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reviewed TSA Pat-downs. December 02, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
TSA Pat-downs
TSA Pat-down -Pleasure or Pain? In recent weeks, especially with the onslaught of holiday travel, there has been a great deal of controversy and buzz about the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) screening of people as they go through security.     As I packed for my recent holiday travels I saw some of these people on the news complaining and it seemed ridiculous. …
reviewed "Living in the Present". April 17, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
 The Best Advice Isn't Always Practical. "Living in the Moment."   Throughout my life I have been advised to "smell the roses" "enjoy the moment," "live in the now," and so on.  I am certain I have paid forward the same advice.      It really is good advice.  It's optimistic advice.  It is so very zen. But, in reality, …
reviewed Cactus Encounters and Remedies. April 16, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
Mistaking Cactus for a Bush
 (This little diddy is inspired by Kelly at  Speaking from the Crib who is invoking the spirit of Intl' Badge Day.  I'm not wearing my Greek letters, but I will share a lil' story of the days of Greek old. ) It was the Fall of 1991.  Acid Wash jeans still had a place in society, Madonna was still getting her whore on, and grunge was some how considered cute.  I was a Freshman …
reviewed 2010 Chile Earthquake. April 16, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
As you've no doubt heard, at 3:30 a.m. local time, a massive 8.8 earthquake rocked Chile.    The largest recorded earthquake in history was also in Chile measuring in at 9.5 on May 22, 1960. That historic quake killed over 1600 people and left over 2 million homeless. People around the Pacific were also killed due to the Tsunami the quake caused including in Hawaii, Japan & the Philippines. …
reviewed Life's Milestones Bring Out Strong Re.... April 16, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
Life's Milestones Bring Out Strong Reactions
Long ago I realized that the biggest moments in one's life will cause the true colors of those around you to come out.        Some of the reactions and actions will surprise and delight you and solidify or create even stronger bonds.  Others, sometimes those you have the greatest expectation for, will crush you with disappointment at their lack of support, empathy, effort …
reviewed Baby Naming. April 16, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
With less than 8 weeks to go until baby-girl Monkey arrives, we are knee deep in the baby naming game.      I knew it wouldn't be easy, as I like different names than my husband and we are both rather opinionated. What I didn't anticipate is how everybody has an opinion and they don't hesitate to share it with you.      You are with a friend at lunch and they …
reviewed Spring Break. April 15, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
Spring Break
Growing up in California and going to College in Arizona meant frequent trips to border towns in Mexico.  I even lived and worked in one of Mexico's tourist towns during one summer of college.  You could drink underage, cheap eats, cheap hotel, cheap everything.        Even then we always knew you had to be careful of the Federales - and that bribery was always an …
reviewed Sex Addiction. April 15, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
Sex Addiction
Oh Jesse James, how could you do that to Sandra Bullock - you are but one in a long line of celebs, politicians and sport stars now ducking and hiding under the cloak of Sex Rehab.  What gives?      According to Wikipedia, Sexual addiction refers to the phenomenon in which individuals report being unable to manage their sexual behavior. It has also been called "sexual …
reviewed RSVP Etiquette. April 15, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
RSVP Etiquette
This post is for ANYONE who has ever hosted a party, baby shower, wedding, bbq, WHATEVER and needed a head count in order to pull it off.      I've hosted my fair share of soirees.  I love to entertain, often casually, but at times more formally (including baby and bridal showers or birthday parties) by sending a Paper Invitation that requires one to RSVP by a certain date …
reviewed Lame Excuses. April 15, 2010
posted in Conquer The Monkey
Do You Call Friends Out on Lame Excuses?       Inspired by Monkey's friend in Texas who emailed a vexing dilemma that I think most can relate to in general terms!       We have all probably made dumb excuses to get out of something at one point or another, but I think as people get older and narrow down their friend base they tend to get more honest …
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