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Some popular issues covered on Supercontents include reviews on:

o The Icelandic Volcano
o Haitian Earthquake
o Middle East Tangible Peace
o The Continent of Plasticsis
o Natural Cancer Killers
o The Japan Earthquake and much much more

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Participants should create content that is substantive and well researched. You may include
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the following:

o the environment
o tracking the economic recovery
o the methodologies for growing your own food
o how to get a handle on rising commodity prices
o natural disasters and phenomena like global warming
o what to stock in case of a natural disaster
o energy sources, uses, costs, conservation and safety issues
o industrial challenges like green technologies, cloud computing etc.
o high technology innovations either here or on the horizon like cloud computing, the artificial sun
o people or events which carry great historical significance or importance

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Deepwater Horizon Drilling Rig Explosion 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Hurricane Irene Mars May Yet Hold Promise Artificial Sun
reviewed Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc in Philip.... November 10, 2013
posted in Supercontents
Typhoon Haiyan Wreaks Havoc in Philippines and Heads Toward Vietnam
Haiyan wrought havoc throughout the Philippines when the storm began to gather steam on November 2, 2013. The storm quickly   expanded to well over 500 miles with sustained winds nearing 200 mph and even higher gusts. The hurricane ripped through Albay province just recently as unprecedented winds tore off roofs and waves reached as high as 40 feet in some areas. Nearly 10,000   …
reviewed How To Time Travel by Louis A. Del Monte. October 31, 2013
posted in Supercontents
How To Time Travel by Louis A. Del Monte
How to Time Travel is an excellent compendium of modern physics theories and experiments which predefine the various scientific conjectures,  paradoxes and conditions precedent to traversing time  in the past or fast-forward to the future.    Time dilation experiments have been performed using particle accelerators to show that clocks closer to the earth run slower than …
reviewed The International Society for Stem Ce.... July 03, 2013
posted in Supercontents
The International Society for Stem Cell Research Assesses New Treatments
The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) has provided guidance on the selection of stem cell protocols for patients and their medical providers. The Society has stated, for one thing, that stem cells for bone marrow are not interchangeable with stem cells for the brain. In addition, a single type of stem cell treatment cannot be used for   multiple applications.   …
reviewed Mayor Bloomberg Pushing To Expand Com.... June 20, 2013
posted in Supercontents
Mayor Bloomberg Pushing To Expand Composting in NYC
Mayor Michael Bloomberg is expanding food composting in all of the five boros in New York City. The expected benefits from food composting are considerable. The program is intended to cut down on trash. Since food is approximately 1/3 of all waste, the cost savings should be considerable. In addition, the new program should avoid ever transporting about 1/4 of the existing waste to city landfills. …
reviewed Just What Should Kindergarten Teach?. March 28, 2013
posted in Supercontents
Just What Should Kindergarten Teach?
This article will focus on what children should be taught in the first years of school which include pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and the early grades in primary school. A whole host of constituencies are in the process of preparing children as young as 4 or 5 years of age for the new world of formal schooling. Parents greet the advent of school for toddlers with enthusiasm because taking …
reviewed On Measuring Global Food Crisis-A Mul.... March 02, 2013
posted in Supercontents
On Measuring Global Food Crisis-A Multivariate Modelling Approach by Dr Parvesh K. Chopra
ISBN      1842902415       On Measuring Global Food Crisis-A Multivariate Modelling Approach by      Dr Parvesh K. Chopra discusses the food model inputs, processing and      outputs within an overall mathematical and multivariate statistical superstructure.      The outputs of the model are …
reviewed Mayor Bloomberg Decides To Build Elec.... February 24, 2013
posted in Supercontents
Mayor Bloomberg Decides To Build Electric Vehicle Infrastructure at Parking Spaces Throughout NYC
Mayor Bloomberg has decided to build an extensive infrastructure of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the boros of NYC. Essentially, parking spaces would be set up to accommodate charging electric vehicles. There are powerful trends driving this decision. For instance, electric vehicle (EVs) batteries are undergoing a significant learning curve as did the MOS/LSI chips with electronic …
reviewed An Updating of the Scientific Argumen.... February 17, 2013
posted in Supercontents
An Updating of the Scientific Arguments Is Needed for the World Economic Systems
Dr Jan Tinbergen's (April 12, 1903 - June 9, 1994) work in the areas of economics, operations research and econometrics has important implications for policymakers today. Dr. Tinbergen was a Dutch economist and co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics ('69). His work was honored "for having developed and applied dynamic models for the analysis of economic processes". This article …
created a list. January 01, 2013
posted in Supercontents
This list is a compendium of articles written on the Basil and Spice website.
Basil and Spice Blogging by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
reviewed The Particles at the End of the Unive.... November 24, 2012
posted in Supercontents
The Particles at the End of the Universe by Sean Carroll
