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Basil and Spice Articles of Dr. Joseph S. Maresca

  • Jan 1, 2013
This list is a compendium of articles written on the Basil and Spice website.
Basil and Spice Blogging by Dr. Joseph S. Maresca
 JOSEPH S. MARESCA Ph.D., CPA, CISA, MBA His significant writings include over 10 copyrights in the name of the author (Joseph S. Maresca) and a patent in the earthquake sciences. He holds membership in the prestigious Delta Mu Delta National Honor Society and Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society. In addition, he blogs and reviews many books for Basil & Spice. NOTABLE BLOGGING Syria & Israel: A Necessary Peace Radiation Exposure Protection Nuclear Power Plant Contingency Plan Decommissioning Of Nuclear Power Plants Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant- An Evolving Story In Honor Of Saint Patrick 8.9 Earthquake Threatens Nuclear Reactor Natural Gas Vehicles Costs Grow Your Own: Modern Victory Gardens Egypt In Transition The "Artificial Sun," Fusion and Cold Fusion Power The Supercentarians Medical Concierge- Not For Everyone But In Demand China & USA Relations--Crossroads Blizzard Planning For U.S. Cities Greenhouse Gas to Fuel in the Not Too Distant Future Are There Naturally Based Modalities to Kill Cancer? The Continent of Plastics A First Encounter with College The Benefits of Bartering for the Everyday Person SBA LOW DOC PROGRAM HELPS NEW ENTREPRENEURS Afghanistan: Why The War's Not Working Nobel 2010: A Look Back Into History's Favorites Middle East 2010: Tangible Peace Through Technology Implementation United States Federal Debt Compared To Other Nations High Sugar Intake A Health Risk Factor College Shock 2010 Future Requirements for College and the Trades Patents: Get The Idea On Paper Investigation Of Natural Resources From Gulf Oil Spill Nuclear, Solar, Fusion Desalination Possibilities Offshore Drilling, Disaster Planning Response Accessing Free Health Care Now Superlearning: Speaking To The Unconscious After The Cleanup: Future Clean Energy Sources 2011 And Beyond: Contingency Oil Rig Disaster Operations Oil Spill 2010: Disaster Recovery Plan Needed Oil Spill 2010: Planning For Hurricanes, Tsunamis, Cleanup NOAA, BP Work To Contain Oil Spill Oil Spill 2010: Clean Up And Recovery Patented Ideas Haitian Earthquake 2010: Scientists Theorize Likelihood Of Atlantic Tsunami The Icelandic Volcano 2010: Hot Spot Under The Island Obamacare: What It Means (3/2010) Mars May Yet Hold Promise (4/2010) Earthquakes Continue To Shake China Today Earthquakes Today Rattle Baja, CA (4/2010) Shallow-Focus Quake Forces Hawaii Tsunami Warning (2/27/2010) BOOK REVIEWS Book Review: Transforming Human Awareness Book Review: Tasting The Universe By Maureen Seaberg Book Review: Super Body Super Brain Book Review: The Next Great Awakening Book Review: Wave Theory For Alternative Investments Book Review: Joining A Community Of Readers Book Review: Good Returns Book Review: The Poltergeist Phenomenon Book Review: The Problem With Money Book Review: The Trinity Book Review: What Investors Really Want By Meir Statman Book Review: Planetary Transformation By Imre Vallyon Book Review: The Immortality Edge Book Review: Muscle Explosion By Nick Nilsson Book Review: The Natural Wedding Book Review: All The Laws But One By Chief Justice William Rehnquist Book Review: The Chemistry Of Calm By Henry Emmons, MD Book Review: Sanctuaried By Roger E. Hawkins EMR: Leakage Of The Blood-Brain Barrier Book Review: Healing Self, Healing Earth By Roy Holman FirstLook: Your Best Body Now By Tosca Reno Book Review: Building Social Business By Muhammad Yunus Book Review: Too Big To Fail By Andrew Ross Sorkin Book Review: Manual For Living: Reality Boomergeddon: 20% Of The Population In 2050 Modern Connectivity: Human Development In A Digital Age Book Review: Ripley's Believe It Or Not Book Review: Cooking For Isaiah: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free FirstLook: Turbulent Times Leadership By Tom Connellan Book Review: Technical Writing For Teams Book Review: Mannie's Diet And Enzyme Formula FirstLook: Running Out Of Water: The Looming Crisis FirstLook Review: The Secret Language Of Your Body Book Review: Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin Complementary Diabetic Treatments, Include Vegan Diet Book Review: Business Intelligence Success Factors Classic Review: The Wealth Of Nations By Adam Smith Book Review: The Plundered Planet By Paul Collier Book Review: The 30 Minute Vegan's Taste Of The East Book Review: Sikander By M. Salahuddin Khan Book Review: Healing Heart To Soul By Dr. Peter J. Rappa MD Book Review: The Smart Woman's Guide To Heart Health Book Review: Be Bodacious By Steven D. Wood Book Review: The Whole-Food Guide To Overcoming Irritable Bowel Syndrome Book Review: Stone Soup By Bill Liao Book Review: USMLE, Step 1, 2nd Edition Only 11% Of Water On Continents Usable Biofuels, Artificial Sun Will Be Game Changers Cloud Computing Management: AMAZON Parallax Does Propeller Marketing 2010: Rick Mathieson-It's Digital On-Demand Review: Facility Piping Systems Handbook (McGraw Hill Pub) Book Review: Hardcore Circuit Training For Men 6 Lessons For Weight Training From Michael Lipowski FirstLook: The Language Of Emotions FirstLook: Solar Power For Your Home Eat Clean & Drop Weight Gold Egg Investing 2010 Kinder Morgan (KMP) Transports 90 Million Tons Yearly Celebrity Body On A Budget By Cornel Chin (4/2010) Book Review: Thrive Fitness By Brendan Brazier (DaCapo/ 2009) Book Review: True Compass: A Memoir By Edward M. Kennedy Book Review: The Sweet Smell of Success By James Geiger, M.D. Book Review: Living Well Emotionally by Montel Williams FirstLook: The Undervalued Self By Dr. Elaine N. Aron (Mar 2010) Firstlook: September University By Charles B. Hayes (2010) Book Review: Comfort Living By Christine Eisner FirstLook: Genius On The Edge By Gerald Imber, MD (Kaplan/2010) 5% Of Doctors Are Responsible For 50% Of Malpractice Claims (2010) Book Review: Green Architecture By Osman Attmann Book Review: The Little Green Book of Nutrition By Diane Mills Book Review: Vegan Lunch Box Around the World by Jennifer McCann Cancer Fighters, 98% Maitake Mushrooms Found Around Oaks Book Review: Macrobiotics For Life By Simon Brown Book Review: The Program: The Life-Changing 12-Week Method Chinese Acupuncture: A 5,000 Year Old History Book Review: Your Body: The Missing Manual By Matthew MacDonald PRODUCT REVIEWS 5* Product Review: Gaiam ALL-Grip Yoga Brick (Feb 2010) Review: Homedics Shiatsu Massager Restaurant Review: Bonefish Grill Review: Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

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January 01, 2013
did you finish this list?
January 01, 2013
Yes. I have to deal with the spacing issues though.
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