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Posted to DonnaL1's profile October 18, 2011
Hey Donna, its been a while! Just dropped by to say hi and I hope you are doing well :)
Posted to DonnaL1's profile December 26, 2009
Merry Christmas, Donna! Hope you're having a wonderful time with family and friends!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile October 18, 2009
Hi Donna, thanks for checking out on the review on Walt Disney! He's a great man insofar that he brought much joy to children and adults alike around the world. I am also very much inspired by another man, Richard Bach who wrote Jonathan Livingstone Seagull and The Bridge Across Forever. Have you ever read any of his books? If you have not, I highly recommend you to take a look when you've time. I read you've been very busy recently. Let me know how you like them :-) And thanks again for reading those reviews I've written. 
Posted to DonnaL1's profile August 31, 2009
Seems like he hooked us! I enjoyed your spin on him! Have a great week!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile August 29, 2009
If you enjoyed On Writing by Stephen King, I wrote a review for it.  You should check it out.  I'm actually looking into your Star Bucks review right now. 
Posted to DonnaL1's profile August 18, 2009
Did you get the book on vanGogh yet?
Posted to DonnaL1's profile August 14, 2009
Oh, Donna, I am so excited that you will read the book. VanGogh is so amazingly complex and interesting and, oh, did he have a stellar group of commrades. I will be most interested in hearing what you think.
Posted to DonnaL1's profile August 03, 2009
Hey Donna- just wanted to give you a heads up....I copied and pasted your address into a Direct Message (message me tab) to Paul to keep your private info...private for safety's sake. I hope you don't mind- I have your best interest in mind and want to make sure that your info is safe. Thanks!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile June 29, 2009
I'm preparing for a major radio interview tomorrow.....so must hurry and get some shut eye!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile June 17, 2009
Sam....How many reviews do you have to write in one week to be a top 10 contributer? Do your weeks begin on a Sunday and end on Saturday? How many reviews to be number one for the week? Please let me know. Thanks!
June 18, 2009
hey Donna...I just clicked on this out of curiosity but, next time you can post a comment on my profile @djevoke! Top Contributors combine both the number of reviews and the ratings of those reviews. It can number but, if they're well written and get a lot of attention/ratings, they go up in rank. For more info, here's a link to the FAQ on Top Contributors. Hope that helps Donna!!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile June 01, 2009
Hi Sam: The problem has been solved and thank you for taking care of it. I didn't know I could do it through feedback, I thought I had to go through you or another ambassador.....good to know for the future. Thanks again.
Posted to DonnaL1's profile June 01, 2009
Hey Donna! I put it through Feedback and the problem should be remedied/you'll get an answer soon...hope it helps. Sorry for the confusion.
Posted to DonnaL1's profile May 17, 2009
Hey Donna- I saw that you rated Adam Lambert a 4- do you think he's going to beat Kris Allen?
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 25, 2009
Hello Donna! I see you've been commenting a lot on other people's reviews, but how about giving us some reviews to comment back on?  Because based on your profile, it looks like you've lived quite the life and I would love to read some of your reviews/stories! :)
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 21, 2009
Thanks for stopping by my review, Donna. Broadcasting, hmm? Bring it on!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 15, 2009
Thanks for the review comment Donna! How are you liking Lunch so far? Have you found any inspiration for reviews? I see you've already been helpful to @drifter51, I read his review of The Uncommon Story. Have you met @vincepalamara yet? I wonder if he is the kind of person you would be interested in having on your talk radio program...
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 12, 2009
"A Year In The Life of WIlliam Shakespeare".
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 08, 2009
Can't wait to read your broadcasting reviews! I bet you have some really great insights!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile April 05, 2009
Hey Donna...just checking in on you to see if you had any questions! I'd love to read some of your reviews on here!
Posted to DonnaL1's profile March 30, 2009
Thanks- we launched in August, 2008 and it's doing quite well. I've been in broadcasting for over 25 years, so all the programs are taped at a professional studio. I'm planning to do some reviews on the subject of broadcasting and internet radio.....lots of changes going on....much different than when I started my career in broadcasting. Technology surely has changed everything!
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