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reviewed Fig Food Co.. February 11, 2011
posted in Eco-Babyz
Fig Food Co.
I have four feet of snow outside with ten foot snowbanks. In the past sixteen years of living here north of Boston this is perhaps the snowiest winter of all! I can't remember a January with a major …
reviewed Alden's Ice Cream. January 21, 2011
Alden's Ice Cream
I am so excited I'm not sure where to start! You see, my husband is an ice cream addict. Hence I have tasted one too many store bought ice creams. I was never an ice cream lover simply because I've …
Not Your Average Joe's Summer's Best Fest
I am so excited to review the Not Your Average Joe's Summer's Best Fest! Last year with a 6 month old baby, I missed it unfortunately. I didn't let it get away this time! If you like supporting …
reviewed Cha Cha Chia Chunks of Energy. March 18, 2010
Cha Cha Chia Chunks of Energy
When we tried Chunks of Energy for the first time back in November, we instantly fell in love. Now we are really excited to try their new flavor, the Cha Cha Chia. This one is raw, USDA organic, and vegan! …
reviewed Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps. February 26, 2010
Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps
Are you a chocoholic? Are you also a fan of Pringles? Then the Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps are for you! Oh no, do I sound like a commercial?       I am not really a fan …
reviewed Trader Joe's Seasoned Rack of Lamb. February 12, 2010
Trader Joe's Seasoned Rack of Lamb
I am not a big meat eater. When I do eat meat however I prefer organic and free range. Even better if it is from a local farm. You would know why if you watched Food Inc. or read The Omnivore's Dilemma. …
reviewed Trader Joe's Panettone. December 28, 2009
Trader Joe's Panettone
I know, the holidays are practically over and we've got only New Year's left this week. If you haven't had Panettone this past weekend though, you should go get one. I have tried many over the years but …
reviewed Stonyfield OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt. December 24, 2009
Stonyfield OIKOS Organic Greek Yogurt
Honestly, I could use some fat, but when I had a spoonful of OIKOS that did not matter. I have never tried Greek yogurt before this, and I was very pleasantly surprised! The creamy richness is unlike …
reviewed Trader Joe's Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese. December 08, 2009
Trader Joe's Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese
You might already know that Trader Joe's has an incredible cheese selection. My husband and I picked up this Raw Milk Cheddar Cheese on a recent trip and became instant fans. It was almost identical to …
reviewed Stonyfield Farm YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals. November 14, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Stonyfield Farm YoBaby 3-in-1 Meals
I have always loved Stonyfield Farm yogurt as long as I can remember. Before buying organic was popular and before I knew just how conventional food is made, I would resort to Stonyfield yogurt just because …
reviewed Chunks of Energy. November 04, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Chunks of Energy
So I am in the market for healthier snacks and sweets. Lets face it, I just can't eliminate them entirely from my diet. With a baby in the house I live off of snacks. I like to buy organic whenever possible. …
reviewed Trader Joe's Wild Blueberry Tarte. November 02, 2009
Trader Joe's Wild Blueberry Tarte
I love desserts, that is no secret. But I am very picky when it comes to dessert. I don't like things too sweet. That is why I am big on fruit desserts that offset sweetness with a bit or sour. Of course …
reviewed Immaculate Baking Company Cookie Dough. October 22, 2009
Immaculate Baking Company
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE to make my own cookies from scratch and I do make them for my hubby. He is a cookie monster! He can't go for more than a week without cookies (a whole two dozen of them). With …
reviewed Sprout Baby. October 10, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Sprout Baby Food
My 8 month old is not crazy about solids. What can I say, she loves mama's milk! But now that I go to work away from home twice a week, my husband has to feed her something (she is not bottle friendly). …
reviewed The Nest Collective. September 28, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Nest Collective Logo
What mom doesn't want her kids to eat healthy? Most of us do and we try our best. Sometimes, or should I say, most of the time - we don't have the time for a wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner. As …
reviewed Trader Joe's Fancy Medjool Dates. August 31, 2009
Medjool Dates
I always liked figs, but haven't had dates in a very long time. I might have eaten some in a distant past. My mother came over for tea and brought these from Trader Joe's instead of Joe Joe's cookies, …
reviewed Trader Joe's Multigrain Crackers. August 12, 2009
Trader Joe's Multigrain Crackers
Go ahead, try it, have JUST ONE, I dare you! There is no way you can do it, that one cracker has at least 15 friends that want to be in your tummy too.      This is a snack that is …
reviewed Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup. July 31, 2009
Trader Joe's Organic Ketchup
I searched high and low for ketchup without High Fructose Corn Syrup. Of course it was Trader Joe's who had it all along. When was the last time you had ketchup with real tomato puree, not tomato concentrate? …
Trader Joe's Organic Cranberry Green Tea
I have a friend who has great taste in all aspects. She introduced me to Mothering and she is the one who first shared this delicious Trader Joe's tea with me. I instantly fell in love with the full bodied …
reviewed Trader Joe's 'Joe-Joe's' Cookies. July 19, 2009
Chocolate with Vanilla Joe Joe's
I never understood what all the fuss is about when it comes to Oreo cookies. There is just something about how they taste that I didn't like. That was until I met Joe Joe's, the Trader Joe's equivalent …
reviewed Trader Joe's Banana Waffles. July 10, 2009
Trader Joe's Banana Waffles
We all know a good healthy breakfast is a must for a great day. I usually start mine with oatmeal, eggs (scrambled, boiled, or in an omelet), or waffles with tea. Waffles are versatile since you can top …
TJ's Organic Blueberry Preserves
Are you all familiar with my Trader Joe's obsession by now? If you share the love you should check in every couple of weeks for new reviews of their products by moi! There is no end in sight to more delicious …
reviewed Homemade Bread Recipe. June 13, 2009
I think it has been about ten years since the first time I wanted to make homemade bread. Now finally I got around to it, since money does not grow on trees, the economy is tough, and I don't have a full-time …
reviewed Trader Joe's Biryani. June 03, 2009
Trader Joe's Biryani Rice
So we've officially moved the microwave out of the kitchen (long story), but that doesn't mean I can't make (or heat) a quick 10 minute dinner. As you all know well, I am a great Trader Joe's camper - …
reviewed Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% Dark Choc.... March 06, 2009
Trader Joe's Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate
I am chocolate, I dream chocolate, I breathe chocolate.     This is a pantry must-have, if you ever happen to run out - it is a 'run to Trader Joe's like a gazelle for a refill' must-have. …
reviewed SOYJOY. March 04, 2009
These little health bars were alright, I even bought them twice. Then they quickly got old, not to mention expensive. The bars are tiny, but they are dense - hence pretty filling for their size. I just …
reviewed Starbucks. March 04, 2009
Before I quit drinking coffee (it was an addiction) I would frequent this spot only when with a group of people who wanted to go there because going there by myself would make me feel guilty I am spending …
reviewed Not Your Average Joe's. March 02, 2009
I am very picky when it comes to restaurants, so to get a 5 from me is an accomplishment! Not Your Average Joe's is a fairly new chain restaurant that is truly above the 'average' expectations of a chain …
reviewed Trader Joe's. February 28, 2009
posted in Eco-Babyz
Trader Joe's
Seriously, if I could I would live there, after all - not a meal goes by without something from Trader Joe's! I don't know how this happened, but first we went to Trader Joe's rarely, on occasion, and …
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