Particle at the End of the Universe: How the Hunt for the Higgs Boson Leads Us To The Edge of a New World  by Sean Carroll is an excellent book about the nature of newly found particles like the Higgs Boson particle which is responsible for mass.      Carroll describes the Higgs Boson particle as a vibration around a steady value everywhere throughout the universe rather than …
reviewed A Major Catastrophic Recovery Program.... November 18, 2012
posted in Supercontents
A Major Catastrophic Recovery Program for Events Like Hurricane Sandy by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
This article will cover recovery aspects which communities and local governments should look to in order to restore residential homes and commercial businesses in the post Hurricane Sandy period and for future exigencies. In the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy, the winds impacted areas such as  New York Harbor, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. The hurricane lifted the sea and piled water …
reviewed Inner City Roof Farming. September 28, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Inner City Roof Farming
The idea of bringing a farm to the inner city seems to be   contradictory inherently. Nonetheless, the idea of   roof farming is springing up in places like the boros   of New York City.      Brooklyn Grange is a roof farm located on the rooftop of a   building on Northern Boulevard in Long Island City, Queens.   The chief farmer …
reviewed Polar Ice-Rising Sea Levels or A Stea.... September 21, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Polar Ice-Rising Sea Levels or A Steady State Balance Or A Reversal Of Rising Seas
The scientific community is debating whether or not global warming is happening at a faster rate or that the ice mass is in a steady state balance. The other   enormous question is what to do about global warming and its potential for a downside. This article will explore the dynamics of polar ice melts, current trends and future strategies to adjust to global warming and the delicate ecological …
reviewed Aftershock - Protect Yourself and Pro.... September 03, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Aftershock - Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown k by David Weidemer,
Aftershock - Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown by David Weidemer, Bob A. Weidemer and Cindy S. Spitzer is a good work on the evolving historical trends in the American economy and the implications for the present and future. The presentation describes historic bubbles in housing, stocks and government debt. The authors explain how housing prices skyrocketed after 1990 …
reviewed "Curiosity" Rover Lands On Mars. August 17, 2012
posted in Supercontents
NASA's "Curiosity" rover lands on a Marsian mountain with plans for a two year   research effort on the planet. A rocket-powered sky crane lowered "Curiosity"   to the surface with a de-celeration from 13,000 MPH to zero within the planned   7 minute time frame.      The ultimate objective of the mission is to determine whether …
reviewed The Artificial Pancreas, Stem Cells a.... August 02, 2012
posted in Supercontents
The Artificial Pancreas, Stem Cells and New Frontiers In Diet, Exercise and Meal Planning
Experts at the Mayo Clinic are developing an artificial pancreas capable of delivering insulin   into a person's body while eliminating the prospect of injections each day. This is a revolutionary   new way of managing diabetes employing an insulin delivery algorithm for monitoring   blood glucose levels in real time.  Precise computations of blood sugar are …
reviewed The Kibbutz, Its Success In Israel an.... July 20, 2012
posted in Supercontents
The Kibbutz, Its Success In Israel and Potential For Implementation Elsewhere
The kibbutz or communal settlement is identified with rural life. Each unit consists of a group of people dedicated to mutual aid and social equality or progress. Property is jointly held. There is mutual cooperation in production, consumption and the education of the young people. The number of people living in kibbutzim totals approximately 130,000, about 2.5 percent of  Israel's population.  …
reviewed Recent Earthquakes In California: The.... July 03, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Recent Earthquakes In California: The Need For Government And The Private Sector To Plan
First Published on Blogcritics      A San Diego earthquake (MAG 1.7)  on June 29, 2012, erupted at 12:45 p.m. and was felt throughout parts of Southern California. No significant injuries or property damages have been reported; however, this event together with recent earthquake activity …
reviewed Preserving Life and Enhancing Public .... June 06, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Preserving Life and Enhancing Public Safety of Nuclear Power Plants for Earthquakes Along San Madrid Fault Line
This article explains strategies for preserving life and enhancing public safety in the event of a random earthquake along the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The last earthquake and tremors in 1811-1812 lasted over a month and resulted in the loss of life and extensive property damage in states from Illinois through to Mississippi.      The difference between 1811 and now is that a greater …
reviewed Super Fuel: Thorium-Green Energy Sour.... May 27, 2012
posted in Supercontents
Super Fuel: Thorium-Green Energy Source For The Future by Richard MartinThj
Super Fuel: Thorium-Green Energy Source For The Future by Richard Martin discusses thorium as a viable alternative to uranium. The author provides a significant rationale for embracing thorium. This rationale includes the fact that it is in abundance. No special refining is needed. Thorium is not good for making weapons. Thorium based applications consume more latent energy trapped in fuel, thereby …
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