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Who Was the Most Devious Villian in the Series?
I have to go with the Reverend Trask that married Judith Collins for her money and treated his daughter Charity like dirt.   A fitting end that Judith walled him up.

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by    Posted march 30, 2012
Ooh, that's a toughie. There were so many. For a while, the audience was lead to believe that Burke Devlin was a bitter, sinister monster. Until we found out that the real monster was Roger all along. Matthew Morgan was able to murder without conscience. He was able to keep his kidnapping of Vicky a secret for quite a while. Laura seemed like such a poor victim at first, too. And who can forget Jason McGuire? He almost became master of Collinwood...and he made it look easy! Then Barnabas came along and he made them all look like babes in the woods. For someone who started his life as a good-hearted man, he sure adapted to villainy like it was his life's calling. Nicholas Blair can't be left off of the list. He wanted nothing less than the total subjugation of the human race to his master. But he was so charming about it. Only Count Petofi could have devised a plan to steal someone else's body and abscond into the future with it. Jeb. While he was quickly growing up, he was able to convince everyone outside of the cult that he was a succession of different kids. And he was able to keep his true form a secret, too. But they all must bow down to Angelique. She was always three steps ahead of every adversary. And no matter how many times she was destroyed, she always gleefully came back from the dead for more fun.
by    Posted march 22, 2013
I think itwas Nicolas Blair. It was only through luck that he was defeated. He wanted to use Adam to create a race of super humans while Barnabas just wanted him to be around to remove his curse. As Walt mentioned, most of the other villians only wanted revenge on specific Collins family members or others were just misguided (the various incantations of Trasks). The two Lauras only seemed to want David and Jamison. John Yeagar was pure evil but he had no real powers.
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