13, 2012
Big Trouble
This zany story takes place in the Coconut Grove section of Miami, Florida.      Two high school boys are playing a game called killer. The rules are to use their water gun and shoot a fellow student with a third student to confirm the 'kill.'      The target of this play 'kill' is Jenny Herk, the step-daughter of a man who is both a gambler …
reviewed The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. July 08, 2012
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Like most Americans who were raised between the late 1960s-the early 1990s, I looked forward to the annual event of watching THE WIZARD OF OZ on broadcast television. Every year it was shown and it was something I looked forward to seeing each year. Until I was in fifth grade, my only exposure to L. Frank Baum's classic American fairy tale was watching the movie each year on tv. In fifth grade, …
reviewed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (book). June 21, 2012
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
"So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,   Go throw your TV set away,   And in its place you can install   A lovely bookshelf on the wall."--Roald Dahl, ···Chocolate. Factory      Watching the movie companion, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at about the age of eight, I felt I just was given my cinematic experience …
Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed
This Springsteen lyric came to mind when reading Diamond's environmental history of major societal collapses.  From his study of ancient collapses like Easter Island, the Mayan empire of Central America, and Norse Greenland, Diamond draws principles that determine when and why societies fail to adapt to environmental changes.  Ignoring their lessons, says Diamond, may leave even us wealthy …
posted a Quick Tip about Cafe Libri. March 05, 2012
posted in WHAT CAN I SAY?
Cafe Libri
What can I say? The community is the largest community in this site that unites book lovers everywhere. Ran by lovely @Adrianna...'nuff said. Proud to be a moderator for this if only my other duties in the site would allow me to do more for it.... :(     
reviewed Shiver. January 23, 2012
Years ago, when Grace was attacked by wolves, Sam saved her. He has been a presence in Grace's life ever since always lurking on the periphery each winter in Mercy Falls, watching her, protecting her.      Even though they have never spoken.      Sam has been watching Grace for years, waiting for her, making sure she was safe. Even when he couldn't remember …
posted a Quick Tip about Books. December 25, 2011
A newly updated Pacific Islands Bookstore is on
reviewed Gossip Girl (book series). November 30, 2011
Gossip Girl series,
The gorgeous Serena van der Woodsen returns home after getting kicked out of an expensive boarding school overseas. She believes things are going to be just the way before she left, but they aren't. Upon seeing her for the first time since her return, her former best friend Blair Waldorf is filled with jealousy. She decides she isn't going to welcome Serena with open arms because she now sees …
reviewed Cafe Libri. August 10, 2011
Cafe Libri
As reading is my number 1 passion it would make sense that a community with members that share similar interests would be my favorite one!  Adrianna has done a marvelous job keeping this community fresh and writing one of the best weekly newsletters where there is always an excellent write-up of a featured member.      The welcome page to the site has evolved to be very eye-catching …
posted a Quick Tip about Maurice Sendak. April 12, 2011
Maurice Sendak
I love the quirkiness and slight edgy quality to Sendak's books. He's always been a wonderful artist and illustrator (his illustrations for Little Bear are wonderful) and I admire his outspokenness and the fact that he doesn't condescend to children or treat them as inferiors in any way as some authors did during the time when Sendak's early books came out.
posted a Quick Tip about Odd and the Frost Giants. April 08, 2011
posted in The Family Room
Odd and the Frost Giants
A charming and simple novel about a young viking lad named Odd who goes on a quest to return three animals (a fox, a bear, and an eagle) to their true forms as Norse gods (Loki, Thor, and Odin). The story is a bit short and predictable, which isn't what I was hoping for from someone like Neil Gaiman, but it is well told for what it is. This would probably appeal most to the 8-12 year old crowd …
reviewed The Last Juror. March 29, 2011
The Last Juror
Mississippi's Ford County local weekly newspaper hangs on the edge of bankruptcy and Willie Traynor, a rather shiftless ne'er do well college dropout, hears from a chum that a publication like the Ford County Times would be a veritable license to print money if it were properly run. With the help of a $50,000 loan from his doting grandmother, Willie assumes the ownership of the newspaper and …
posted a Quick Tip about The Graveyard Book. March 24, 2011
The Graveyard Book
I've always been fond of slightly dark fantasy adventures about children, whether written by Lewis Carroll, Edward Gorey, Roald Dahl, or J.K. Rowling. Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book is certainly of that same vein and is worthy to sit upon the bookshelf among those authors mentioned above. The novel is a Gothic coming of age story, modeled on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and tells …
reviewed Silence of the Lambs. March 22, 2011
Silence of the lambs
I read this book on a plane on my way to Desert Shield. I couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the movie adaptation of the book but nothing is better then the book. Harris has a way of writing especially in this book that made it a easy read. I can't tell you how much I would recommend this book to some that has never read Thomas Harris before. Well at least this book in particular. No spoiler alert here …
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Like JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, HARRY POTTER, THE WIZARD OF OZ and so many other children's stories that have entered the realm of literature classics, THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE begins with the discovery of an obscure gateway into another land. Peter, Susan, and Edmund Pevensie, children living with their uncle in a sprawling country house in the English countryside …
posted a Quick Tip about Books. February 20, 2011
posted in SF Signal
Nobody should be denied a good 'space opera' reading
reviewed The Identity Man. February 07, 2011
The Identity Man
Klavan's fast-paced latest opens with the murder of a whistle blower by a corrupt cop in a flood ravaged, riot-torn city. The narrative then shifts a thousand miles to a petty thief named Shannon working on his latest wood carving and fretting about an upcoming job. If caught he'll be a three-time loser.    Sure enough, things go about as bad as they can, much worse, in fact than …
reviewed John Borgstedt. February 02, 2011
John Borgstedt Author of I love you Mom
Read "I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart" aloud during our House Church meeting. As the reading started there were a few sighs. 10 pages into the book the room was silent and faces in the room showed mouth's hanging open with shock and disbelief. By the time we finished the reading a few hours later, the room filled up with questions, comments, oh my …
reviewed Stephen. February 02, 2011
My name is Gary Zackery and my first Young Readers Inspirational Fantasy Fiction book, 'Stephen' was recently added to Amazon Books. Stephen was written specifically to address a real life friend who was going through pre-teen struggles in his school and family life. It was suppose to be a short story, but I just could not get the message through in a few pages. The story is written from …
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